My Best Friend Turned Out To Be Toxic

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    Meet Jenny. Sometimes people are not who they seem to be, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her story is about a person exactly like that.
    About a year ago, Jenny’s family moved to a new city, so inevitably she had to adapt to a new school, and the hardest part was making new friends. Jenny got along with her classmates, but not to the point where she actually became friends with them.
    That all changed during one of her classes, when she sat next to Rachel. She stood out compared to the other kids - she dressed differently, talked differently and seemed much smarter than everybody else. Jenny really wanted to get acquainted with her, but didn’t know how. Luckily enough though, Rachel did it herself!
    One day, she passed a note to Jenny with a question: “what’s your favorite band?” She gave her answer, and then Rachel wrote her favorite one. They kept exchanging little letters like this, and it was a very cute way of getting to know each other, especially when you’re bored in class.
    Long story short, Jenny learned that they had a lot in common, and they immediately hit it off. In just a few weeks they became best friends. Soon everybody took it for granted that Rachel and Jenny were always together - at school, outside school, and if someone invited one of them to a party, they knew that both of them would come. It was magical! Jenny looked up to Rachel - she knew everything, from fashion to movies and art. She wanted to be a little bit like her. What could go wrong?
    But soon, the first warning signals began to appear. Jenny had been saving money for months to buy these new awesome sneakers, and she was super-happy when she could finally afford them. She proudly went to school in them, and she couldn’t wait to show them to Rachel!
    Jenny expected that Rachel would be happy for her, but instead she just said: “Oh, finally I won’t be ashamed to be seen with you in public!” Um, okay, that was weird and not what she’d expected, but okay, it was a joke.
    "But then it happened again, and again - she made snarky comments about Jenny’s looks, her taste in music, and even about her in general. Every time she made it look like a joke, but Jenny still noticed her sarcastic smile and how she rolled her eyes every time something was said that she didn’t like.
    And if Jenny got upset or tried to confront her, she always said: “it’s just a joke, stop over-reacting.” And what can you do in response to that? It made her paranoid. She kept thinking - maybe she was too touchy about it, and she should take it as it was apparently intended, as a joke?
    When they were with other people, Rachel’s comments would get even worse, and yet she still took it all without any objections.
    Then she started bailing on Jenny regularly - for example, they were meant to meet at the mall to go to a concert, but she didn’t show up and then said she had forgotten. It happened a few times, sometimes even during the same week.
    At first, she was upset, but then she realized that by this time she had made a lot of other friends, so she started hanging out more with them and less with Rachel. She even met a guy who she liked, and she thought that he liked her as well.
    And you know what? All of this made Rachel increasingly reveal her true self. She started sending her angry texts about how Jenny had betrayed her and wasn’t a real friend...then begged forgiveness, saying that she was very lonely and couldn’t live without her. Jenny thought to herself: “enough is enough”, and told her that she was not okay with the way she treated her and that she didn’t want to be friends anymore. She called her 20 times in a row but Jenny blocked her, because by now she knew that Rachel didn’t respect her.
    Funnily enough, the story didn’t stop there. Jenny started dating the boy she liked, and everything seemed good until she noticed that he was talking with Rachel at school. Jenny assumed the worst and asked him what she had said to him.
    It turned out that Rachel had said that he should stop dating her because she was a horrible person and would betray him the same way Jenny had betrayed her. Jenny asked if he believed her, and thankfully, he laughed and said ""of course not".
    Jenny’s still a bit upset about Rachel being such a toxic person, but she’s glad that she noticed it soon enough and didn’t let herself be manipulated.
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  • ItsViiPlayz
    ItsViiPlayz преди 24 минути

    Omg yeh. My “FRIEND “ (not my friend anymore) joined me and my real friend on roblox and just started harassing us! This actually happened yesterday! AND don’t worry I told my mom and my real friend told her mom and I’m telling my teacher on Monday :) I don’t like bullies ._.

