Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

  • Публикуван на 4.12.2018 г.
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Коментари • 94 479

  • mia mia
    mia mia преди 7 минути

    Brie Larson needs to understand this:
    Women don't need her pity.
    People of Color don't need her pity.
    And white men don't deserve her disrespect.

  • Amirul Aswad Amran
    Amirul Aswad Amran преди 13 минути

    Captain feminist. Now what, she's stronger than thor and hulk combined? Pftt. Wonder woman's better. That's the real women empowerment.

  • Agam Bhasin
    Agam Bhasin преди 15 минути

    Is there Tony Anywhere around in this movie?

  • William Nett
    William Nett преди 24 минути

    If my girl wants to see this, I'll go cuz Samuel L is in it. But I'll be chilling eating popcorn wanting to see Shazam instead. Or alita if that's still in theaters. Screw all this political correctness, and feminism and just make movies great again.

  • Shwick 222
    Shwick 222 преди 33 минути

    We finally get to see how Nicky fury loses his eye and where the eye patch comes from. That alone makes this movie the best film in the marvel universe do ya feel Me?

  • Ali Rifai
    Ali Rifai преди 33 минути

    hope thanos will win
    i rather have the honor and joy by dying by the hands of thanos than being saved by feminists

  • Screaming Llama
    Screaming Llama преди 34 минути

    Wow, Marvel have really sunk to rock bottom with this one.

  • Grant Neufeld
    Grant Neufeld преди 47 минути

    Carol Danvers is going to own the MCU, and I am here for it!
    Having been reading these comics since the 70s, I was particularly thrilled to see the reference to Binary in the trailer :)
    I pity the guys who are bashing this film without even seeing it, because they are going to miss out on the awesomeness of this film.

  • Reclusive Raiders
    Reclusive Raiders преди 56 минути

    that was some really good acting, got to say, i rate it 10/10. the cat deserves an oscar... the rest was meh.. and of course the main actress is sexist and racist while pretending to have a moral high ground

  • Arrive2Conquer
    Arrive2Conquer преди час

    Brie Larson makes Topher Grace’s portrayal of Venom look like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha преди час

    i really loved this trailer but coming into this comment section totally ruined all my hype. But i still believed in marvel and brie and GOD IM SO GLAD

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot преди час

    I am not spending money on this lol.

  • janellejulianajoy
    janellejulianajoy преди час

    These comments have me in tears. Geez, she really triggered a lot of you guys....

  • andreboy1
    andreboy1 преди час +1

    Brie said no white men allowed so I won't be going

  • Zeee Eel
    Zeee Eel преди час

    BOOOOOO! They made a fake 90' s CGI version of Stan Lee to cameo in this movie the man is dead lleave him alone you greedy fukkin Disney.

  • jester man
    jester man преди 2 часа +2

    I'm not watching this anymore

  • BlazinNSoul
    BlazinNSoul преди 2 часа

    "I'm not going to stand in the presence of evil." Well said miss Alita well said. Here peel my orange Bree Larson!! :b 🍊🍊

  • cybtb
    cybtb преди 2 часа

    Toxic Males - you know what to do. Buy a ticket to see the movie but don't turn up - no-one wants to see your goblin skin and Patriarchy eyes glowing in the dark. Stay at home and beat yourself soundly with a sock full of marbles. Then give the movie 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Then go online and buy Marvel merchandise. Did I mentioned you are disgusting?

  • Jorge Vila
    Jorge Vila преди 2 часа +2

    The strongest Marvel super hero (acording to Marvel)
    isn't strong enough to move more than 2 muscles of his face

    • Jorge Vila
      Jorge Vila преди 59 минути

      +Alejandro Guzmán No, the one who doesn't care is Brie Larson

    • Alejandro Guzmán
      Alejandro Guzmán преди 2 часа

      it's because she is too strong so she doesn't care about anything...

