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  • Do you know to fake an assessment on a test paper? 🙂 How to teach a child to hold a pen or pencil correctly? How not to lose the cap from the marker? How to make a compass using Binder? How to make a mini whiteboard from a sheet and file? How to fasten sheets without a clip or stapler? How to write a phrase in a beautiful font? How to make an unusual gift to the student - a cake from stationery?
    The following tips will be useful to parents of young children, caregivers and teachers. How to teach a child to add numbers? How to teach a child squaring numbers ending in 5? How to teach a child to subtract numbers from 1000? How to teach a child to multiply large numbers? How to teach a child to find the percentage of numbers? How to teach a child to multiply even numbers by 5? How to teach a child to multiply odd numbers by 5? How to teach a child to find a fraction of the number? How to teach a child to add large numbers?
    How to teach a child to distinguish the word there from theirs and the word piece from the word peace? How to learn with the child the color spectrum? How to remember the number of pi? How to make the child remember where the right hand and where the left hand? How to learn roman numbers? How to remember the sequence of the planets of the solar system? How to teach a child to write simple words using pictures?
    3:58 A stationery cake
    6:52 Addition trick
    8:33 Finding percentage
    11:19 How to remember the color spectrum
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  • Sharma
    Sharma преди ден

    Who hold pencil like this 🙄🙄

  • % Of Comments
    % Of Comments преди ден

    If I got an F and did what u did and said A my parent would still see what questions I got wrong and right. Like bruh If I got 6/100 how tf is that An A
    Also anyone else notice at 3:40 the pages are already stapled?
    4:48 how tf is a board game number 2 and jack in the box number 5??

  • Pesso Riches
    Pesso Riches преди ден

    i really like the mathematics trick!!!

  • Gaming with Jaspreet
    Gaming with Jaspreet преди ден

    These are for kids .......

    Like if u agree

  • Yaqui Sanchez
    Yaqui Sanchez преди ден

    I love😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ava Ladd
    Ava Ladd преди ден +1

    Don’t do the grads changeing one because then you parents wouldn’t know you need help and wouldn’t help you!

  • Carrie Esford
    Carrie Esford преди ден

    It can be for women too

  • Nat Channel
    Nat Channel преди ден

    You are writing like me!!!

  • Sbice8
    Sbice8 преди ден

    I don’t think we need help on how to hold a pencil. My 2 year old cousin can hold a pencil. But thanks🙃 not

  • Lena Nurbayani
    Lena Nurbayani преди ден

    I have a questio

  • Ismail Iqbal
    Ismail Iqbal преди ден

    Fucking useless shit

  • Isidora Fischer
    Isidora Fischer преди ден

    Dobar vam new pocetak like ko se slaze👍👍👍👍

  • Keira 101
    Keira 101 преди ден

    3:48. Yes because we're totally aloud blades in school 🙃

  • nina naiade
    nina naiade преди ден


  • Irena Arvai
    Irena Arvai преди ден +1

    Like ko voli yoytube

  • Steven Heim
    Steven Heim преди ден

    I thought Pluto wasn’t a planet I hope he stays one

  • Elliones Leader of the 3. Crusader Legion


  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh преди ден +2

    It is not a good idea to stick eraser at back of pencil because by doing this pencil may become heavy.

  • Gloria Honore
    Gloria Honore преди ден

    These are teacher life hacks. Also I don't think there is a guy watching this and actually taking it seriously.

  • LPSPaws HD
    LPSPaws HD преди ден

    0:29 They can check your grades online.. AND WHAT DOES "RED" MEAN FOR GRADES??

  • Ashu Ashu
    Ashu Ashu преди ден

    5:50 i thought there was something else 😂😂

  • VanessaMakesVideos YT
    VanessaMakesVideos YT преди ден

    *Shows in thumbnail a way to make bad markings disappear*
    *Me: Why is this only for men??*
    *Girls can break the system too...*

  • Nicole Muthoni
    Nicole Muthoni преди 2 дни

    Please explain to me how someone could get an even and odd number mixed up. Even the editors didn't see that one, like honestly😯😯