  • cloaked wolf
    cloaked wolf преди 34 минути


  • Tuana Sancaktutan
    Tuana Sancaktutan преди час

    oh boy! I get super angry hearing these stories and i think that children are the most cruel i did not have friends until4th grade and told i was literally torturing my friends while i was not even touching or talking to them i was bullied because they were imagining i was a bully i had to go thru about 5to 7 traumas when i was 6 to 12 years old. My friends got bored of me twice two of my friends told me they hated me everyday and came to me asking if we could be friends again i had a panic attack everyday i had panic disorder until i was 13 and now i am almost fine...🙃

  • Limited Edition
    Limited Edition преди час

    Omg these girls in middle school did the same thing to my ex they told him that i cheated on him and to not date me then he broke up with me that same day I never cheated on him! I've been loyal to him since day 1 even before we started dating I was the only girl at that school that talked to him he was always getting bullied by everyone except me but he decided to believe them rather than his own gf

  • Narwhal Luver
    Narwhal Luver преди час


  • Mattanya Aguilar
    Mattanya Aguilar преди час

    Hello, I’m going to tell you about my two “friends” who betrayed me. It all started in kindergarten, I was new so I did not know anyone until I met Samantha and Neida! They seemed very nice so I started to hang out with them! Until in first grade, everything started. Sometimes I hanged out with another friend and they got mad! I did not see anything wrong with that but somehow, they did! When I wasn’t their BFF, they used to gossip things about me that were not true! Or they would try to make me jealous! When they were tired of me not being their friend, they would come to me and ask me to forgive them! But they asked me like if the fault was mine or like if I was the one who needed to apologize! I thought that they would change every time so I said “yes” or “ok”. Things went on like this until 3rd grade! They would do the things over and over until we finished 3rd grade. The first day of fourth grade, we played together but as time went on..... I met new BFFs, Paola and Kaylee! We played together for a very long time until Samantha and Neida asked me why I wasn’t playing with them, I told them a lie because I did not want them to know the real truth. Then after they told me they did not want to be my BFF! I said it was fine, I did not care! So then they walked away and left me alone.
    I hope you guys like my story! Like if you have one similar to me!

  • Snazzzy Videos
    Snazzzy Videos преди 3 часа

    your boyfriend is so sweet

  • iMiniMaster7
    iMiniMaster7 преди 3 часа +1

    AYY pop punk never goes wrong

  • ForeverCaptivatedBy E X O
    ForeverCaptivatedBy E X O преди 4 часа

    I used to have a friend like that. I was so patient with her. I tried to save our friendship even when all she say is mean things about me and bully me. The day I was done with her was when her insecure petty ass tried to hit me with a *bottle* in public..*fornoreason*. So toxic. Looking back, I am so glad I abandoned her. I didn't want to leave but she was too bipolar and toxic. Now she doesn't t even have real friends who understand her , around her are just egoist brats that are highly materialistic
    . Another friend of mine also abandoned me for not being drunk 24/7 and not being a "free soul" like her. She said she couldn't destroy a good girl like me. She literally said she buy friends to destroy and she is proud of that. Disgusting. Another reason is because I didn't introduce her to my rich male friends which she is only friends with me for. In high school, i realized that having around 4 real friends is enough. Best friends and acquaintances are enough. I don't need friends, they disappoint me

  • Dorothy Shiner
    Dorothy Shiner преди 4 часа +1

    When u said I was saving up money I thought she stole your money

  • mitali paul
    mitali paul преди 4 часа

    I have people like Raechel in my life.

  • Cairy Ramirez Lopez
    Cairy Ramirez Lopez преди 5 часа sister is like this towards me... she is a week and a half younger than me but still acts like she is older...

    LESLEY DABEST преди 5 часа

    I kept on yelling "that's VICTORIA" ( she hates me)

  • ML MakeZZM
    ML MakeZZM преди 5 часа

    Jennie 🏴 Pink

  • MidnightVG
    MidnightVG преди 6 часа

    Moral: Show your true self

  • Sarah Queena
    Sarah Queena преди 8 часа

    Panci at the Disco is my mom’s fave song idk why?

  • Haz For Hazelnut
    Haz For Hazelnut преди 8 часа

    I do have this 1 "friend" she basically rachel twin personality wise. Her "joke" is purely sarcastic remarks that hurt me. I really glad that the 3 years suffering in highschool because of her is done.