  • Scar The Ghost
    Scar The Ghost преди 2 часа +1

    Everybody saying theyre with Thanos...ummmm hes a liberal too duhh... Team Thanos !!!

  • deckzone3000
    deckzone3000 преди 2 часа

    Haven't the Kree been bad guys in the MCU so far? In Agents of Shield and Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Ethan Kempthorne
    Ethan Kempthorne преди 3 часа

    No chance I’m spending 2 hours of my life watching Miss 2 Expressions

  • RC 127799
    RC 127799 преди 3 часа +2

    Feminism makes me wish Thanos snaps half of life out of existence

  • Jin Luncheonmeats
    Jin Luncheonmeats преди 3 часа

    I shouldn’t be surprised that they managed to slip WITH HER into this trailer all subliminally. What’s up with that Disney? Did you think we wouldn’t notice? What’s next? You’re gonna slip ME TOO and TIMES UP into other MCU fare? Please don’t Star Wars this. Leave the MCU alone. It doesn’t need to be another Gillette Ad. Let me put it in business terms since you’re a giant corporation that owns everything under the sun: Stop ostracizing the demographic that’s going to make your pockets fat. It’s just bad business practice.

  • Fiery*memes*
    Fiery*memes* преди 3 часа +3

    Im only seeing this cause of the connection...

  • John Doe
    John Doe преди 3 часа

    I always thought a trailer was supposed to get you excited about the film...I fell asleep watching it.

  • Chief Little Rex
    Chief Little Rex преди 3 часа

    Only reason I may see this movie is because of Sam L. Jackson he looks like he’s actually super good in this movie

    • Alejandro Guzmán
      Alejandro Guzmán преди час

      i want to see how he lost his eye, maybe that cat got it

  • TeleGames
    TeleGames преди 3 часа

    there something not right with this actress acting

  • jcsg blogs
    jcsg blogs преди 4 часа


  • Giancarlo S.
    Giancarlo S. преди 4 часа +1

    How can I go see a movie when I know the main actor is a racist and a sexist towards white men?

    • Alejandro Guzmán
      Alejandro Guzmán преди час

      they will blame you for sexism if you don't go to see it tough

  • callsign2k3
    callsign2k3 преди 4 часа

    There is the Dean scream, then there’s Brie Feet. Google it.

  • Mr. Natural
    Mr. Natural преди 4 часа +1

    Has anyone seen Alita Battle Angel yet? Truly a great movie with a badass lead.

    • BlazinNSoul
      BlazinNSoul преди 2 часа

      Great movie took my daughter the other day she loved. :b

  • MehreninSpess
    MehreninSpess преди 5 часа

    This has to be the most pathetic comment section I've ever seen. Cry harder nerds.

  • Aiiitm
    Aiiitm преди 5 часа

    I hope Thanos kills this arrogant girl

  • Agu 87
    Agu 87 преди 5 часа

    do you guys not have phones?

  • Daniel Sanders
    Daniel Sanders преди 5 часа

    I think in all this ranting about Brie's statements we have all forgotten something. Her acting is worse than everyones' acting in "The Room" combined. That's why I boycott this film. If she was talented I wouldn't care. However she is far from talented.

    • Alejandro Guzmán
      Alejandro Guzmán преди час

      she wasn't acting in the room, those are the only expresions she can make

  • Walter Whitey
    Walter Whitey преди 5 часа

    Captain Unseasoned.

  • Jason Daskalakos
    Jason Daskalakos преди 5 часа

    Captain if u touch me I’m going to sue u for sexual assault

  • Heimdall1999
    Heimdall1999 преди 5 часа

    I don't support movies with racist lead actresses.Going to see Alita battle angel instead, which critics seem to hate so much.

  • Steven Ewald
    Steven Ewald преди 5 часа +3

    alita > captain marvel

  • Cannoli 327
    Cannoli 327 преди 5 часа

    Ok so everybody’s talking about how Brie Larson is super racist and all but I checked it out a little more and she’s only calling for diversity in film critics. I can understand why some people think she’s racist against white males but it’s really just that she wants diversity in jobs. I don’t see why that’s so bad and I think she was just misunderstood a bit.

