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Storm | Marvel BecomingStorm | Marvel Becoming
Storm | Marvel Becoming
преди 4 дни
Graviton | Marvel 101Graviton | Marvel 101
Graviton | Marvel 101
преди 16 дни
Phoenix Force | Marvel 101Phoenix Force | Marvel 101
Phoenix Force | Marvel 101
преди 22 дни
Mephisto | Marvel 101Mephisto | Marvel 101
Mephisto | Marvel 101
преди месец
Man-Thing | Marvel TL;DRMan-Thing | Marvel TL;DR
Man-Thing | Marvel TL;DR
преди месец
Galactus | Marvel 101Galactus | Marvel 101
Galactus | Marvel 101
преди месец
Malekith | Marvel 101Malekith | Marvel 101
Malekith | Marvel 101
преди 2 месеца
Iron Man: Armor Wars | Marvel TL;DRIron Man: Armor Wars | Marvel TL;DR
Iron Man: Armor Wars | Marvel TL;DR
преди 2 месеца
Ant-Man | Marvel QuickdrawAnt-Man | Marvel Quickdraw
Ant-Man | Marvel Quickdraw
преди 2 месеца

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  • Kk Cons Ardi
    Kk Cons Ardi преди 2 месеца

    I love this

  • Jeremy Ferguson
    Jeremy Ferguson преди 6 месеца


  • EvilRickMaster
    EvilRickMaster преди 8 години

    You guys should tak to Capcom to let you use their characters in some MARVEL What the...? clips, I'd like to see MODOK's reaction of being in a fighting game XD

  • 6402680
    6402680 преди 8 години

    Make Mine Marvel :D

  • Lolito TheCreed
    Lolito TheCreed преди 8 години

    Marvel + Capcom = AWESOME

  • dc marvel
    dc marvel преди 8 години

    marvel is the best

  • No Cha
    No Cha преди 8 години

    Ultimate Spiderman TV? Spiderman 4?

  • MJgroove90
    MJgroove90 преди 8 години

    whens 21 being put up plz

  • 0gami1tto
    0gami1tto преди 8 години

    Are you guys gonna put the original X-Men series on here?

  • Terry Hope
    Terry Hope преди 8 години

    ☺ LIKE THE ▼IDEOS! :)

  • Jonas Quin Synaps
    Jonas Quin Synaps преди 8 години

    Very cool channel

  • thepouge1
    thepouge1 преди 8 години

    Happy Halloween, guys! That was a funny vid! Zoinks, ya'll!

  • Joel Young
    Joel Young преди 8 години


  • Hawtep
    Hawtep преди 8 години

    *Marvel vs Capcom 3 in Wii* is my dream

  • Change Games Entertainment
    Change Games Entertainment преди 8 години

    hey there, love your channel and artworks

  • Rangga Warsito
    Rangga Warsito преди 8 години

    hello, cool channel here, i subbed please sub me back.......

  • kiraxd
    kiraxd преди 8 години

    Hey about Marvel vs capcom 3 ! Please use Emma Frost or Howard the character List...Please!!! will be awesome...

  • Uninfin
    Uninfin преди 8 години

    how many the avengers earth's mightiest heroes episodes are there? not micro ones

  • marvelfannumber1
    marvelfannumber1 преди 8 години

    @SuperShadow1010 He will get a cartoon based on ultimate spiderman airing on Disney XD in fall 2011.

  • snajath123
    snajath123 преди 8 години

    Can you please make a SILVER SURFER MOVIE!

  • Jessmer Abing
    Jessmer Abing преди 8 години

    i gotta say i like the ironman movie from the rest

  • Fernando psy
    Fernando psy преди 8 години


  • Fernando psy
    Fernando psy преди 8 години

    avengers 3? woooooooooooooowwwwwww

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog преди 8 години

    this is late but R.I.P cable

  • Khalil Huffman
    Khalil Huffman преди 8 години

    You have 666 videos....

  • Keiji555
    Keiji555 преди 8 години

    So when is Mary Jane and Peter getting back together for good?

