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Edward Maya - Angel of CompassionEdward Maya - Angel of Compassion
Edward Maya - Angel of Compassion
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of PeaceEdward Maya - Angel of Peace
Edward Maya - Angel of Peace
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of FreedomEdward Maya - Angel of Freedom
Edward Maya - Angel of Freedom
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of HappinessEdward Maya - Angel of Happiness
Edward Maya - Angel of Happiness
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of PatienceEdward Maya - Angel of Patience
Edward Maya - Angel of Patience
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of CourageEdward Maya - Angel of Courage
Edward Maya - Angel of Courage
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of HarmonyEdward Maya - Angel of Harmony
Edward Maya - Angel of Harmony
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of LightEdward Maya - Angel of Light
Edward Maya - Angel of Light
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of WisdomEdward Maya - Angel of Wisdom
Edward Maya - Angel of Wisdom
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of PrayerEdward Maya - Angel of Prayer
Edward Maya - Angel of Prayer
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of CreativityEdward Maya - Angel of Creativity
Edward Maya - Angel of Creativity
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of IntuitionEdward Maya - Angel of Intuition
Edward Maya - Angel of Intuition
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of HealingEdward Maya - Angel of Healing
Edward Maya - Angel of Healing
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of KnowledgeEdward Maya - Angel of Knowledge
Edward Maya - Angel of Knowledge
преди 2 години
Edward Maya - Angel of LoveEdward Maya - Angel of Love
Edward Maya - Angel of Love
преди 2 години
Angels by Edward Maya ( FULL ALBUM )Angels by Edward Maya ( FULL ALBUM )
Angels by Edward Maya ( FULL ALBUM )
преди 4 години

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  • Gavin Paprino
    Gavin Paprino преди 2 години


  • Muhammad Ashfaq
    Muhammad Ashfaq преди 2 години

    Assalam o alikum i am professionally kickboxing, wushu and MMA player. i also perform as an action artist in Pakistan Reenactment Dramas and Trying singer i recorded two songs Un raston par by M. Ashfaq on dailymotion further u can find me on you tube i also uploaded ice slaps breaking demonstration video clip on utube One musical band is working with me but no chance to promote here in pakistan this is frustrated. i want to promote my skills in acting, singing and in my sports event but ...........

  • steam tricks
    steam tricks преди 3 години

    each time i listen to edwards's songs i get emotional and i feel funny , i seriously cant' describe it

  • Shamima Shumi
    Shamima Shumi преди 3 години

    beautiful songs ...

  • JANA taumihau
    JANA taumihau преди 3 години

    Comment tu apel ton style de musique

  • Pavlin Valyovski
    Pavlin Valyovski преди 3 години

    I wondered why your song "love story" with "Violet light"don't have 4K ultra HD quality of the video... That's the greatest video of song ever and deserve 4K quality..

  • amzad shovon
    amzad shovon преди 4 години

    all of your song make me feel alive,each time listen your song me fall in love <3

  • Monika Makitalo
    Monika Makitalo преди 4 години

    Dear Edward! I want to express my tremendously huge gratitude to you and for the music that you create!! It is giving me so much joy and happiness in my life. Here is what can happen when I listen to your song "This is my life" Let your heart guide you - poem by Monika Wikstrom Let's keep on spreading the message of love and light to the world! Sending you so much love! <3 :)

  • Rul-Ex
    Rul-Ex преди 4 години

    Rul-E - Distant Heart (Trance 2014) hello, please listen to my beat, it is a style of trance. hope you like it. bye Bye. like please :D

  • Dr. Urvish Mistry
    Dr. Urvish Mistry преди 4 години

    Who is Violet Light?

  • Team Skrillex Productions
    Team Skrillex Productions преди 4 години

    Dude, you should totally collaborate with Skrillex. he's a good DJ, too.

  • sameya malik
    sameya malik преди 4 години

    i love ur voice and music ur the best

  • abdo kanos
    abdo kanos преди 4 години

    I Cano from Egypt and I am one of the strongest Almaajabian me Edward Maya <3 <3

  • Odla 2002
    Odla 2002 преди 4 години

    Me gustan todas tus canciones... I like all your songs...

  • Ciprian Gagu
    Ciprian Gagu преди 4 години

    Congratulations for ”Feeling”! For future ”Tribute for Mother Earth” which sounds very well see below an inspiring landscape for videoclip Concerning Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings - (Violin) Taylor Davis

  • Max' Horizont
    Max' Horizont преди 4 години

    You are a great DJ and musician. Greetings from germany! :)

  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino преди 4 години

    waiting columbian girl....esti cel mai bun!