  • Charles Burrows
    Charles Burrows преди 8 часа

    My best friend from 4th grade until now still (junior in college) I thought he was cool and thought because he was tall and bullies didn’t mess with him. He was kind of aggresive at first never really hitting me or anything but he was kind of rude sometimes. But later he became nicer and we had similar interests like legos, video games and nerf. Over the years he got a little more open with me emotionally but still was very reserved. It wasn’t until senior year of high school that he told me he was gay and I was like k cool now we’re a lot more genuine with each other and shit

  • Shawn Mendes is a perfect muffin
    Shawn Mendes is a perfect muffin преди 9 часа

    I did have this best friend. We were best friends for way over half my life. We did everything together and everyone knew we were super close. Of course together we started a new year/grade in school. This new girl came and we started talking, the same with a girl who joined earlier. They both came round my house and confessed that my "best friend" had been talking behind my back. She'd called me a "Spoilt Brat" and she was telling people not to invite me round their houses. Basically telling them that I'm not nice so I wouldn't have friends. So I confronted that girl and she went red in the face and kept trying to tell jokes to make me feel happy, but really, I knew it was because she was guilty. I kinda knew she was changing as the whole time she was trying to make me jealous. Or if I won something or earned an achievement she wouldn't talk to me at all. Now I'm like bffs with those two girls.

  • Blue Gamer
    Blue Gamer преди 9 часа

    Ewww jenny is ugly

  • Marc Jardi
    Marc Jardi преди 9 часа

    League of legends player

  • some guy
    some guy преди 10 часа

    0:53 *high hopes starts playing in my head*

  • Maxi Lester
    Maxi Lester преди 11 часа +1

    Me:sees p!atd and FOB
    Also me:freaks out and dies

  • Smiplynot Simplynaillogical
    Smiplynot Simplynaillogical преди 11 часа

    Same thing with my old bff or ex bff but I have my ways just tell them something that will leave them with their jaw fallen

  • Cynder 1999
    Cynder 1999 преди 11 часа

    i had a "friend" like this and She sweared at me.

  • Brock Ingram
    Brock Ingram преди 13 часа

    I had a friend like that
    I think I managed to get enough people on my side before they got everyone to hate me

  • mmecool girl
    mmecool girl преди 13 часа

    I wish i could do something about a friend who makes me feel horible and has lied about imortant things to me but i feel so bad and everyone likes them more than me and so im afraid ill lose my good friends and it will be like that before i had friends and dealing with bullies was nearly impossible because i had nobosy on my side

  • Sydney Tran
    Sydney Tran преди 14 часа

    Yes I actually have, there is this girl in my school and she makes me do things sometimes. If I won’t do it she would hate me the next day or roll her eyes. She would even tells secrets about me sometimes, but I never did anything to her! But just sometimes I don’t tell on her, I don’t know why. I don’t want to act scared to go tell on her or she would be mean to me again

  • im a banana
    im a banana преди 14 часа

    This is my life, someone i need new friends

  • Electric blu
    Electric blu преди 14 часа

    You are so lucky you noticed right away. The same thing happened to be but it lasted for 3-4 years. And unlike you some of my friends believed her. They just left like it was nothing. I got put into advanced classes and loat alot od my old friends. Luckly i mad new ones but it still hurts to see people gossip and spread false rumors.

  • Nick Papadoulakis
    Nick Papadoulakis преди 15 часа

    Toxic friends don’t deserve to have friends and being isolated and shooed by others is their worst punishment !!!!!

  • JAY100G Arts
    JAY100G Arts преди 15 часа

    I had 5 frinds like that...