  • Ryan Healy
    Ryan Healy преди 8 години

    666 videos

  • Gustava V
    Gustava V преди 8 години

    Thanks for the X-men Evolution! I've seen all the seasons and I am soo sad that it is over.. :( This is the best x men series ever,because it has more "realistic" story and better action! I love this show! :) PS. can't you revive the X-Men Evolution? :(

  • eyeshild21fan
    eyeshild21fan преди 8 години

    i just subbed 2 wolverine!! its a awsome comic!!! i really like mr.bendisses work his writing seems so real the people talk like actual people! i think mr lafanttes art is awsome for usm!!! keep up the MAX awsome work!!

  • John Guitar Solo
    John Guitar Solo преди 8 години

    Love the new videos !!!

  • PrinceNamor777
    PrinceNamor777 преди 8 години

    luv this channel keep them coming

  • 13thcrusade
    13thcrusade преди 8 години

    Make Mine Marvel True Believers! I would also like a Marvel No Prize Canuckleheads ;)

  • Brandon Donahue
    Brandon Donahue преди 8 години


    MOSTxLFC преди 8 години

    marvel rules all the way

  • Swedishmarvelking
    Swedishmarvelking преди 8 години

    Besides OMD Marvel is pretty freaking great. Looking forward to the coming movies and the Avengers cartoon. Also, the Iron man anime kicks ass.

  • LodossWarz
    LodossWarz преди 8 години

    MARVEL STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! DC is killin you guys in animation! why cant your animation be more adult? your Hulk series is the closest thing you guys got to DC and that still FAR way from what they offer...

  • Belligerent Squirrel
    Belligerent Squirrel преди 8 години

    Would love to see some more Avengers!

  • hilic3
    hilic3 преди 8 години

    Many of your fans are not happy with your desicion to add M.O.D.O.K. for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  • Eri
    Eri преди 8 години

    What happend to the Iron man anime? it looks terrible, and nothing like the trailer you shown us :(

  • Paget Music
    Paget Music преди 8 години

    marvel helps me to see the future ahead off time teen to man

  • Noahaon
    Noahaon преди 8 години

    and will you upload or make any trailer for SHS: Season 2?

  • Noahaon
    Noahaon преди 8 години

    is the new x-game for consuls or only online?

  • Vaportrail
    Vaportrail преди 8 години

    Hey Marvel guys. If I may, I'd like to suggest you guys set up some playlists for your different BGclip series. Searching for earlier/later videos is kind of a pain when they're unsorted like they are.

  • Sonicsnout
    Sonicsnout преди 8 години

    Yout Avengers playlist is out of order. Thanks for posting the episodes!

  • Jorge Madge
    Jorge Madge преди 8 години


  • eyeshild21fan
    eyeshild21fan преди 8 години

    thanks 4 the invite aceptt! :D marvel is awsome because there charachters seem like normal people unlike superman!

  • Timothy Harris
    Timothy Harris преди 8 години

    does that hydra mech look like Brainiac's head or what? Besides that looks good.

  • ShartimusPrime
    ShartimusPrime преди 8 години

    Love the Micro-episodes! I've geekasmed for each one!

  • Deadpool25mm
    Deadpool25mm преди 8 години

    MARVEL YOUR THE BEST ! + the SHIELD comic is AWSOME!!!!!!

  • kjhulk jenkins
    kjhulk jenkins преди 8 години

    new micro episodes??????

  • eyeshild21fan
    eyeshild21fan преди 8 години


  • eyeshild21fan
    eyeshild21fan преди 8 години

    MARVEL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  • Magic Breeze
    Magic Breeze преди 8 години

    Hey, thanks for accepting my friend-request! ~~Peace Benjie~~

  • John Denner
    John Denner преди 8 години

    Loving the featured video !!

  • DazzOne3099
    DazzOne3099 преди 8 години

    I'm looking at you guys list for movies and what, do you guys disown 'Blade'? WTF?

  • Andre Grant
    Andre Grant преди 8 години

    I like DC but Marvel is just way better because it has separate shows i freaking love the X-men, Iron-man Spider-man, and the Hulk .Im insane about the super villains like Venom the Mandarin The Abomination Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse these are way better and more bad ass then any villain in the DC universe.

  • mistermaned
    mistermaned преди 8 години

    i love marvel, i still love playing Spiderman on PS1 after all these years

  • schrecknet
    schrecknet преди 8 години

    Avengers looks great.