  • guetta ne-Yo
    guetta ne-Yo преди 4 години

    Edward Maya <3 !! please share this page : facebook.com/pages/Edward-Maya-Feeling/673130652731193

  • guetta ne-Yo
    guetta ne-Yo преди 4 години

    Edward Maya - Felling !!!!! facebook.com/pages/Edward-Maya-Feeling/673130652731193

  • ahmed bahgt
    ahmed bahgt преди 5 години

    Please I want a romantic music and the way music beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karol Ash
    Karol Ash преди 5 години

    You are my life!, my musical angel, simply i love you, this world needs someone like you to make us happy with your music, I LOVE YOU

  • ionela flavia
    ionela flavia преди 5 години

    sunt mandra ca sunt romanca cand iti ascult melodiile..felicitari pt tot ce faci

  • Sharif Shahin
    Sharif Shahin преди 5 години

    more music please !!!!!!!!

  • Patron Weego
    Patron Weego преди 5 години

    i love u my dream

  • farahk2000124
    farahk2000124 преди 5 години

    hello edward ilove you soooooooo mush ihope that you give me your facebook or e-mail your symbol e-mail (farahk2000@hotmail.com) ilove your songs ihope to meet you in a few days thank you Bay

  • louay cherni
    louay cherni преди 5 години

    nice songs

  • Yassine Boulaid
    Yassine Boulaid преди 5 години

    mazzika mezziana a sahbi

  • Jagannath Neupane
    Jagannath Neupane преди 5 години

    I love your song so much

  • Ayah Taihi
    Ayah Taihi преди 5 години

    Edward Please Algeria is waitin' for ya :) <3

  • Dana Part
    Dana Part преди 5 години

    hello Edward, I wish you will come to visit me in New Orleans, Louisiana , USA your music wakes my soul ! and my heart is beating for you and waiting for you to create your next musical masterpiece, thank you for sharing your special gift of music and harmony to the world, Donna

  • SportsLuvr
    SportsLuvr преди 5 години

    Hey Edward, Your music is great btw and I'm wondering when do you think you cd will be released in N. America?

  • HouseDubstepRadio
    HouseDubstepRadio преди 6 години

    hEY Mate can i use your song for my montage? if u dont agree i change music :)

  • alexa gomez
    alexa gomez преди 6 години

    muito shom,,,amei

  • zeeshan ahmad
    zeeshan ahmad преди 6 години

    I love u bitch

  • Mehdi Iglesias
    Mehdi Iglesias преди 6 години

    Edward You're amazing

  • Axel Linares
    Axel Linares преди 6 години

    hey buddy ... love u r music ... (oo,)

  • raghav marwah
    raghav marwah преди 6 години

    man u realy roked in Amity university, India !

  • ZeroDMR
    ZeroDMR преди 6 години

    come back to Argentina...!!!

  • NaBeeL aLi
    NaBeeL aLi преди 7 години


  • waled saleh
    waled saleh преди 7 години

    i love uuu

  • lanisserm11
    lanisserm11 преди 7 години

    Amazing artist!! #BRAZIL

  • Alicia
    Alicia преди 7 години

    good music

  • c4h8n2o3
    c4h8n2o3 преди 7 години

    I love Romania & Romanian music because of you! Way to go!

  • William Linennen
    William Linennen преди 7 години


  • Daniela Botero
    Daniela Botero преди 7 години

    Edward Maya the best artist!

  • Ego Music UK
    Ego Music UK преди 7 години

    Bring Desert Rain to the UK! and rest of the world!

  • Ego Music UK
    Ego Music UK преди 7 години

    Lovin' it! lol was always addicted to stereo love, drove everyone up the wall with it, love your music!

  • Black F30LCI
    Black F30LCI преди 7 години

    MAKE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CRISTOBALELPODER преди 7 години

    un saludo fraterno a nivel mundial, a salute to the world, Cristóbal from power

  • Stepanie Pato
    Stepanie Pato преди 7 години

    I Love your music I LOVE EDWARD ♥

  • Lída Havířová
    Lída Havířová преди 7 години

    přijeďte prosím do České republiky:)))prosim :)

  • jhoan alejandro castrillon cañaveral
    jhoan alejandro castrillon cañaveral преди 7 години

    exelente sos lo mejor desde colombia

  • Kristen Chan
    Kristen Chan преди 7 години

    awesome music <3

  • Yasmin C
    Yasmin C преди 7 години

    Hey Edward, I love your music... Whe are you coming back to Houston, TX again??? :D

    RONZONO преди 7 години

    hello, your music is fantastic !