  • Daisha rose
    Daisha rose преди 15 часа


  • astridfearless hofferson
    astridfearless hofferson преди 15 часа

    Shit, I just realized how much of a big deal highschool will be. Damn I just started 7th grade

  • Brylan James
    Brylan James преди 15 часа

    Like me and my friends but he was not toxic but almost half the school knows about me and our friends

    • Brylan James
      Brylan James преди 15 часа

      Do do do do do do do so no one told you life was gonna be this way do do do do do I don't know the rest of the lyrics

  • Brylan James
    Brylan James преди 15 часа

    You just got a sub BOI

  • Arantza Lopez
    Arantza Lopez преди 15 часа

    Omg she likes panic at the disco too!!!😂😂

  • Ashton toh
    Ashton toh преди 15 часа

    yeah me too,my asian friend pramath got mad with me all because i had made new friends and after that he told all my friends that i "betrayed him" so i fell into a state of deppresion then a few years later a jewish boy enrolled into my school keep in mind that every single day i always sat under a tree to have lunch. So one day the jewish boy asked me if he could sit with me for lunch so i became so happy then said "Yes, thanks for asking" and that jewish boy still now is still my best friends and his name was david

  • Sloth Productions
    Sloth Productions преди 16 часа

    I had the same exact problem

  • Thug Beanie
    Thug Beanie преди 16 часа

    My brother does this to me

  • Potato Tiger
    Potato Tiger преди 16 часа

    There’s this one girl who is so mean for no reason and she makes me so mad that I wanna grab a knife and STAB *but I won’t because I’m a good person* 😋😂

  • Smoll Potatos
    Smoll Potatos преди 16 часа +1

    I have toxic friends to..well here’s my story so I was on a game I found two boys and one girl the girl I met in real life and the boys I foundIn two different games but they were both toxic the boys seem to be very annoyed with me when I became friends with them when I became friends one of them broke my heart he said to stop talking to him or he would not be friends with me ever again..the next boy he said not the worst he’s just ignoring me cuz I’m “annoying” one time I felt bad for myself about the first boy so I talked to him about it I texted him the first sentence and he said bye he’s not that bad now the girl she WAS my best friend I was friends with her and once I left her school I used to go to she got to dramatic and broke my heart when she got dramatic at the times she was nice only at the times people were there but when ever I didn’t want to do something she made it a fight I would always cry after all the fights and what I’ve been through it’s been a tough life but I’m fine..these still go on but I got words from you guys

  • kayley mcshizzle
    kayley mcshizzle преди 17 часа

    *brittany spears has left the chat*

  • Lilly Plays ROBLOX
    Lilly Plays ROBLOX преди 17 часа

    Yes wend i go to shcool my bff always saya wow u are note eventos that good wend ever people likes it and she ignoré me so i told her wats wrong but SHE SUDENTLY HIT ME ON THE HEAD WHIT A BALL people were laughing and she said lies about me so i lost half of my friends so i told her we are not friends anymore we will only be friends after u stop lying

  • not him
    not him преди 17 часа

    what a peach

  • Claudzilla
    Claudzilla преди 17 часа

    Did anyone else notice the sims 3 reference?

  • Jasmine gacutan
    Jasmine gacutan преди 17 часа

    i had no toxic bff

  • Melissa Stier
    Melissa Stier преди 17 часа

    Panic at the disco is my favorite band too

  • Goldduck Champions
    Goldduck Champions преди 17 часа

    I love panic at the disco it sooooooo good

  • Serenity Potato
    Serenity Potato преди 17 часа


  • Sophia Vlogs
    Sophia Vlogs преди 17 часа

    Rachel let me tell you something think before you do man people these days

  • autumnbella 101
    autumnbella 101 преди 18 часа

    Who’s the artist?

  • Fortnite Twitch Streams
    Fortnite Twitch Streams преди 18 часа

    someone’s on her period.