    • Alejandro Guzmán
      Alejandro Guzmán преди час +1

      so you would be Ok if we add some White and latinos to the black panther movie for the sake of Diversity

    • Cannoli 327
      Cannoli 327 преди 4 часа

      What I mean is that she just wants equal opportunity. I’m not trying to take sides here but I think that’s her point.

    • Militant Egalitarian
      Militant Egalitarian преди 5 часа +1

      Cannoli 327 So if I said I think less black people in Africa should have jobs for the sake of diversity, would that not be racist because I’m supporting diversity?

  • Eidia Nabi
    Eidia Nabi преди 5 часа

    Early reactions are positive. I'm so stoked!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

  • Ray L
    Ray L преди 5 часа

    No high hopes here. But must give the movie a chance.

  • Rimbo Rimday
    Rimbo Rimday преди 5 часа

    The dumb hillary slogan killed it for me 😂

  • Sleepy Turtle
    Sleepy Turtle преди 5 часа

    Thank goodness the movie is clearly going to remind us she is a woman every two seconds, because that isn't obnoxious.

  • Vexcarius
    Vexcarius преди 5 часа +3

    So feminists are hitting old ladies now?

  • RealBloppy
    RealBloppy преди 6 часа

    Captain Mary Sue

  • Freddy Med :3
    Freddy Med :3 преди 7 часа

    Thanos is better than this asswhore

  • Mark Hazleton
    Mark Hazleton преди 7 часа

    I hope Thanos beats Captain Marvel like Ike did Tina Turner.

  • Mililani Black
    Mililani Black преди 7 часа +1

    Captain Marvel movie: NOT FOR WHITE MEN

  • Rei Amuro
    Rei Amuro преди 7 часа +6

    ALITA BATTLE ANGEL . Money well spent..

    • Steven Ewald
      Steven Ewald преди 5 часа +1

      ^^^ alita > captain marvel any day

  • Lars Canty
    Lars Canty преди 7 часа +6

    My daughter loved Alita Battle Angel.

  • Baby Rastis
    Baby Rastis преди 7 часа +1

    I'm a huge Marvel fan and have enjoyed watching all the movies so far (except for Iron Man 3), but after seeing these trailers I have no interest in going to this movie. I hope it doesn't tie in too much to the next Avengers.

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C преди 7 часа +1

    A race of noble warriors? .. "Heroes, noble Social Justice Warrior heroes"

  • Gabonzo
    Gabonzo преди 7 часа +1

    You hear that? It's the sound of box office failure.

    SOUL EATER преди 8 часа +4

    Definitely not watching this

  • Matthew Foo
    Matthew Foo преди 8 часа

    Revenue: "Mr. Marvel, I don't feel so good"
    Btw, we have a pretty good overview on this so I don't need to watch it anymore, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Lazykid254
    Lazykid254 преди 8 часа

    1:50 the way she says “I’m gonna end it” sounds so bad it sounds like she just read it from a note card with no emotion

  • Scooby McDooby
    Scooby McDooby преди 8 часа +1

    A female hero is a heroine. Please stop mangling my language.

  • Danny Huungman
    Danny Huungman преди 8 часа

    how is the likes and dislikes so lopsided in favor of likes? something is amiss.

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M преди 8 часа

    I think she just said she's going to end the franchise?

  • Mike Mendez
    Mike Mendez преди 8 часа +8

    Please watch Alita is a great movie

    • Steven Ewald
      Steven Ewald преди 5 часа +1

      alita > literally any other movie

    • GANTZ100pts
      GANTZ100pts преди 7 часа +1

      Just came back from it, it really is great. Better then I first thought it would be.

  • Dam Salgado
    Dam Salgado преди 9 часа

    I don’t understand. Why are so many people hating on this?

