Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)


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  • Lilith Le Fay
    Lilith Le Fay преди 19 часа

    Cthulhu saves, brothers and sisters!

  • AnimeboyIanpower
    AnimeboyIanpower преди 19 часа


    ♪...take off that blindfold that heals

    *_♫I WAS LEFT BEHIND!!!♫_*

    ♪All this torture will unwind!
    I was never all that kind!
    If you were to rewind,
    Then you would find~♪

    *_♫I WAS LEFT BEHIND!!!♫_*

    ♫Take your turn to run and hide!
    I will catch you all the time!
    This night no longer shines
    Your tears divine
    You will now be...♪


    ~DAGames, Left Behind

  • Corrupted Worlds
    Corrupted Worlds преди 19 часа

    The monster was ur mum

  • Biggest Star Wars Fan
    Biggest Star Wars Fan преди 19 часа


    Why is the monster?

  • Green Neon
    Green Neon преди 20 часа

    It’s not a rip off of a quiet place it was recreated from the book bird box

  • edimc4353
    edimc4353 преди 20 часа

    Don't they mention creatures, Plural? Could it be Illithids using their Sonic blasts to drive people crazy?

  • Jarmo Lindberg
    Jarmo Lindberg преди 20 часа

    Ommagash Pikachu i need to kill ma self

  • Gay LordCthulu
    Gay LordCthulu преди 20 часа

    I love HP Lovecraft because my dad introduced me to him😊

  • Super Man
    Super Man преди 20 часа

    Is the narrator Nick Swardson!?!?!? Sounds just like him from Grandma's Boy!!

  • Drunken Warlock Entertainment
    Drunken Warlock Entertainment преди 20 часа

    It’s a Hitchcock movie

  • Tina Starlight
    Tina Starlight преди 20 часа

    ...of course the crazy people are British.

  • Carter Anderson
    Carter Anderson преди 20 часа

    Are you going to do a theory on the new Salad Fingers???

  • Kaptain Chaos
    Kaptain Chaos преди 21 час

    The moster might be the sun

  • TVPxC
    TVPxC преди 21 час


  • The Real Cool Pup
    The Real Cool Pup преди 21 час


  • LlamaGamer44
    LlamaGamer44 преди 21 час

    The monster is a nude thanos

  • Dranix
    Dranix преди 21 час

    What about the blind people...?

  • cmacpd0914
    cmacpd0914 преди 21 час

    The theology here is terribly lacking, but the vid is entertaining otherwise

    SHADOW WRATH преди 21 час

    They literally said what the monster was🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bluemanzee
    Bluemanzee преди 21 час

    "It’s making me laugh. It was just a long fat baby." - Sandra Bullock
    There saved you a video

  • bibba bee
    bibba bee преди 22 часа +1

    when I was watching I thought that maybe the reason that some people worship it is because they were suicidal in the first place, so the "monster" had the opposite effect. people who weren't suicidal initially would kill themselves, but the people from the mental institution wouldn't, and maybe they genuinely thought it would help the others stop being suicidal (like it did for them).

  • khalid alghamdi
    khalid alghamdi преди 22 часа

    I wish you guys would a videos about whitebeard’s earthquake devil fruit power.
    And i also wish you guys watch one piece,you can have a lot of ideas for videos from that anime

  • Nicola Cunnington
    Nicola Cunnington преди 22 часа

    What Matt said about Surgat wasn't entirely true, yes he could open all locks however this meant he could open Pandoras box, which, when opened, a lot consider to be the beginning of the end. Soo it does fit in in some way haha

  • DonRayPlayz Pate
    DonRayPlayz Pate преди 22 часа

    so your saying...
    disabled blind people don’t go to heaven

    but that’s just a theory a film theoryisistis

    FACILE GOOSE преди 22 часа +1


  • Josiah White
    Josiah White преди 22 часа

    the unfortunate fact being that Mat clearly doesnt understand end times christian mythology

  • Joshua TheAwesome
    Joshua TheAwesome преди 22 часа

    So your theory about the monster from bird box is that it’s the monster from bird box.

