[MV] MAMAMOO - 고고베베(gogobebe)

  • Публикуван на 14.03.2019 г.
  • [MV] MAMAMOO - 고고베베(gogobebe)
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  • 솔라시도 solarsido
    솔라시도 solarsido преди 5 дни +39299


  • u k n o w b t s ?
    u k n o w b t s ? преди 17 часа +1

    Who thinks Mamamoo should win MV of the year?

  • Nana Subs
    Nana Subs преди 18 часа


  • Zoë Patterson
    Zoë Patterson преди 18 часа

    two of my fave things: mamamoo & alex christine 💖

  • Jay
    Jay преди 18 часа

    Please watch their mcountdown, music bank, SBS inkigayo, KBS live performances they're great!!! MAMAMOO also did the relay dance on Mnet MPD channel it's so funny

  • alex loves astro & bangtan
    alex loves astro & bangtan преди 18 часа


  • Amani shaikh
    Amani shaikh преди 18 часа


  • Jay
    Jay преди 18 часа

    10M views (combined channels) in 4 days 😀😀😀 and over 800K likes in both channels combined!!!!

  • Shiro Kobayashi
    Shiro Kobayashi преди 18 часа

    lol i got a gogobebe ad before this 😂 didnt skip it though 💙💙

    BLACK PINK IS D REVOLUTION преди 18 часа

    i love mamamoo they can do what they want ..not afraid to show to the public who they are.

  • ja l
    ja l преди 18 часа +1

    Mamamoo queens
    Their voices are stable

  • belen sotelo
    belen sotelo преди 18 часа

    Me encantó!!!es muy pegadiza la canción y me encanta la coreo son hermosas ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • BLΛƆKPIИK ιи γουя αяєα
    BLΛƆKPIИK ιи γουя αяєα преди 19 часа

    Moonbyul in a suit

    That's the comment

  • kpop and dorama
    kpop and dorama преди 19 часа


  • Ivonne Yajaira Cuevas Barradas
    Ivonne Yajaira Cuevas Barradas преди 19 часа +1

    My beautiful girls please come to Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽!!!! We need a Latin tour💖🙌🙌🙌

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа

      People tend to due an America Tour but I want MAMAMOO to do a Latino tour 😀😀😀

  • Bennita Binu
    Bennita Binu преди 19 часа

    i question my sexuality

  • XoCaitoX
    XoCaitoX преди 19 часа

    Holy shit this is everything

  • Adriana Marcela Bohorquez
    Adriana Marcela Bohorquez преди 19 часа

    So great

  • Sandrine Pirot
    Sandrine Pirot преди 19 часа

    those white clothes i’m so gay

  • Sandrine Pirot
    Sandrine Pirot преди 19 часа

    what a bop

  • Nochu Y Mochi
    Nochu Y Mochi преди 19 часа


  • Yasmin P
    Yasmin P преди 19 часа

    Okay the BDE of Moonbyul in that suit 😍

  • Mike Lumpert Ferreira
    Mike Lumpert Ferreira преди 20 часа

    Search on youtube --> Mother and uncle clean the stairs

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа

      Why 😂😂😂

  • uma garota nada normal
    uma garota nada normal преди 20 часа

    Rainhas do Kpop

  • Kesha InMyCasa
    Kesha InMyCasa преди 20 часа

    they’re all my bias


    Good memes yall

  • Mariuxi Ortega
    Mariuxi Ortega преди 20 часа

    How far they have gone, I'm really impressed, wish this princesses the best

  • Hey!!! I’m Jin
    Hey!!! I’m Jin преди 20 часа


  • CheezyKittyNomNom BTS trash
    CheezyKittyNomNom BTS trash преди 20 часа +1

    These are actually really deep and important lyrics and I love that

  • Esha Dabash
    Esha Dabash преди 20 часа

    okay so are we NOT gonna talk about Hwasa @ 1:49

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа

      That's my fave part too 😀

  • F A
    F A преди 21 час


  • Minh Huyen
    Minh Huyen преди 21 час

    9 / 6....6/19....
    What are you up to for the 9th of June girls >< ??

