I Got Roasted.


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  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja преди 14 часа

    How long will your hair be dyed

  • Hubert Wawszczak
    Hubert Wawszczak преди 14 часа +1

    9 year olds are calling you for help! We need you to beat the T-series, the sub gap is closeing. Do your part KSI Fight for individual creators !!!

    Best regards, proud 9 year old.

    • Hubert Wawszczak
      Hubert Wawszczak преди 14 часа

      PS. Yes i did like the video and Im a long time sub.

  • Danny heskin
    Danny heskin преди 15 часа +1

    I think that burnt spaghetti head is roasted enough

  • H Banana
    H Banana преди 15 часа

    Swiss cheese

  • Jeremy Am-Quaye
    Jeremy Am-Quaye преди 15 часа

    KsI I mean

  • Jeremy Am-Quaye
    Jeremy Am-Quaye преди 15 часа

    Kai is the best BGclipr

  • Louis Turner
    Louis Turner преди 15 часа

    I love laid in America

  • Common Games
    Common Games преди 15 часа

    JJ take off your bandanna

  • flame ftw
    flame ftw преди 16 часа +1

    ddg wants to fight you ksi

  • Lefa Fall
    Lefa Fall преди 16 часа

    You are a parody of travis scott

  • b_whiteman
    b_whiteman преди 16 часа


  • JB 8
    JB 8 преди 16 часа

    Now I know why you were the bandana

  • Chips Buzz
    Chips Buzz преди 16 часа


  • Radin Fouladi
    Radin Fouladi преди 17 часа +1

    Your forehead its so big it could have its own wifi

  • Mohammadreza Shahrabi
    Mohammadreza Shahrabi преди 17 часа

    You should definitely invite Tom Stockdale ether in your show or Sideman's. It will be so funny and entertaining.

  • Drogoz11YTRoblox
    Drogoz11YTRoblox преди 18 часа

    Red alert is the best song :)

  • Ertay Bakıtoğlu
    Ertay Bakıtoğlu преди 18 часа

    Thank you Quadeca for causing all these 😂😂👏👏👏 Really tho... everything about Insecure is legit

  • Kiersto0906
    Kiersto0906 преди 19 часа +1

    I'm on a horse was your best song holy shit the memories

  • Abhash Sinha Aggarwal
    Abhash Sinha Aggarwal преди 20 часа

    keep up the good work. Keep posting.

  • Carl Schjelderup
    Carl Schjelderup преди 20 часа +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Carl Schjelderup
    Carl Schjelderup преди 20 часа +1

    Damn you could land a helicopter on that forehead

  • Otto Schuster
    Otto Schuster преди 22 часа

    Octogone sans règles sans arbitre

  • Trend Videolar
    Trend Videolar преди 22 часа


  • Confusion
    Confusion преди ден

    Heyyy I helped in this

  • Eliantte Bangs
    Eliantte Bangs преди ден

    Ddg called u out to a boxing match

  • Tobias
    Tobias преди ден

    Idc if I saw you ksi I love ya man but I'll joke on your forehead if I saw you 🤣

    AGENT.FLEESEMAN преди ден +1

    He looks like phineas from Disney

  • Oscar Fryer
    Oscar Fryer преди ден

    ur hair looks like the meat u get in noodles

  • ItzCam
    ItzCam преди ден


  • Jamar Parker
    Jamar Parker преди ден

    Respond to DDG boxing challenge he challenged you

  • Kidtronic10 Gaming
    Kidtronic10 Gaming преди ден

    Ksi spends 2/3 of revenue on Bandanas

  • Kidtronic10 Gaming
    Kidtronic10 Gaming преди ден

    Ksi is the new Kanye

  • Kidtronic10 Gaming
    Kidtronic10 Gaming преди ден

    How did everyone miss the gap between his teeth? It was massive!!

    YUNGBEAST 414 преди ден

    Ayr bro DOG wanna fight you

  • William Louch
    William Louch преди ден

    So insecure about his insecurities he tries to prove he isn't insecure😕

  • Michele A
    Michele A преди ден

    Ksi’s hair is the definition of “dread” locks

  • Bossgiovanni41
    Bossgiovanni41 преди ден

    Did he inspire air heads?

  • Kevin Alvarez
    Kevin Alvarez преди ден

    This other BGclipr want to fight you mane ddg

  • Vedant Gupta
    Vedant Gupta преди ден +1

    Your hair looks like fried beef jerky, if that's a thing

  • Karla Higareda
    Karla Higareda преди ден

    can i use you as a mop pls

  • BadVibez
    BadVibez преди ден

    Ksi: *wants to use his main channel for more 'original content'*
    Also ksi: *ends up doing the same thing as his second channel. Reacting*

  • Hollie Boomer
    Hollie Boomer преди ден

    "I am groot"

  • ECW SounderrR
    ECW SounderrR преди ден

    "Lamborghini" HAS REACHED 100 MIL VIEWS!!!

  • SyNc Shottz
    SyNc Shottz преди ден

    tell me why he looks like a prisoner.....

  • hyknjbi gfvgdrdf
    hyknjbi gfvgdrdf преди ден

    niggerFucking cunt bitch dick

  • James Sparks
    James Sparks преди ден

    I guess you could say after this he felt a bit............