  • Natalie Di Fiore
    Natalie Di Fiore преди 22 часа

    1:29, I love how he threw a bird cage at the screen instead of a TV remote

  • Natalie Di Fiore
    Natalie Di Fiore преди 23 часа

    0:46, outta the ol'... what, OL' WHAT NATPAT TELL ME!!

  • Natalie Di Fiore
    Natalie Di Fiore преди 23 часа

    0:13, how did he just get up the stairs???

  • Kenny Keelan
    Kenny Keelan преди 23 часа

    If your theory of Lovecraftian horror holds any weight, then I might suggest a thought: the reasoning these creatures are manipulating these people by using the likeness of the dead is because they are engaging with people's memories and their psyches. I'm no expert on Lovecraft but I'm pretty positive that those stories had similar things happen and that also leads to how people who are insane or differently abled mentally are able to manage these manipulations, because they've already engaged with their darkest psychosis.

  • Rainbow Ou
    Rainbow Ou преди 23 часа

    It's the emoji movie :p

  • Tekkalima 123
    Tekkalima 123 преди 23 часа

    How do know all these things

  • Tiffiny Dykes
    Tiffiny Dykes преди 23 часа

    The monster is my sister lol🤡

  • Fatcat Ninja
    Fatcat Ninja преди 23 часа

    So if it's a Jesus octopus thing, than the ending is even sadder because they wouldn't join all the dead people.

  • Sammy & Sam
    Sammy & Sam преди 23 часа

    Hey. It's totally...


  • Gillian Waugh
    Gillian Waugh преди ден

    I watch the movie, the monster ... i think is suppose to take the form of our painful memories or our worst fear or our nightmare in the scene when charlie explain how humanity has been judge . These creature go by different name like... demon or spirit creature.

  • Skodeword Tontacles
    Skodeword Tontacles преди ден

    it's the genie from the new alladin

  • LGmittens
    LGmittens преди ден

    My question is in birdbox where did the monster come from did it come from space?

  • TheConspiredOne
    TheConspiredOne преди ден

    How about this, I'll subscribe to you giant youtubers that dont need it if you subscribe to the small channels like us that do.

  • Sandcrakes 123
    Sandcrakes 123 преди ден

    Bird box become a moral for Islamic people as I heard which is "Don't ever see a bad thing when you're alive. If you do see it, you'll be thrown into hell". That's the moral of the story

  • exodous02
    exodous02 преди ден

    I still think it is a Lovecraftian alien, one of the lesser ones, that is just toying with humanity because it is bored. That is what I thought from the get go. Sure, Cthulhu is an adult and not outside with his magnifying glass burring ants but lesser 'Old Ones' might find that entertaining. It would also fit because the 'adult' Old Ones probably know what he's doing but they just don't care, just like if you saw a kid stomping on ants, who cares.

    This way it could be both inspired and original. The rapture doesn't make sense because God would never use evil people for his purposes. He would find someone worth to be a prophet. Also, suicide is a sin so he wouldn't use it to get people to come to him.

  • Solie
    Solie преди ден

    Personally, (from what I could bear to watch) I thought bird box was about depression. A lot of people don't believe depression exists/ is a valid mental illness unless they have it themselves. Which goes with the whole "take off your blindfold and see for yourself" theme.

  • TheK4man
    TheK4man преди ден

    ok, but you mentioned it yourself, the creatures werent "just" dead people. what about the voices of the ones who are ALIVE? you neglected this at the end theory and now im left frustrated. theory blue balls dammit!

  • Terry Valentine
    Terry Valentine преди ден

    Sounds to me like D&D Mind Flayers using magic.

  • james hawl
    james hawl преди ден

    3D glasses will do the trick .

  • DNAsGhostzHouze
    DNAsGhostzHouze преди ден

    What is the monster in Bird Box?
    ... plot convenience.

  • androssteague
    androssteague преди ден

    Matpat says Bird box is a copy of A Quiet Place, but it looks more like The Happening. Also I feel Surgat is the better choice for the monster because he opens doors of depression in our minds that's is so deep it forces people to want to kill themselves. He also opens the nostalgia doors of our minds which is why people see dead relatives.