  • Bhavleen Arts
    Bhavleen Arts преди 2 дни

    I know the hack with plastic and spunch already if u also hit like👇👇🤘

    TECHNICAL 2 TAKNIK преди 2 дни

    1:25 pr Fabuary ki spelling Nhi ati

    • Vinai Kumar
      Vinai Kumar преди ден

      You also don't know the spelling of February

  • Puppies are da best !!
    Puppies are da best !! преди 2 дни +1

    I was waiting for this!! ❤️

  • Dolly Singh
    Dolly Singh преди 2 дни

    7:30 it is not working 😡😡

  • Cmeg Mendoza
    Cmeg Mendoza преди 2 дни

    Wow amesing color

  • honda hasith
    honda hasith преди 2 дни


  • abdul mukti
    abdul mukti преди 2 дни

    The second one wont work
    Becuz prob the answer is wrong

    MYTHIC DRAGON преди 2 дни

    Stop this fucking math tricks its way worse than we do by simple method

  • نور_رسم 1
    نور_رسم 1 преди 2 дни

    هل يوجد عربي لايكك

  • H1 _O
    H1 _O преди 2 дни

    0:37 it's only works with colour pencils I think

  • Islam Nazrul
    Islam Nazrul преди 2 дни

    0:29 is useless

  • Laura C
    Laura C преди 2 дни

    0:44 i dont think people hold pencils like that

  • Laura C
    Laura C преди 2 дни

    0:28 are you for real showing kids how to fake a grade now this is why prople say this society is fucked

    • Laura C
      Laura C преди 2 дни

      People *

  • Clance Wilson
    Clance Wilson преди 2 дни

    0:47 damn guys are pretty stupid I guess

  • Ashwani Sahu
    Ashwani Sahu преди 2 дни

    I know you here for this 0:29

  • reigna garcia
    reigna garcia преди 2 дни +1

    These are not tricks its called telling me the answers to my homework

    • Dema Star
      Dema Star преди ден

      reigna garcia lol 😂

  • bhavana patel
    bhavana patel преди 2 дни


  • muhammad bahtiar
    muhammad bahtiar преди 2 дни


  • Jere'jack Lover OC-chan
    Jere'jack Lover OC-chan преди 2 дни +2

    Oh boy, i sure do need to know how to turn the word "boy" into a drawing of a boy in my every day life

  • Jere'jack Lover OC-chan
    Jere'jack Lover OC-chan преди 2 дни

    This should be in 5-Minute Crafts Kids

  • Ángel Gomez
    Ángel Gomez преди 2 дни

    Saben que parecen esas 2 cosas de arriba a la izquierda 0=======D en el minuto 5:35

  • Dino Sy
    Dino Sy преди 2 дни

    Those triks for kids

  • Kevin Ema.
    Kevin Ema. преди 2 дни

    Hahaha 5:52 ass

  • Dfc Roadboy
    Dfc Roadboy преди 2 дни

    Can't you just hold the pencil

  • Josselyn Piedra
    Josselyn Piedra преди 2 дни +1

    I feel like math is 1000 times harder for me now 🤔🤔🤔😬🧐

  • Technical Ayush
    Technical Ayush преди 2 дни +1

    8:25 or i can just multiply who wants to do all that.... Stupid

  • Savannah Swirl
    Savannah Swirl преди 2 дни +1

    So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that it says 5 Minute Crafts For Men yet there is a girl making the videos

  • m3rk n0s5
    m3rk n0s5 преди 2 дни

    2:06 is that really necessary??

  • Ella Boyd
    Ella Boyd преди 2 дни

    Why is the school stuff on men? Girls go do school to!
    And why is there even one specifically for men?

  • ThatRandomNugget 123
    ThatRandomNugget 123 преди 2 дни +2

    Why are theses hacks only for men
    Are they trying to say girls can’t be teachers?!?!
    And I’m a kid so I shouldn’t watch this

  • ureei e hhe3y
    ureei e hhe3y преди 2 дни

    2×6=18 not 42

  • Elise Francois
    Elise Francois преди 2 дни +3

    0:42 who ever writes like that needs help 😟

  • Mollie Sheehan
    Mollie Sheehan преди 2 дни


    TLJ HHMKBBT преди 2 дни


  • اطوس عبد
    اطوس عبد преди 2 дни


  • Simmy X
    Simmy X преди 2 дни

    Vea tu español

  • -exec
    -exec преди 2 дни

    2:10 that’s a bullshit its uncomfortable to use

  • Zuhal Bakar
    Zuhal Bakar преди 3 дни

    My name is azra nur bakar years old 9 purple pink

  • prabal singh Gondal
    prabal singh Gondal преди 3 дни

    That compass and rubber tricks were not good... But all the remaining were marvelous.... 👏👏