  • Dge Hall
    Dge Hall преди 18 часа

    Say ur mom is stupider than Mickey mouse

  • Freakhead Studio
    Freakhead Studio преди 18 часа

    I was friends with this girl from middle school to our adult life. We were both bullied & considered outcast by everyone else. I got her through some hard times growing up & we were like sisters. But when we got into Highschool she would comment on everything I did. She was always the skinnier one but I had lost alot of weight while she gained and it was obvious that she didn't like the attention I was getting. She even dated a boy I had a crush on just so I couldn't have him. Going into our 2nd semester, she moves to a different school and I don't see her til after graduation. She tells me that she's engaged and pregnant and will get married in 3 months and invites me to her engagement party. Now during and after Highschool, my ex was stalking me and I avoid him at all cost and she knew this. Something came up and I had to cancel, 2 months go by and I see my ex is in her wedding photos and was her husband's groom's men. He was also at the engagement party, she had planned to set me and my ex up even though I was engaged myself. She said that my ex was still a close friend of hers and that she was just trying to help him get on more chance. I was angry but I let it go. A week later I look on Facebook and she left her newlywed husband to be with her ex and said the baby was really her ex's, breaking her husband's heart. What made it worse was that it turned out she was never pregnant. With such a huge lie she lost alot of friends, including myself. Afew months later and we start talking again. She had 2 baby girls with an abusive man. I tried to get her help to leave, sent her money and whatever she needed. Then one day, she ghost me. Forgot to block me on Facebook and it shows her back with the same guy. Found out I was paying his bills with her "escape" money.

  • Hannah McCaw
    Hannah McCaw преди 18 часа

    this girl may have been toxic to her but i think that when rachel was apologizing and wanted to talk to her, i think she should have tried to listen rather then jus ignoring her and not giving her a chance

  • Queenie Dancelan
    Queenie Dancelan преди 18 часа

    Yes my best friend is rhea at first she is so kind but i had been sick and in a month i come back she change she's mean she's to pushie to me and she become friends witha bully

  • Kurose Takahashi
    Kurose Takahashi преди 18 часа

    "Like a wolf in sheep's clothing."


  • cat Nunez
    cat Nunez преди 19 часа

    Im I the only fan girling that I like Panic of the Disco .-.

  • Lovely Olivia
    Lovely Olivia преди 19 часа

    What if the sheep could be bad huh?!

  • Ryan Not Ross
    Ryan Not Ross преди 19 часа


  • GliturKat
    GliturKat преди 19 часа

    my parents are turning out to be toxic.

  • Mango Owl
    Mango Owl преди 20 часа

    I am Rachael, what a traitor! YOU!
    Why did you share to the whole youtube about me????


  • Mr 72 Awesome
    Mr 72 Awesome преди 21 час

    We must be mindful of whom to call best friend.

  • Gatchagirl Xoxo
    Gatchagirl Xoxo преди 21 час

    Yep I had this problem

  • S.S.W Nation
    S.S.W Nation преди 21 час

    My bff was always with me every second and it was ok it wasnt clingy either if I or she needed space we would give it until when we started the basketball team she started be distant and I thought oh maybe shes busy till one day I asked her why she was being a stranger her response was "Cause I have other friends and other plans then being with you your so annoying" I was sad and mad at the same time. I didnt want to let her go until I realized I dont have to be sad over losing 1 friend when I have others. So I told her ok and laughed and went to my first period.when it was over I talked to my friend courtney who've I've known since 4th grade and shes never did anything to hurt me. I told my mom and she said "sometimes you have to keep your circle small until you know you have that person's trust without being blind by they're fakeness" so from that day I have kept my distance.and it seems like she uses me for snacks,answers,e.t.c. so I was like now I see your true colors.So I'm hear to say never be blinded by friendship it can change faster than you know

  • Forpus Corpus
    Forpus Corpus преди 21 час

    I just confess my best friend I don’t like her and my “best friend”is EXACTLY LIKE RACHELLLLL

  • Tomboiii
    Tomboiii преди 22 часа

    I had a friend just like that we were like best friends but reasons like this and also for reasons idk. We dont talk anymore

  • ILP Ibadan
    ILP Ibadan преди 22 часа

    Life is about second chances......sometimes

  • Angelina the magical
    Angelina the magical преди 22 часа

    Artemis fartypants

  • HelloLoloXD
    HelloLoloXD преди 22 часа

    “I kNoW tHaT i’M iNtElLeGeNt BeCaUsE i KnOw tHaT i KnOw NoThInG” lmao

  • Gacha lemon Cat
    Gacha lemon Cat преди 22 часа

    Panic at the disco :ooooooooooo my fave band

  • random time
    random time преди 22 часа

    How do u say ur story to get it in one of those cartoon things?🤔

  • Myles Huffelpuff
    Myles Huffelpuff преди 23 часа

    I love panic at the disco

  • laya layla
    laya layla преди 23 часа

    This happened to meee something lik ethis..My best friend,But i was in elementry school my best friend started actting a bit bad,Something like saying mean things and telling the other kids that i called her dumb and other mean stuff.I also started havig diffrent friends!but they just used me..When when someone gets in a fight with another..Someone they stay with me and then after they make up they say "Look at that girl she's so weird"And they say that they're sorry.That kept on happening until i found better friends..Now i just started high school! :)

    • laya layla
      laya layla преди 23 часа

      I meant Like* and i meant This* there are some mistakes in the typing,I'm a fast typer!