  • Milos Radovanovic
    Milos Radovanovic преди 7 години

    Come to serbiaaaaaaaaa

  • Erwin Alban
    Erwin Alban преди 7 години

    Hey!! Edward come to Guayaquil, Ecuador !!!

  • tahr roma
    tahr roma преди 7 години

    Come to Mexico , Greetinds Edward

  • franktzilla
    franktzilla преди 7 години


  • Angela Maria
    Angela Maria преди 7 години

    eu amo suas musicas vocÊ é de mais beijos..

  • ahsan humayun
    ahsan humayun преди 7 години

    We waiting for you Edward! :)))

  • ahsan humayun
    ahsan humayun преди 7 години

    i love your all video i am from pakistan i am also trance maker

  • alessandro daVinha
    alessandro daVinha преди 7 години

    oi Edward Maya se é vc mesmo q posta seus vdos no you tube ñ sei mas q são um show eles são, parabens.

  • Joel Montoya
    Joel Montoya преди 7 години

    gracias por venir a venezuela tu musica es la mejor y tambien la de selena gomez !

  • pandu kurniawan
    pandu kurniawan преди 7 години

    come to jakarta edward ..

  • melinajaharis
    melinajaharis преди 7 години

    I can't wait to hear more from you! You're amazing!

  • Paulina L.
    Paulina L. преди 7 години

    Please Come To Latvia!!! We waiting for you Edward! :)))

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado преди 7 години

    eres lo mejor EDWARD MAYA!!! :.D.D

  • brandondajedi
    brandondajedi преди 7 години

    edward your song stereo love and desert rain are the best songs ever!!!!!!!!:D

  • V. Gorbulea
    V. Gorbulea преди 7 години

    yo keep up the work man, makin me proud to be romanian :D

  • Renato Mch
    Renato Mch преди 7 години

    sube mas videos amio

  • ian1ven
    ian1ven преди 7 години

    Thanks for coming to Caracas Venezuela, we hope you come back soon please

  • Anira
    Anira преди 7 години

    i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ur tracks

  • Ernesto Ascencio
    Ernesto Ascencio преди 7 години

    me gusta tu musica, en especial me gusta mas cuando la haces con vika jigulina

    INTERNETHlTS преди 7 години

    Noticed you!

  • Vanessa Barbery
    Vanessa Barbery преди 8 години

    ♥♥♥♥ :D

  • Laura Lv
    Laura Lv преди 8 години

    Me encanta la música de Edward Maya, es genial

  • Sebas Peeters
    Sebas Peeters преди 8 години

    COME TO THE NETHERLANDSSSSSSSSS, your songs are big hits here!

  • Annie M
    Annie M преди 8 години

    why is there simply repeated information throughout the entire music video. There should be some sort of video footage, or images. Instead of just repeating the words.

  • David Bento
    David Bento преди 8 години

    great song keep the good work... id' like to see you in portugal with hug

  • TSLstudio
    TSLstudio преди 8 години

    Okay, thesecretlighter is my other account, This is the account that i use now haha. Dessert rain is so nice!!!! Really come please to the Netherlands!!!

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado преди 8 години

    :D:D:D:D i love you music!!

  • AlphaBlast
    AlphaBlast преди 8 години

    I think your about to start a new genre in music!...Keep it up!...:)

  • RoofMountWindTurbine
    RoofMountWindTurbine преди 8 години

    Hi Officialedwardmaya, Please SHARE my videos if you Support WIND & SOLAR POWER.

  • DeejayTezzMusic
    DeejayTezzMusic преди 8 години

    I really really like your music! when do you come to the netherlands? Much Love From Holland

  • shortyno1
    shortyno1 преди 8 години

    Can't wait to see the movie..

  • Marcelo Arditi
    Marcelo Arditi преди 8 години

    Excelentes tus trabajos , muy emotivas las letras Saludos desde Argentina! Marcelo Art .

  • Melina Vargas
    Melina Vargas преди 8 години

    i love you edward

  • Yomi Arias
    Yomi Arias преди 8 години

    luv you <3.<3

  • GaMBoOo R
    GaMBoOo R преди 8 години

    where r u man we want more songs

  • failtelear
    failtelear преди 8 години

    Great vids! X~ray

  • TheAllShark
    TheAllShark преди 8 години

    <3 Love you !!