  • Geo Mega
    Geo Mega преди 8 години

    MARVEL rocks and will always be number 1.

  • Luisa Reyes
    Luisa Reyes преди 8 години

    Gran canal

  • Márcio Barroso
    Márcio Barroso преди 8 години

    I like your new Avengers series. I know that maybe any Marvel boss will read this ,but I actually think that you can put some money in a Captain America animated series. He never had his own series, only appeared as a cameo or in this new Avenger series. With Thor getting his own series and Iron Man having his, Captain America could own it! Half season in WW2 and half season in modern days. But he could be discovered by SHIELD ,not the Avengers [because they have their own series]. It could be really good.

  • fabribre
    fabribre преди 8 години

    thank you!! i wait your subs!!!!

  • 929shooter
    929shooter преди 8 години

    thank you

  • robvandell
    robvandell преди 8 години

    hey is nightcraweler going to be in marvel vs capcom 3 game

  • 8Ansa
    8Ansa преди 8 години

    i love x-men, tho i haven't seen the movies. i've seen x-men evolution, it's so totally awesome. i wish i could be a mutant. marvel is really cool! i love their superheroes.

  • good rory
    good rory преди 8 години

    is there any new info on the iron man and the wolverine anime

  • Megalo Mike Darg Velk
    Megalo Mike Darg Velk преди 8 години

    Marvel!!!! Why don't you make a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 comic? even if its a one shot it would make an epic game and an epic comic.

  • sayanskywolf13
    sayanskywolf13 преди 8 години

    hey what happen to the weekly watcher? DDD: iron man Forever!

  • Noahaon
    Noahaon преди 8 години

    Ron Perlmen should voice Azazel

  • hilic3
    hilic3 преди 8 години

    Doctor Doom is my favorite!

  • Alyssa Young
    Alyssa Young преди 8 години

    marvel is frigging awesome

  • hilic3
    hilic3 преди 8 години

    Dr. Doom is the best villian ever made!

  • im2not2cory
    im2not2cory преди 8 години

    i really like the trailers but im not seeing alot of comedy that spidey is known for! So just an idea make the next Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions trailer a funny one! just saying....

  • eli2424
    eli2424 преди 8 години

    I would kill to have an x-men evolution season 5,6,7,8,9 you know just to continue the awesome series

  • kim jong ILL
    kim jong ILL преди 8 години


  • Enrique Burgos
    Enrique Burgos преди 8 години

    Hulk is the best FOREVER !!!!

  • kim jong ILL
    kim jong ILL преди 8 години

    punisher still is the best i think

  • IronSpiderman2099
    IronSpiderman2099 преди 8 години

    hope theirs a part 2 of spiderman shattered dimensions with free roam and with more dimensions and characters and stan lee

  • Bezimienny15150
    Bezimienny15150 преди 8 години

    will there be x-men evolution season 5 ? pleaaseee ! do season 5 !

  • IronSpiderman2099
    IronSpiderman2099 преди 8 години

    hey are there going to be toys of spiderman shattered dimensions plz i hpe there are i would get them all plz reply

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones преди 8 години

    nice channel

  • rationalwarrior
    rationalwarrior преди 8 години

    Marvel>DC That Thor movie is gonna be awesome!!!!

  • Alex Marks
    Alex Marks преди 8 години

    i can't wait til shattered diemensons

  • bryan456unknown
    bryan456unknown преди 8 години

    hey Marvel I cant wai tto see the new show Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD! Looking forward to watching it.

  • IronSpiderman2099
    IronSpiderman2099 преди 8 години

    marvel is beast get it beast better than dc

  • Noahaon
    Noahaon преди 8 години

    i fear the spider-man reboot will be dark and adulty & will fail badly

  • Evan Moller
    Evan Moller преди 8 години

    I always thought is should of been Mortal Kombat Vs. Marvel Universe.

  • AnUnfetteredMind
    AnUnfetteredMind преди 8 години

    i think it's time Deadpool had his own game..