  • Kanish Tech
    Kanish Tech преди 3 дни

    Bro pls do more school tricks

  • Snipmania TTV
    Snipmania TTV преди 3 дни

    5 minute crafts need to stop and think

  • Cameron Tibbs
    Cameron Tibbs преди 3 дни

    6:37 you know you can just sharpen a pecel instead of needing to use scissors, probably 3 pounds... We do have eyes

  • Cameron Tibbs
    Cameron Tibbs преди 3 дни +1

    4:20 Who on earth needs so much... Just look at it

  • Cameron Tibbs
    Cameron Tibbs преди 3 дни

    2:17 k question... Do you think the hassle is worth it?
    Lichaly just buy it from the store... Theres a life hack

  • Cameron Tibbs
    Cameron Tibbs преди 3 дни

    2:00 omg I never knew rubber can rub stuff which it can't touch

  • riya V
    riya V преди 3 дни

    5% of 235 is 223.25 Looks like you forgot to take away 11.75 from 235. As 235-11.75=223.25

  • La Patata Cosmica
    La Patata Cosmica преди 3 дни


  • 5 1
    5 1 преди 3 дни

    The thicks is good but I never writing at school

  • Dragon Blue
    Dragon Blue преди 3 дни

    9:06 ithink its even number and the other one are odd number

  • Robyn A
    Robyn A преди 3 дни +1

    Are they trying to say something here about the smartness of men?

  • Sick Fox [FF]
    Sick Fox [FF] преди 3 дни

    Hello! I'm from Russia.

  • Derek Hagen Bandeira De Lima Torres

    Para seus gringo de merda aqui é youtube pra br desgraça

  • Derek Hagen Bandeira De Lima Torres

    So coisa inútil

  • Fayiz Pallikandi
    Fayiz Pallikandi преди 3 дни

    6x8 is48 not 42

  • Aysha Faisal
    Aysha Faisal преди 3 дни

    Ohh there are wrong sovled questions 🙄

  • funny time
    funny time преди 3 дни

    03:59 I am not having that much of colours I am only having 79 sketch pens and 95 wax crayons and 57 boxes of pencils not more than that. LOL


    I love it

  • Vijay Singh
    Vijay Singh преди 3 дни


  • Techno G's
    Techno G's преди 3 дни

    Anyone from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Alexa M
    Alexa M преди 3 дни

    Are you telling me that only men go to school?

  • Robert Stark
    Robert Stark преди 3 дни

    Dislike, because she was being sexes because she "showed" us how to hold a pencil like we dident know.

  • Maxime Ledoyen
    Maxime Ledoyen преди 3 дни


  • Magi Kids
    Magi Kids преди 3 дни

    I only enjoyed the removing F and turning into A

  • The Four Knight
    The Four Knight преди 3 дни +1

    These are not 5-Minute Crafts.

  • B4Bid Golden Fox
    B4Bid Golden Fox преди 3 дни

    OK... One, this is 5 min crafts for MEN and there's a woman for all of them. Two, it's saying that dudes only get bad grades.
    Three, the seventh one is dumb, it's only a pencil on both sides.

  • Nancy Gomez
    Nancy Gomez преди 3 дни

    Any girls watching this.. Thx for the tips

  • Madhavi Mehta
    Madhavi Mehta преди 3 дни

    In 2:38 there are not 9 planets now

  • Anne Suday
    Anne Suday преди 3 дни

    i learn so much in this video

  • Carlitos Carrisoza
    Carlitos Carrisoza преди 3 дни +1

    “5 minute crafts MEN”
    Most of this is mostly for or mainly for women tbh...

  • Meowz YT
    Meowz YT преди 3 дни

    Sorry to say but Pluto aint planet anymore.

  • Meowz YT
    Meowz YT преди 3 дни

    Im a girl lol
    Anybody with me?

  • Matakuri R
    Matakuri R преди 3 дни

    Ho grasias haora se como sugeter un lapis(son inbesiles quen no sabe sugetar un lapis)

  • Ellie L
    Ellie L преди 3 дни

    why is this specifically for men? this should be for everyone!

  • Shynise Cooper
    Shynise Cooper преди 3 дни

    Love it🤟🏻

  • Shynise Cooper
    Shynise Cooper преди 3 дни

    Love it

  • Dhaight374
    Dhaight374 преди 3 дни

    I like that they over complicate math but when they say how to multiply 5 by an odd number it says 1682 (which is obviously a even) and 1683 for multipling a even number😑

  • Nina Messeck
    Nina Messeck преди 3 дни +1

    A trick how to hold a pen?where is this chanel from?where do they need such a trick?I guess it's U.S