  • LlamaB0i
    LlamaB0i преди ден

    Wait isn’t the movie about like mental health and the monster is like mental illness I’m just confused now?? 🤔

  • pro.tect
    pro.tect преди ден

    It’s obviously shaggy in 0.000001% form

  • Adam C
    Adam C преди ден

    The monster is a mirror

  • FilmmakeroftheFuture
    FilmmakeroftheFuture преди ден

    Whoops, wrong monster.

  • Book Review
    Book Review преди ден


  • Argie Fag
    Argie Fag преди ден

    Spoiler alert: now even the creators know. Don't overthink high-budget half-assed films.

  • K3 K4
    K3 K4 преди ден

    Am I the only one that thought the art that Gary drew were depictions of the monsters to begin with? Since he was able to see them.

  • Tousis
    Tousis преди ден


  • Alice In My Own Land
    Alice In My Own Land преди ден

    Little background information here, Birdbox was written before A Quiet Place. However A Quiet Place was released first, neither is a “knock off”.

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr преди ден

    Next if ya smell a monster ya gonna die....

  • RoD Naranjo
    RoD Naranjo преди ден

    So there is no heaven for blind people xD yikes

  • GamingFull VideoWatcher
    GamingFull VideoWatcher преди ден

    The monster was Apollo asking to date you. (everyone he asked out kills them self or becomes a plant except for Hyacinthus). I mean he IS a god those are the people he DIDN'T ask out...

  • Danny Finley
    Danny Finley преди ден


  • Alan G. Bandala
    Alan G. Bandala преди ден

    Alguien que habla español me resume la segunda mitad del video?

  • zinaal kriid
    zinaal kriid преди ден

    Next up: Touch will kill you, breathing through your nose will kill you and taste will mess you up

  • GameStar V1388
    GameStar V1388 преди ден

    Why would you cut your sandwich when blindfolded you know you’re gonna cut your self 0:07

    • GameStar V1388
      GameStar V1388 преди ден

      Who thought the finger was something else

  • Caleb Mangialardo
    Caleb Mangialardo преди ден

    Not a big fan of this explanation. As a Christian I don’t really agree

  • Matt
    Matt преди ден +2

    Short answer: Will Smith's Genie

  • Night frost Animations
    Night frost Animations преди ден

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  • Toyfretsi/ tubbies /Evan gaming

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  • Mirla Belaro
    Mirla Belaro преди ден

    They doent want to question "what is the meaning of bird box"

  • GamerFromJump
    GamerFromJump преди ден

    I’d be interested in a Theory on the feasibility of creating artificial intelligence by “raising” a seed AI in a virtual world, as depicted in _Sword Art Online: Alicization_ (leaving aside the whole business of souls and “fluctlights”).

  • Galaxy Wolf AKA PLEB
    Galaxy Wolf AKA PLEB преди ден

    Freaking Greg killed almost everyone *TRIGGRED*

    NOOBIE преди ден

    The monster is Gabbie Hannah

  • Tou Xiong
    Tou Xiong преди ден

    Actually cthulhu can use telepathy to influence the minds of the people. He can cause illusions and drive people insane.

  • Angie Beaver
    Angie Beaver преди ден

    Your voice was too annoying to watch uggg

  • Daniel Ullery
    Daniel Ullery преди ден

    Can you please do salad fingers 11 "glass brother" I'm dieing to know!!

  • Darkiplier
    Darkiplier преди ден

    Mr. Horny over here looks a bit too much like bendy for me.