  • Brother Malachai
    Brother Malachai преди 8 години

    Fire Daniel Way! His Deadpool SUCKS! X'(

  • IronSpiderman2099
    IronSpiderman2099 преди 8 години

    I pre-ordered Spiderman Shattered Dimensions it is asome

  • John Denner
    John Denner преди 8 години

    Loving the new video !

  • ShadesAtKnight
    ShadesAtKnight преди 8 години

    Is there any reason why Marvel display picture has stayed as a Galactus action figure?

  • The Fields Agency
    The Fields Agency преди 8 години

    Love you guys

  • Brandon Donahue
    Brandon Donahue преди 8 години

    You rule

  • Florentino Alva Lopez
    Florentino Alva Lopez преди 8 години

    Saludos !

  • Krad seventwenty
    Krad seventwenty преди 8 години

    I love you marvel

  • LGGamingNetwork
    LGGamingNetwork преди 8 години


  • BloodTalonHero
    BloodTalonHero преди 8 години

    is there chance of continuing fantastic four: world's greates heroes?

  • TooCooLFoRYou123
    TooCooLFoRYou123 преди 8 години

    I'm almost positive nobody with any control over the matter reads these but here goes. I think you should bring back Spectacular Spider-Man it's by far the best thing I've seen animated and even the public's response to it is amazingly positive.I mean come on a video of the theme song has like 1.5mil views on here. Canceling this show was a giant mistake,fix it.

  • chelseasmile696
    chelseasmile696 преди 8 години

    Spider-Man > ALL.

  • TheSamirEzz
    TheSamirEzz преди 8 години

    hey marvel can you do us all a favor and fire jeph loeb hes ruining your comics so pleeeeeeeeeeeese fire him MARVEL FORVER

  • losprimos122
    losprimos122 преди 8 години

    mui bueno!!! hello you is argentina

  • YurAllStupid
    YurAllStupid преди 8 години

    Don't silence the FANS! If people BOOED Mark Ruffalo, it should be heard. Don't edit it and cut the clip short. Kevin Feige is unprofessional and DESTROYED a key element of the Avengers appeal because he was a big baby. And who are you going to recast as Captain America after fans and casual viewers laugh at him in the role?

  • Benjamín García
    Benjamín García преди 8 години

    AC/DC Shoot to Thrill

  • sheen jako
    sheen jako преди 8 години

    shattered demension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wamp-Wamp
    Wamp-Wamp преди 8 години

    Wow you guys are great thanks for putting all this episodes up.

    CRYPTNET преди 8 години

    Glad you grabbed nuts and put your own official movie studio together instead of making deals with other studios. This will make you gigantic in a field that needs more sci-fi anyway. I hope you have luck like Thomas Tull brought to Legendary Pictures. MARVEL UNIVERSE ENGAGED

  • MissGingerDog
    MissGingerDog преди 8 години


  • Algis Kemezys
    Algis Kemezys преди 8 години

    I marvel at marvel

  • hilargiak
    hilargiak преди 8 години

    I am what I am, just because of you men. I had been a fan of Marvel all my life. Mi gratitud para con Marvel, sencillamente no tiene precio. Love Marvel deeply. Thank you for been fantastic, marvelous and enchanting. Un millón de gracias por compartir; por enamorarnos. Love all. Os quiero con todo el alma por enseñarnos a respetar, a amar e incluso a soñar. Las gracias no son suficientes..., ¡Os quiero Marvel con intensidad! Thank you very much!

  • Brandon Donahue
    Brandon Donahue преди 8 години

    I cant wait for the avengers!!!

    SUPERRAGO1 преди 8 години

    Why cant you watch marvel's youtube videos on the playstation 3.

  • garranto
    garranto преди 8 години

    Dc kicks ass.....XD marvel and DC are both awesome as fuck :D

  • xxxzanmotoxxx
    xxxzanmotoxxx преди 8 години

    i can't wait until mvc3 comes out its going to be epic

    SUPERRAGO1 преди 8 години

    How often does marvel update there bios.

  • Neo Arcane
    Neo Arcane преди 8 години


    TheVAFFLAN преди 8 години

    make a season 5 on x men plzzz Thanks!!

  • killingspeerx
    killingspeerx преди 8 години

    when are u going to create a new character? as i know that u have started with the fantastic 4 and now there r more than 100 character or maybe 1000!!!!