  • Sushrut Kanetkar
    Sushrut Kanetkar преди 8 години

    Your songs are awesome..Keep them coming ..

  • Tak I
    Tak I преди 8 години

    You make the best music, keep it coming. Respect. And God bless you Edward.

  • romeo salijevic
    romeo salijevic преди 8 години

    love this soong sub me plzz

  • Nicole Nicoliţa
    Nicole Nicoliţa преди 8 години

    esti tare.! chiar imi place muzica ta :)

  • criseluka
    criseluka преди 8 години

    Great channel! Felicitari! Criseluka

  • mar v
    mar v преди 8 години

    You are awesome, your songs a great ! :)

  • Gustavo G
    Gustavo G преди 8 години

    grettings from chile you are on the top great music

  • MissEssJay
    MissEssJay преди 8 години

    Stereo Love best tune of the summer!! =) xo

  • Greaves Samples
    Greaves Samples преди 8 години

    Oye maya Soy DJ Mackpelly iun Remix COn tu musica espero q te guste eh Soy dj de venezuela buena musica

  • yuRitha Nava
    yuRitha Nava преди 8 години


  • George Moyo
    George Moyo преди 8 години

    its alright

  • George Moyo
    George Moyo преди 8 години


  • Sophie
    Sophie преди 8 години

    come to scotland at the glasgowO2academy

  • Karam Musleh
    Karam Musleh преди 8 години

    wooow amazing

  • Sameer Rajani
    Sameer Rajani преди 8 години

    Thank you Edward for your beautiful music !!! I wish you much success.....please make more music for your fans. Luv from Canada

  • Primeiro Último
    Primeiro Último преди 8 години

    tas fixe

  • missfrenchy88
    missfrenchy88 преди 8 години

    i did a version of your song stereo love!! :)

  • clao2alpes
    clao2alpes преди 8 години

    Fantastic muzica romaneasca rupe tot....in Franta!!!

  • valja wall
    valja wall преди 8 години

    i love your music..it's great...:)

  • Bidian Emilian
    Bidian Emilian преди 8 години

    Revin, tocmai ce am mai gasit cateva...si daca My dreams miss you and My song is love iti apartin...Congratz, sunt bestiale. :-)

  • Bidian Emilian
    Bidian Emilian преди 8 години

    weiii, mai vreau melodii, haide numai 2? :|...

  • xavierman2012
    xavierman2012 преди 8 години

    ur music is amazing, great job, and you do need to produce more, cant wait to hear any new stuff

  • Emma Hernandez
    Emma Hernandez преди 8 години

    waaaaaaaa ♥

  • GaMBoOo R
    GaMBoOo R преди 8 години

    u the king of club

  • Lasse
    Lasse преди 8 години

    You seriously should produce mooooore! ;-)

  • Adam Wallace
    Adam Wallace преди 8 години

    if you read the "about me" they have the release dates of 'stereo love' and 'this is my life' wrong, they have put 2009 instead of 2010

  • K Jeezy
    K Jeezy преди 8 години

    you ROCK Bruh! XD

  • Ovylarock
    Ovylarock преди 8 години

    you like to sing ? Contact me at ovydj90@yahoo.com For more details ! Visit my channel for my last video and music !! OvyLarock Production Bye bye

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    remoods преди 8 години

    Really great music ! Peace REMOODS

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    Jem Lin преди 8 години

    Great music i love it

  • DeepGenom
    DeepGenom преди 8 години

    Great music .. i adore all of your albums :)

  • Kuq e Zi
    Kuq e Zi преди 8 години

    Just.. you are the best

  • R Ra
    R Ra преди 8 години

    quero ver vse aqui n Brasil Edward curto muito o seu som..

  • Ricardo Ackel
    Ricardo Ackel преди 8 години

    Nice sound. I just can´t stop listening more and more! Edward is great, all you do is magical!

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    carlos guerrero преди 8 години

    excelente musica

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    Ligia Peres преди 8 години

    I LOVE your musics : ) you're the best *

  • remoods
    remoods преди 8 години

    Your music sounds really great ! Keep up the good work ! REMOODS

  • Marco F.
    Marco F. преди 8 години

    for me your music is the best in the world!!! I love your song "stereo love"...it's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! sei il miglioreeeee!!!