  • Spanish Fries
    Spanish Fries преди ден

    Bird box: can’t see
    A quiet place: can’t talk
    Hush: can’t hear
    My math teacher: can’t teach

  • chill boi
    chill boi преди ден

    btw i changed my uhh profile icon and it hasnt loaded a'ppareently

  • chill boi
    chill boi преди ден

    yes YES

  • SquidlikeCookie
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  • Alien Rabbit
    Alien Rabbit преди ден

    i like not seeing it

  • Christine Carey
    Christine Carey преди ден

    the monster is some thing from my mind that cannot be described for it is the absolute imbodiment of hell horror ire chaos and apocalypse

  • Beccs and Madds Here
    Beccs and Madds Here преди ден

    Thumbnail girl looks like Micheal Jackson

  • Jay Demo
    Jay Demo преди ден

    Just spoke on this! I think we made some great points for it!видео.html

  • Marie Garcia
    Marie Garcia преди ден

    A point Matt missed is if animals can see the creature? because the birds aren't affected by it yet they react to it? the only real animal we see is the horse on the television. Maybe that'll help pinpoint a better suited lore.

  • Midnight Turbo Foxy
    Midnight Turbo Foxy преди ден

    the monster was a handsome young idol maybe

  • luigi luigi
    luigi luigi преди ден

    In some stories cuthulu can manipulate minds

  • Mk poison and ground
    Mk poison and ground преди ден

    “Bird box" was based on the book called the same name that was made bafore “A quiet place"

  • Kensy Beasley
    Kensy Beasley преди ден

    I don't like you right now mat pat

  • o3o
    o3o преди ден

    I still think it’s Chaos from Greek mythology

  • Hattie Boyd
    Hattie Boyd преди ден +1

    *Gabbie Hanna has entered the chat*

  • Shrek
    Shrek преди ден +1

    Your research and dedication is commendable, and I enjoy seeing others opinions on popular topics. I really liked yours as you kept circulating back to one point to further your theory. However believable and in depth theories are, people will still have other opinions, I also have a different view on the monster. You believe the monster is a physical being that has some form of soul or purpose. My idea is that the monster is a mental being rather than physical, the people who see the monster won’t see the same as anyone else, everyone sees something different. The monster isn’t “there” but rather in your mind, that’s how the monster gets it’s power to be able to make people kill themselves, it finds who you know and what you’ve seen to eventually finds a way that manipulate you to kill yourself. It drives its method by working out your personality, for instance Olympia, a person who looks for the best in everyone, is sweet and non judgemental states that the monster is “not so bad” . In this case the monster found someone or something to fuel Olympia’s imagination but also looked into her personality and mannerisms to give the monster a structure or figure that would appear in her mind but not in the real world, while using her kind nature to create some form of foundation, it also could have bad or sad memories weaved into its “being” so it is powerful enough to tip her over the edge. Another character that we have some knowledge on that sees the monster is Malorie’s sister, Jess, who says “ omg what the f*ck is that?” When she saw the monster. Later on Malorie states that Jess never got upset or scared easily. So the monster created a being using her memories and intertwined it with a threatening and unknown-of identity to possibly throw Jess off and eventually drive her to kill herself considering it would be more complicated to find something sad or scary that would drive her to do the same, which seems to be its go-to method, showing a dead relative or worst fear / memory, generally sad or scary things. But that is just my personal idea when it comes to the monster , this is in no way true, and I am not stating that yours is wrong, I just wanted to share my opinion.

  • TheTnTKnightPL
    TheTnTKnightPL преди ден

    My theory is that they saw fed yasuo on enemy team (have a nice day people that understood)

  • AtomicChief
    AtomicChief преди ден +1

    I've got a better one


  • kodymariokart YT
    kodymariokart YT преди ден

    no the monster is my laptop backround cuz its so fricking ugly.

    HEY ITS KIKI преди ден

    It just remind me of The Chronicales of Spiderwick

  • Just a lazy teen
    Just a lazy teen преди ден

    Couldn't the monster also have some properties of the siren from Greek mythology?

  • Nick Plays
    Nick Plays преди ден +3

    The Monster Is Fortnite

  • sterling ray hooper
    sterling ray hooper преди ден

    I think it’d be cool if you did a Final Destination theory, like why they have visions and what makes them so special it’s just a suggestion that I’d like to see you do, keep up the good work

  • Ali Akbar Almoufadhal
    Ali Akbar Almoufadhal преди ден

    cthulu=fish face