  • jasmineax
    jasmineax преди ден

    Aahh i love seeing geminis being exposed to their own insecurities 😇😇😂

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson преди ден

    So poor uses a plastic cup

  • kean Lancaster
    kean Lancaster преди ден

    Sub to WillNE

  • dolly dolly
    dolly dolly преди ден

    Gets people to roast you online complain that they won't say it to your face

  • Ramen resangen
    Ramen resangen преди ден +1


  • Pärsâ
    Pärsâ преди ден +3

    I... I... I...
    *Took the bandana off*
    _spills half his drink onto his face_

  • Ashley LaVelle
    Ashley LaVelle преди ден

    “I’m not triggered I’m just saying”

  • motorgame vlogs
    motorgame vlogs преди ден +1

    I liked your film with casper lee

  • OmgJohnnyTheGOAT 69
    OmgJohnnyTheGOAT 69 преди ден +1

    Is it just me or is JJ's bandana keeps getting bigger and bigger in vids?

  • from the 46
    from the 46 преди ден

    Ksi...it's not that deep

  • Gabriel jesus
    Gabriel jesus преди ден

    Please make a diss track on Crypt

  • Brian Mccabe
    Brian Mccabe преди ден

    7:28 to 7:37 that's shitty 😂😂😂

  • Young artist
    Young artist преди ден

    I agree with monotone Ksi

  • 10kSubs_For_a_T Series Diss Track

    Low key looks like old ceeday

  • Hazel
    Hazel преди ден

    Bruh you've always been the laughing stock

  • Frank McCormack
    Frank McCormack преди ден

    Bring back FIFA funnies, nobody cares about your low level boxing against shitty BGcliprs with no ability to either entertain or box

  • Ali Alwattar
    Ali Alwattar преди ден +1


  • Ibrahim Ramy
    Ibrahim Ramy преди ден

    Hey Dude You Have A Tarantula On Your Head

  • Callum Smith
    Callum Smith преди ден

    Enjoyed black box more than this

  • Sophie Greenwood
    Sophie Greenwood преди ден

    The dread at the front looks like a chickens foot

  • Dumb Country Boys
    Dumb Country Boys преди ден +1

    sugarfreelemonade is my social studies teacher no cap

  • Iskibaz
    Iskibaz преди ден

    6:40 I'm actually pissed because he made me spit out my 6 chewies

  • Charley Betertilsson
    Charley Betertilsson преди ден

    I wonder what KSI thinks of when he uploaded this video

  • DaRoyal Bro
    DaRoyal Bro преди ден

    Eyebrows to Hairline
    20$ Cab Ride

    Yeah tell me its unoriginal or roast me

  • Guden Georg
    Guden Georg преди ден +1

    I don't like you.

  • Chichi Okafor
    Chichi Okafor преди ден


  • Unreal Gamer
    Unreal Gamer преди ден

    If quadeca saw him with that sign

    He would _______ (fill the blank)

  • The Life of Lee Sin
    The Life of Lee Sin преди ден

    ksi do a collab with crazyrussainhacker :D

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly преди ден

    Looks like ceeday in the thumbnail

  • Best 9 year old player bestliam76

    I can wipe the floor clean with you

  • Yussef AL-Turaim
    Yussef AL-Turaim преди ден

    The reason why we could'nt see his forehead in bird box is cuz its too big

  • coockies n cream
    coockies n cream преди ден

    All i hear is ksi lgbt

  • Shafee _969
    Shafee _969 преди ден


  • Cuber DroidD
    Cuber DroidD преди ден

    A true BGclipR who cares for the people by letting the fans roast him (kind of)

  • Scott Matthews
    Scott Matthews преди ден

    Do a video with Nia

  • Ginga_Kallis
    Ginga_Kallis преди ден

    H e looks like that rapper KSI

  • VHS
    VHS преди ден

    I would read all of these to your face.

  • Olivia Battles
    Olivia Battles преди ден

    What's In the red cup too lazy to watch the whole video? (probably water 💦) Well actually I just think he's annoying and acts all hard 😂

  • VHS
    VHS преди ден

    Insecure was a banger

  • Hemant
    Hemant преди ден


  • Slumps WRLD
    Slumps WRLD преди ден +1

    4:07 and he says his ego isnt big💀💀

  • Badr Hatim
    Badr Hatim преди ден


    DAIGO преди ден

    Somebody, tell me what KSI stands for

  • Will The Hill
    Will The Hill преди ден

    I thought they were roasting someone... but instead I just watched an overcooked corpse get lit on fire

  • Riley Beard
    Riley Beard преди ден +1

    He is about to hit 20 million innit

  • Tropical Illusion
    Tropical Illusion преди ден

    Gym king needs to make wigs

  • OldMenSkate
    OldMenSkate преди ден

    You look like XXX’s rotting corpse

  • Ali Khalid
    Ali Khalid преди ден

    Grow and forget 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Heather !
    Heather ! преди ден

    8:46 that wasnt even original. that was ina video of how to roast. what a bitchass

  • Danil Kocelov
    Danil Kocelov преди ден

    you are so close 20m subs


    what happen to your lip so big.!!!!!

  • Shreya Rajkumar
    Shreya Rajkumar преди ден

    KSI I got a roast for you. Your hair looks like lil pump's hair got burnt and got messed up. Dont get me started on your hairline!!!

  • D e easy
    D e easy преди ден +1

    8:48 havnt seen that like 800 times

  • Joel Guzman
    Joel Guzman преди ден

    Posts a roast me gets roasted and says you wont say that to my face like fam what