  • Botagoz Kunedilova
    Botagoz Kunedilova преди 8 години

    thanks for the add, I LOVE MARVEL!

  • af4029
    af4029 преди 8 години

    Marvel rules!!!!!

  • Florentino Alva Lopez
    Florentino Alva Lopez преди 8 години

    Saludos !

  • Hilmi Ali
    Hilmi Ali преди 8 години

    Marvel pwn capcom

  • SirStringBean
    SirStringBean преди 8 години


  • SHIT612
    SHIT612 преди 8 години

    ma fav is the manly beast incredible hulk .....please update some digital art comics

    SUPERRAGO1 преди 8 години

    I think SIEGE is the best marvel event.

  • ANTRAZ1000
    ANTRAZ1000 преди 8 години

    deadpool is the best hero.

  • Boe Chmil
    Boe Chmil преди 8 години

    Put the Twilight of the Thunder God in the Thor Movie

  • Havoc7423
    Havoc7423 преди 8 години

    DEADPOOL the BEST! besides spiderman/wolverine/thor i heard there doing a Thor movie so that will be cool

  • POP L-Sev
    POP L-Sev преди 8 години

    dropping some blessings on yo channel, keep doin ya thang MARVEL

    SUPERRAGO1 преди 8 години

    It would be cool if marvel made a show like smallville.

  • Cesar Alfredo Amador Tankian
    Cesar Alfredo Amador Tankian преди 8 години


  • StrawberryAphrodite420
    StrawberryAphrodite420 преди 8 години

    Marvel is Awesome! I like DC too! But there is really no comparison!

  • marvelunivers
    marvelunivers преди 8 години

    is venom going to be eddie again

  • TheCrististar
    TheCrististar преди 8 години

    love marvel don't like disney

  • Jan Neddermann
    Jan Neddermann преди 8 години

    great channel !! :)

    HASHTAG #2RAW4TV преди 8 години

    I am a Super Hero (god, devil, angel, warlock, are whatever title is popular amongst people) all you have to draw me John Cassady :)

  • Black
    Black преди 8 години

    I love Marvel. Stan Lee is an amazing man ! :D

  • Hot DaveEightySix
    Hot DaveEightySix преди 8 години

    COOL !!

  • SHIT612
    SHIT612 преди 8 години

    stan lee sir am waiting for hulk 3 incredible (hulk vs iron man) and spider man 4 (spidy vs carnage)

  • ZeroRiderX
    ZeroRiderX преди 8 години

    About the Ironman wolverine and Blade Anime wads their official title

  • Steven Stewart
    Steven Stewart преди 8 години

    Marvel u guys really make me mad replacin edward norton i mean what WHERE U THINKING WITH OUT HIM THE AVENGERS WILL FAIL I MEAN THE OTHER GUY ISNT THE PART AND HE SUX!!!!! NO OFFENSE BUT THINK THIS THROUGH U MAKE THIS MOVIE WITH OUT HIM U GUYS WONT HAVE AVENGERS 2!!!! and theres millions of web sites saying they want edward norton not that other guy and plus no ones gonna see it i already no a bunch of people who arent going because of this. think it threw marvel cause if u make this big mistake im not and a bunch of my friends arent going

  • Milan Jackson
    Milan Jackson преди 8 години

    You guys have to let the fans who didn't attend Comic Con have access to the trailers shown at the event. Some of us can't afford to travel to San Diego.

  • Bourborne
    Bourborne преди 8 години

    thanks for add me!! i love spiderman

  • Tony14Stark
    Tony14Stark преди 8 години

    Marvel is the best.. Good job with the movie's the companie has created

    CALABRESE преди 8 години

    Killer stuff! -Davey

  • Maldita krueger
    Maldita krueger преди 8 години

    Very good Channel excellent from Chile!!!

  • MRchaless
    MRchaless преди 8 години

    i subbed family

  • Brain Plendl
    Brain Plendl преди 8 години


  • Stelios Gerochristodoulou
    Stelios Gerochristodoulou преди 8 години

    Marvel please,can you transfer the marvel's encyclopedia to app store for iphone?