    • Tyler M
      Tyler M преди 7 часа

      +GANTZ100pts I just hope she isn't more powerful than thor. They should be rough equals. She shouldn't be able to one on one thanos.

    • GANTZ100pts
      GANTZ100pts преди 7 часа

      pay close attention to when Bre is on screen. She has the same expression each time.

    • Tyler M
      Tyler M преди 8 часа +1

      Because of her recent statements and poor acting.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee преди 9 часа +1

    “ Hero’s, noble warrior heros” aghhhhhh the cringe

  • Coouge
    Coouge преди 9 часа

    Thanos should win!

  • Fermentum Mobile
    Fermentum Mobile преди 9 часа

    So its just a firework, farting fire? pff, boring...

  • Nosmo King
    Nosmo King преди 10 часа

    I heard the next Captain Marvel will be casting 2 of miss Brie Larson’s family members in it, Gouda and Havarti.

  • Meana Mousa
    Meana Mousa преди 10 часа

    Thor is still better

  • Outsider 001
    Outsider 001 преди 10 часа

    This trash
    A black widow movie would be better

    Edit: I change my mind
    Stan lee is gone rip mcu
    I’m done with marvel
    I can’t wait for the Godzilla movie 🍿🍿 🍿🍿👌💯

  • 040stokstaart
    040stokstaart преди 10 часа

    Captain who?

  • Tom Sproson
    Tom Sproson преди 10 часа +1

    Wow. Every white boy here is quaking in their little boots because a strong woman is coming for their privilege.

    • Tyler M
      Tyler M преди 5 часа

      +Angry Egalitarian ikr.

    • Angry Egalitarian
      Angry Egalitarian преди 6 часа +3

      Tom Sproson What privilege, soy boy? The privilege of serving longer prison sentences? The privilege of getting drafted? The privilege of receiving less funding for cancer? The privilege having no say in whether our own children are born or not? The privilege of losing 84% of custody battles?

    • Tyler M
      Tyler M преди 8 часа +2

      Typical liberal. When you have valid criticism just dismiss it as white boys angry or sexism. Probably not the brightest bulb are you.

  • J.P. Schwartz
    J.P. Schwartz преди 10 часа +1

    It's always a trip when a certain demographic completely and predictably misses the point of Brie Larson's comments. As a caucasian male who understood her message, I will be first in line to see this at my theater.

    • cody king
      cody king преди 9 часа

      same the hype is real for this movie

  • WillMac Lopez
    WillMac Lopez преди 10 часа

    Probably I'll see it just to see how Nick Furry losses his eye

  • sel
    sel преди 10 часа +2

    I’m the biggest Marvel fan EVER but I’m gonna have to pass on this one. Don’t want to support a hateful women. 🙃

  • Rocco Rattlebag
    Rocco Rattlebag преди 11 часа +1

    The only thing I MARVELED at was Sam Jackson's Hair piece and Judd Law's lack there of.

    • Tyler M
      Tyler M преди 11 часа

      Hopefully she isn't another Rey from star wars. Has an actual personality and dosen't breeze by all her problems which she probably won't have.

  • RealBloppy
    RealBloppy преди 11 часа +4

    Because of Brie Larson's racist and sexist comments, I will not be seeing this movie.

  • Zurin Arctus
    Zurin Arctus преди 11 часа +2

    Thanos > Captain Liberal

  • Zurin Arctus
    Zurin Arctus преди 11 часа +2

    Hey Captain Marvel, could you cook up dinner!

  • ThePhoenixSpaz
    ThePhoenixSpaz преди 11 часа

    Long live Goose the Cat!!!

  • Derek Box
    Derek Box преди 11 часа +2

    I'm going to do my part and make sure white men aren't overrepresented in the ticket sales for this movie.

  • I am Bear
    I am Bear преди 11 часа +1

    33 mil views and less than 100k likes or dislikes? YT doesn't even try to hide it anymore do they

  • Dave Rave
    Dave Rave преди 11 часа +1

    This is going to suck so bad, I'm not going to pay a penny to see it.