  • Rachel Gomes
    Rachel Gomes преди 23 часа +1 name is Rachel. But my story is on the same spectrum of Jenny

  • Maylie Lemon
    Maylie Lemon преди ден


  • Jason the Pet Cheetah in Tyler's Basement

    So that note said p!atd and fob, but wheres mcr and tøp?

  • mechanic dyke
    mechanic dyke преди ден

    a wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warning

  • Robloxsisters 9090
    Robloxsisters 9090 преди ден

    I do cause my friends act like there my friends and in the summer they said I’m ugly fat and all that so they aren’t real friends

  • Flori Bloom
    Flori Bloom преди ден

    The same thing happens to me twice and that’s why I have no real friend neither friends

  • Joud Alsomiei
    Joud Alsomiei преди ден

    In elementary school ( 5th grade ) I had two friends that keep telling me to hang out with my other friends for 1 minute and the rest of the day I hang out with them ( whole school day ) until this day I’m too scared to disagree with them or unfriend them cuz they might spread bad rumors about me or bully but I hate them so much and they talk bad about my friends back while I sit there and agree with them when I reality I hate them so much and disagree with them all the time I’m too scared to unfriend them because i tried but they said I will come back to them anyway so it’s better not to unfriend them and kept forcing me to lose all my friends and they can be my only friends if they are my friends then why are they not respecting my choice in my friends and hate them all they just want attention does anyone have any advice for unfriending them ( till this day I’m there “friend” )

  • Pradipta Adi
    Pradipta Adi преди ден

    Still more toxic than reactor number 4

    ANONYMOUS 345 преди ден

    i like panic at the disco to :):):)

  • Awesome Grace
    Awesome Grace преди ден

    I did have, and it was horrible..
    She said mean things to me which made me mad so I said
    mean things back to her. And yea she said her mother told the Principal..
    I was afraid at first, but then i realised she lied.
    I started to ignore her but then our friendship came back again..
    This is kinda weird

  • sanjay singhal
    sanjay singhal преди ден

    I used to have a friend who was a little toxic but she was nice at the same time

  • wonderful _fox
    wonderful _fox преди ден +1

    I have a friend who is very bossy she told me this and told me that an said "pathetic" and then I had a new friend who is very nice and my old friend is very jealous but I had enough I said "I had enough with you, we are no longer bff!" Later at school I saw she told all of my friends,I ask them "do you believe what she said to you?😢" my friend said of "course not,your a good friend

  • Faithful FlowerGS/V
    Faithful FlowerGS/V преди ден

    0:05 Wolf's sheep's clothing song alike reference

  • 지민
    지민 преди ден +1

    Yes have my brother...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Kyra Ottey
    Kyra Ottey преди ден

    Love it

  • The Prankster Gangsters Playz YT


  • Safa GamerQueen
    Safa GamerQueen преди ден

    Ive had that as well ;-;

  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    Ahmed Ibrahim преди ден

    Yes finally someone who has been through what I hab been through, like if you did too👍

  • Khanh Tran Mai Nguyen (Moon)
    Khanh Tran Mai Nguyen (Moon) преди ден

    That happend exactly like that but I was not best friends with that girl

  • Ignas Didysis
    Ignas Didysis преди ден

    I had same situation, you just need to move on and keep smiling

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer преди ден

    Having a social life is too exhausting, high schoolers are just too much

  • EllisK minecraft & Roblox
    EllisK minecraft & Roblox преди ден

    This will never happen to me. *I DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS*

  • draggon 898
    draggon 898 преди ден

    Does she knew chemistry

  • Sunny the Puppy
    Sunny the Puppy преди ден

    I like P!ATD too