  • Change Games Entertainment
    Change Games Entertainment преди 8 години

    gratz for awesome 100k+ subs ;)

  • ZeroExMachina
    ZeroExMachina преди 8 години

    @hedsh0t117 Yeah it would be AWESOME if they make a Marvel Civil War Movie. Iron Man vs. Captain America!

  • oldjeff100
    oldjeff100 преди 8 години

    do a spiderman anime :(

  • Ironfan7777777
    Ironfan7777777 преди 8 години

    Make Mine Marvel!

  • AnonymousDruggie
    AnonymousDruggie преди 8 години

    YEAAHHH!! IRON MAN IS EPIC!! oh, so are you Marvel ;)

  • cooliokid93
    cooliokid93 преди 8 години

    Great job marvel! : )

  • Change Games Entertainment
    Change Games Entertainment преди 8 години

    great work!

  • Abel Yuen
    Abel Yuen преди 8 години

    Spider-Man: "With great power comes great resp-" Everyone: "Ah, SHUT UP!" Haha. I love Spider-Man forever.

  • alphacino
    alphacino преди 8 години

    Spider-man Rulez!!!

  • DevastatorBrawl217
    DevastatorBrawl217 преди 8 години

    I am happy and dissapointed with Spidey's reboot! Spidey never married MJ! Carnage never returned! Although I would like to see Andrew Garfield as Spidey!

  • RequiemOfTheDream
    RequiemOfTheDream преди 8 години

    do u guys have any power ranger comics?

  • D00mbr0s
    D00mbr0s преди 8 години


  • dustyluckyblond Films
    dustyluckyblond Films преди 8 години

    thanks for add and the friendship and take care

  • michaeIjacksonSME
    michaeIjacksonSME преди 8 години


  • Ironfan7777777
    Ironfan7777777 преди 8 години

    Yeah they're making a ghost rider sequel, and an ant man and ideas for like 5 X-men related movies along with each avengers own title,the avengers movie itself, Deadpool, ultimate spider-man, fantastic four reboot, and maybe an wolvie origins sequel. Why doesn't DC put out as many movies as Marvel?Their characters are good enough, well, besides Jonah Hex.

  • Karol Pavlovkin
    Karol Pavlovkin преди 8 години

    You make great comicses and super original are awesomee:-))

  • SBM
    SBM преди 8 години

    Capcom sucks Marvel Rules

  • Whitehorze
    Whitehorze преди 8 години

    You guys did a decent enough job on the IM movies. Now when are you going to (re)introduce Red Dynamo and the Titanium Man?

  • Noahaon
    Noahaon преди 8 години

    hope new fantastic four is 2014

  • rockomundo
    rockomundo преди 8 години

    Ghost Ryder secuel?...

  • sasukeloqueado19
    sasukeloqueado19 преди 8 години

    whos the best superhero of marvel?

  • Ironfan7777777
    Ironfan7777777 преди 8 години

    Am I the only one that noticed the legend John Romita Jr. just commented? or does no one else know who he is?

  • John Romita Jr
    John Romita Jr преди 8 години

    Marvel rocks forever

  • Taj Snow
    Taj Snow преди 8 години

    u guys should did a gameplay with spiderman or megaman in it

  • Randy1337
    Randy1337 преди 8 години

    Marvel 4tw!!!!Best comics ever!! :-)

  • The Official imaginarythings Channel
    The Official imaginarythings Channel преди 8 години

    Hello I subbed your fantastic channelt

  • Catenfur
    Catenfur преди 8 години

    Dear Marvel, as a Xmen Evolution fan, I would sincerely appreciate it if you would make the series available on DVD as one complete set. I'm aware it's available on iTunes, but I personally would prefer to have the awesome show in my collection and not stored away in my computer... PLEASE release the awesome show as a boxset, even if for a short amount of time! ~Catenfur And thank you so much for making the show available to watch on BGclip! :D

  • dynamozack
    dynamozack преди 8 години

    new punisher film

  • Change Games Entertainment
    Change Games Entertainment преди 8 години

    a realy great channel, sub.D

  • Eric Aguilera
    Eric Aguilera преди 8 години

    will you guys add more comics on the playstation store?

  • sheen jako
    sheen jako преди 8 години

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