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 преди 11 часа

    I do not care if it is the best movie ever conceived in the world of cinema I am not going to go and see a movie with a star that makes white men and white boys growing up feel bad about who they are.
    I also don't want to give money to a company like Disney that lets her run a muck and obviously stands behind her with all of this.
    Why would anyone go and see this film, it is like you are saying that this is all acceptable behavior. You would be sending a terrible message to to world at large by going to see this movie.
    If a white man was saying derogatory things about black woman both CNN and the View as two examples would be jumping all over this. Woopie Goldberg would grow a new hemorrhoid if the tables were turned. Why are they all saying nothing?
    If anyone goes and sees this movie they are part of the problem. if so enjoy the new world that you will be living in.

  • J V
    J V преди 12 часа +1

    Bla bla bla

  • Sane Joker
    Sane Joker преди 12 часа +2

    Worst hero movie ever made!! Racist and feminist movie.

  • encorebloodbath
    encorebloodbath преди 12 часа +2

    Brie Larson... learn from GAL "GODDESS" GADOT, you piece of stinking feminist yeast! Wonder Woman movie is HOW you make empowered woman movie RIGHT!

  • typeso
    typeso преди 12 часа +1

    Why does Captain Marvel have to be white? I petition Brie steps down and lets a woman of color take the lead for once! STEP DOWN STEP DOWN STEP DOWN!

  • Game Flame
    Game Flame преди 12 часа +3

    Cant spell "hero" without "her"
    Oh wait cant spell her without "he"

  • Mike Mendez
    Mike Mendez преди 12 часа

    I just read a review it says is weird good as Last Jedi so if you love Last Jedi you just going to love this movie! @mikeryan CAPTAIN MARVEL isn’t what I expected based on marketing. It’s pretty much an “all in” cosmic space movie. Also, it’s a lot weirder than I expected. Ben Mendelsohn is awesome as Talos. And not wacky weird like the GOTG movies. Think more “Rey snapping into endless mirrors” from The Last Jedi type scenes. Also, finally, the MCU and a Nirvana song come together (as Kurt Cobain wanted)

  • Vaporize Jello
    Vaporize Jello преди 12 часа +1

    Hard pass thanks.

  • Batt Man
    Batt Man преди 12 часа

    Such a dislikeable character in the comics hope that it doesn’t translate to the big screen that way

  • Batt Man
    Batt Man преди 12 часа +1

    Brie Larson “This isn’t for white men”
    can I as a brown man avoid this movie too and just see Shazam(the real captain marvel)?

  • William Brinkman
    William Brinkman преди 12 часа

    I can't wait for this to come out, free on TV...

  • Dejvi Cekrezi
    Dejvi Cekrezi преди 12 часа +1

    Im suprised how marvel gave the role to this actress. She beasiclly doesnt fit this character and makes it so cringy and unwatchable. I hope I dont get super disapointed after seeing this movie.

  • Robosing
    Robosing преди 12 часа

    Plz tell how this super saiyan is going to beat ultra god infinity gauntlet thanos?

  • Leslie Fiore
    Leslie Fiore преди 12 часа

    Won’t even buy it in the dollar store

  • Infamous Wiggler
    Infamous Wiggler преди 13 часа

    This movie looks like it has no character

  • Lecturas ASMR
    Lecturas ASMR преди 13 часа +1

    I guess Brie Larson does not need white dudes to go see her movie.

  • unholyspectacle
    unholyspectacle преди 13 часа

    "Boycott because the actress said something I don't like!" y'all are so boring I swear

  • Smart Soul
    Smart Soul преди 13 часа

    Can you all please shut up and wait until the movie comes out to critize something? God, everyday people is more annoying.

    • Alejandro Guzmán
      Alejandro Guzmán преди час

      i won't pay for it even if it becomes the greatest movie of all time, so no