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа +1

      9/6 flipped around is 6/9, the / represents the number 1 so it becomes 6 19 - June 19th - MAMAMOO's debut date

  • Celine k
    Celine k преди 21 час

    I LOVE THIS 😍❤

  • trolli 347
    trolli 347 преди 21 час +1

    1:33 moonbyul dijo puta coñoemadre

  • btstxt armykpop
    btstxt armykpop преди 21 час

    i love mamamoo sooooo muuuuuch

  • vanilla cupcacke
    vanilla cupcacke преди 21 час

    Queens still producing lit songs

  • Natalia Więcek
    Natalia Więcek преди 22 часа +3

    I think it's finally time to stan mamamoo

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа

      Welcomeeeeeee to the fandom!!!

  • Mariana Marques
    Mariana Marques преди 22 часа

    Come to Brazil queens

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа

      They've gone there before you're lucky 😭😭😭 they never came to England

  • Red Velvet's Bad Girl
    Red Velvet's Bad Girl преди 22 часа +2

    OK why do I feel like I want to body roll and cry at the same time while listening to this?!

  • Sophia M
    Sophia M преди 22 часа +2

    this is 1000000% Wheein's comeback don't @ me

  • Fatima Atliaee
    Fatima Atliaee преди 22 часа

    واو كلشي حلو في الاغنية

  • RitaPortugirl♥
    RitaPortugirl♥ преди 22 часа

    0:15 Kim Jong booty?

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа


  • falsehappiness피
    falsehappiness피 преди 22 часа +2

    Moonbyul pq tão perfeita? Hino, talento né

    • hey girls
      hey girls преди 22 часа

      Talento que se fala

  • Jhasbemine
    Jhasbemine преди 23 часа

    MAMAMOO never disappoints! Plus I love how they enjoy every stage, it makes you wanna watch every stage they go 🥰💕

  • mariela chacon
    mariela chacon преди 23 часа +1

    3:55 the girl in the hoop XD


  • William Makepeace
    William Makepeace преди 23 часа

    Enjoy while you’re young!

  • Samantha Bush
    Samantha Bush преди 23 часа


  • Claire *
    Claire * преди 23 часа

    Y'a des fans français ici ?🇫🇷

  • Elizabeth Kinglez
    Elizabeth Kinglez преди 23 часа +1

    Gracias por los subtitulos en español ❤️❤️❤️las amo

  • Ximena Ramirez
    Ximena Ramirez преди 23 часа

    그들은 언제 투어를 할 예정입니까? 나는 그들이 내 나라에 오길 바래다. !!!!!

  • Sim Sham
    Sim Sham преди 23 часа

    omg this is such a good song and the visuals ommmmmggh

  • seher dural
    seher dural преди 23 часа +1

    3 MILLION 🎉🎉🎉💞

  • Amy wizzy Arunachal girl
    Amy wizzy Arunachal girl преди 23 часа +1

    If you don't have this song in your playlist, then your playlist is dead

  • Moony the Music Panda
    Moony the Music Panda преди ден +4

    To Human Noid:
    Thank you for supporting Mamamoo by giving them views and I hope you are content with commenting malicious comments about 4 amazing people whom you've never met,and will never be like in the future with that attitude of yours. They will be making a ton of money while you wallow in your home,commenting shit about successful people. Good day.

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа

      I love you

  • iShip YeonBin_
    iShip YeonBin_ преди ден +1

    Me: i'm okay
    Seconds later: *sips tea aggressively*
    Minutes later: *bruh my eyebrows hit the ceiling just by watching this*

  • Suga suga
    Suga suga преди ден +2

    Mamamoo song is dropping faster than my grades what happened moomoo

  • 큥바다
    큥바다 преди ден +1

    hwasa face of "eh" is the best thing ive ever seen

  • isavage7 Uchiha
    isavage7 Uchiha преди ден +1

    3:10 Can we talk about the world tour hoodie??

    • isavage7 Uchiha
      isavage7 Uchiha преди 18 часа

      +Jay It could be a spoiler of mamamoo future plans ... at 3:18 you can see France, Philippines, US, Japan, UK and Italy(?) flags

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа


  • Cassishow TV
    Cassishow TV преди ден

    Muito rápido, letra é só batida, sem encanto, sem explorar o grande talento que esse GG tem, voltaram a fazer MVs como antigamente quando não faziam sucesso.

