Trying LIFE HACKS WITH COCA COLA By 5 Minute Crafts


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    Watch more fun videos!видео.html&t=0s&index=4&list=PLd91ozZ_SW7c1A0N8gJnLongxjAQ7qg5x

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    My brother name is robbie

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    Every like I will add

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    Do more crafts

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    Thos camera is better to me

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    You don’t need a new voice god made you perfect 👌🏻 no need suicide

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    7:10 ashtray

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    More VIDEOS!!!!!!!IT'S BEEN A WEEK!!!!

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    Yay you finnaly opened my m&ms

    ZIP ZIP преди 14 часа

    Baking tips:
    -Fill any cupcake pans 1/2 way. (Never full!)
    -Fill any cake pans 3/4 ways.
    -Preheat oven
    -Always use a bowl 1-2 sizes larger
    -To avoid messes, try keep the area you are cooking with clean and clear.
    Getting wax out of jars:
    -If the jar is made of microwave safr materials, microwave it.
    -Try pulling the labels off the jar and melting the wax from inside.
    Cjocolate bottle tips:
    -If you are going to fill the bottle, you can swirl the bottle so that is doesnt reach the cap. (Then it'll have a hole so you dont have to cut the hole.)
    (Not trying to be rude, just sharing my crafting tips :p)
    (And ideas)

  • Peyton Monias
    Peyton Monias преди 14 часа

    Robby you lied and said that with your covers all kinds of bad words

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    Ronja преди 14 часа

    Why didn‘t u just warm up the candle...

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    Do you ever see a comment and be like “I wish I wrote that comment”

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    Haris Robby

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    Harris and Robbee

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    You need a hair cut

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    what's your country

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    Did any body saw Robby’s hand when he put the wick on the cola

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    You should do a video of all the times you have burned your self with hot glue

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    Robby stop saying bad words im 7 and in january 31 its my birthday

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    It’s a good camera

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    That took me so long

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    I thought your 3 hearts on your arm said owo hahah

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    you re the new fred

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    He did *SURGERY* on a bottle

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    Ayyy you copied 5 minute crafts

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    Galaxy is everywhere! преди ден

    Hey robby can you do crafty panda instead of 5-minute crafts? Please

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    U r wasting diabetes

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    15:14 the chocolate coke has been murdered

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    Basically we drink cleaning material

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    cola mess now

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    You could have just put the candle in the microwave for bursts until it was soft enough to take out

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    What is your name

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    4:56 none of it even hit the fire

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    Do a crafty panda video Robby

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    Dislikes are from the troom troom kids that like them.

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    Robby should go on Nailed It XD

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    You always makes a mess

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    u be getting all ur subscribers watching

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    How did these work


    great voice man

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    Why do you put Card Wars the theme song like the opening song that you hear when you play Card Wars like in this video why???

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    1:03 LMAO he sounds like Mickey mouse😂😂

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    I love how he taps the coke to make it not explode

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    OMG the sound efect 😂😂😂😂

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    I love the fart sound 😂

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    Can u make different vids now

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    One like = One coke bottle left unharmed :)

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    Is it bad that when I first started watching Robby, I thought he looked familiar. Then a few days later I found some of my old art with an OC of mine named “Jackson” and he looks just like Robby.

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    You still didnt kill yourself

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    Hey Robby I only know the star of your song on Craft mystery oh crap mystery oh how the glue gun Burns me

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      It is "oh craftmas tree, oh craftmas tree oh how the glue gun burns me!" Lol (Auto correct?) Haha

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    Gamer or furry

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    7:05 that looks like an ashtray.

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    My sub teacher knows who plays Jake the dog

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    Ur supposed to put the rubber bands around the bottle when the bottles sealed shut with coke in it

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    More five minutes crafts

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    You could of used a funnel 😂😇

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    You are epic

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    Hey Robby you have the same table sheet as me

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    Today is my dogs birthday she turned one I like = one present 🎁

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    9:32 find the :C

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    dye your hair gold

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    How many coke bottles did you drink?

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    HA! GAAAY!

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    you guys have big hearts you made me cry 😭😭😭

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    Omg wat da fuk

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    When you where melting the candles it was just so satisfying

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    Him: can u tell?
    Me: nah bruh 😒😋🤨

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    robby plz take video 5-minute crafts 26 SHOCKING HACKS WITH WATER

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    I thought that you were mixing the melted wax with a carrot:'D

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    dan tdm

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    I started watching your videos a couple of days ago and I enjoy your videos very much! Keep up the good work!

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    Sorry to ask this straight are you gay

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    I always laugh when I hear the cartoon sound

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    I love all your videos so much robby

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    I thought u were a girl

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    Over kill😭

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    This my first video watching you

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    Did enyone else have a Coca-Cola commercial at the beginning

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    My birthday is Jan 9 🎂🎂🎂🎂

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    1:02 this just in youtuber robby found out to be a monkey

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    Can you cut your hair short

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    This should be a craft 4:25 like you can do it and people already know it works

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    5 minutes crafts are fake

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    4:22 i feel like you probably could’ve just used water😂

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