  • shimma1234567890
    shimma1234567890 преди 8 години

    I love you! I've heard Stereo Love and This Is My Life, what other songs do you have? I'm not really into this type of music but I fell in love with stereo love so now I like this music :)

  • Deus Fiel
    Deus Fiel преди 8 години

    muito bom amooooooooo demais

  • MrMessi84
    MrMessi84 преди 8 години

    STREO LOVE, good song

  • Δna María
    Δna María преди 8 години

    I fucking love your music = ) Its so cool.. !!!

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    Lasse преди 8 години

    <3 it! greethings from germany :)

    CORINA CONSTANTIN преди 8 години


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    Cadu Catalin преди 8 години

    Super muzica ta, chiar imi place. Incerc si eu sa fac ceva dar nu pot spuna ca sunt nici macar la inceputul inceputului. Poate daca o sa ai putin timp te uiti putin si peste ce am inceput sa fac si iti dai cu parerea. Multa bafta!

  • Quenelle man
    Quenelle man преди 8 години

    j'adore cette chanson c'est un tube merci bcp edward maya

  • Ovylarock
    Ovylarock преди 8 години

    nice man! respect

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    KreikanKielenOpe преди 8 години

    Greetings by a Greek from Finland :-)

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    Nine Tailed преди 8 години

    FRATE ESTI TARE ;) Foarte misto cantec :)) Greetings from Greece Keep it up ;)

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    Honnesh1MD7595 преди 8 години

    whens the 3rd single coming out

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    Alexander Martini преди 8 години

    YOU ARE THE BOMB!!Greetings From Spain!!

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    Pierre D'vara преди 8 години

    hai eduard tata mai scoate ceva ca ramanem in urma !!!!! Good Job oricum stii ca esti cel mai tare.

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    pelucaskid преди 8 години

    your good

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    NedimeSweSt преди 8 години

    nice channel!

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  • 995domi
    995domi преди 8 години

    best song ever ! ;D but couls you please make more songs ?! :)

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  • Alica Jana Manuel
    Alica Jana Manuel преди 8 години

    beautiful song :-)

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    Camille domingues преди 8 години

    YOUR SOUND MAKES ME FLY ! keep doing it , don't ever stop . We NEED more musics like theese :)

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    Sadz Ibrahim преди 8 години

    I LOVE EDWARD MAYA!!! Vibesss from Kenya ♥

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    Filip Radil преди 8 години

    Edward you're the best......don't ever stop

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    Anca Irina преди 8 години

    Salutari din Bruxelles! Imi place muzica ta.

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    Am devenit mare fan de tine, frumos cântec

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    good song exellent

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    musica altamente

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    mara6241 преди 8 години

    Eward you're amazing your music is so great thanks.

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    Fernando Marques преди 8 години

    Uma batida muito envolvente, vozes agradáveis.. Muito bom mesmo!

  • Fernando Marques
    Fernando Marques преди 8 години

    Perfeito... Lindo trabalho kara!

  • Everton Junior
    Everton Junior преди 8 години

    adooooro, mto bom mesmo.

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    petru bulai преди 8 години

    super piese Edward!!!tine'o tot asa si uimeste-ne in continuare

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    esa es la cancion de canciones buenisima

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    Histibe преди 8 години

    alternative video clip vote for the remix if you like! /watch?v=nSL5XS3mR-0

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    Awesome Music man!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Awesome!!!!!!

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    i love your music its great

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    F. Roggmann преди 8 години

    edward maya by slam fm i love you!!!this is my life :D

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    Edward Maya is the Best DJ . Hi from Britanny. Ps exuse mi for the English. I'm french

  • Tinky Winky
    Tinky Winky преди 8 години

    Bravo Edward Maya pour ce que tu fait. Et surtout ne change pas. Slt de la France

  • Mo Uddin
    Mo Uddin преди 8 години

    Your Music is great, how come it is never promoted in England? Keep up the good work, will 4 sure look out for your new music in the future.

  • Ricardo Nascimento
    Ricardo Nascimento преди 8 години

    Edward Maya the best from the all world. The Brazil is a big listener of the yours hits. ' Hug Ricardo Nascimento Pontalina/GO BRAZIL.

  • Dj Victtor Sanchez
    Dj Victtor Sanchez преди 8 години

    I am dj in the brasil, my name is victtor sanchez, taste a lot of his/her work... ps. excuse my English

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    DjVixinator преди 8 години

    Great channel. Your concert in Tallinn was bloody great. Keep up the good work and stay safe. Greetings from Estonia.

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    Mihaela M преди 8 години

    Buna, Edward. Imi plac cantecele tale, esti cel mai bun!! Mult succes in continuare. Mihaela

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