  • Jenderal Kardus
    Jenderal Kardus преди ден +2

    Hype beast..!! (y)

  • 伊桑嘿
    伊桑嘿 преди ден +1


  • Kimnamjoonchild 🍃
    Kimnamjoonchild 🍃 преди ден +2

    OMG they put PtBr subs on the MV, I wanna cry

    • Jay
      Jay преди 18 часа

      It was Moomoo's ☺️☺️☺️ Moomoo's have permission to sub videos

  • KiByulKai Moo
    KiByulKai Moo преди ден +2

    Watch live performances too!🏆🏆

  • Amkdu
    Amkdu преди ден +2

    Hwasa whispering gave me *goosebumps*

  • just a girl
    just a girl преди ден +2

    this is such a bop ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Thơn Lê
    Thơn Lê преди ден +2

    Gogobebe 😍😍

  • just a girl
    just a girl преди ден +2

    Dress code:bling bling bling, yes please 💛👗💛👗💛👗💛👗💛👗💛👗💛👗💛👗

  • AAA
    AAA преди ден +3


  • AAA
    AAA преди ден +1


  • ailene baltazar
    ailene baltazar преди ден +4

    Road to 5m,,,,keep stream guys!!!!

  • E L
    E L преди ден +2

    gogo bebe ..
    9o9o 6e6e ..
    Wow ..

  • Funny BTS ARMY
    Funny BTS ARMY преди ден +1


  • trophycana xin
    trophycana xin преди ден +2

    "9 / 6 gogobebe"... "its ok to not be fine"... "dress code bling bling bling"....
    The lyrics keep come out in my mind!!!!!!!!!

  • Kausar Kuandik
    Kausar Kuandik преди ден +1


  • bangtan bangtan bts
    bangtan bangtan bts преди ден +2


  • ayano aishi
    ayano aishi преди ден +2

    Love You Mamamoo Love You

  • All about the Kpop
    All about the Kpop преди ден +2

    A BOP

  • 7idiotswhoruinedmylife
    7idiotswhoruinedmylife преди ден +2

    Dont give me wrong i dont like the visuals of hwasa but girl her voice snaps i love her so much what a queen 👑

  • Han Han
    Han Han преди ден


  • J K
    J K преди ден

    10M ❤️ 1thek 666M

  • 林沛妘
    林沛妘 преди ден


  • preyforyoongz
    preyforyoongz преди ден +1

    Ariana grande vibes

  • Bultaoreune
    Bultaoreune преди ден +5

    im not just playing this for the vi*ws, it is genuinely such a bop I cannot get over it

    SUGAR & KOOKIES마흐룩흐 преди ден +2


  • Dubbreen Tzerina Florendo
    Dubbreen Tzerina Florendo преди ден +2

    Solar looks like IU

  • eucgsh wufbs
    eucgsh wufbs преди ден

    와미친.......... 첫소절부터 미쳤다..... 언니들 이제봤어요ㅠㅜ 미안해요ㅠㅠㅠ♡♡♡

  • Shelley Chen
    Shelley Chen преди ден +1


  • Kpop Neverland
    Kpop Neverland преди ден

    3:04 is that alex?

  • Tjon Tan
    Tjon Tan преди ден

    does anyone know the meaning behind the lyrics at 2:19? the nine slash six six nineteen

    • Minion in Error
      Minion in Error преди ден +1

      9/6 = 9o9o6e6e
      6 19 = their debut date 19 (June)

  • Giovanna Teodoro
    Giovanna Teodoro преди ден

    Perfeita sem falhas

  • 912 Sheep
    912 Sheep преди ден

    They absolutely deserve more views and attention!!!!

  • Sarnobyl88
    Sarnobyl88 преди ден +2

    Gaaaaaah Moonbyul looks so hot in this, I love when they style her with her hair up.
    Love the video and the song. They’ve been so so consistently amazing with these last albums.

  • Kim JiSu
    Kim JiSu преди ден

    😍😍 Solar

  • Kat Cruz
    Kat Cruz преди ден

    Make a play list of this song with previous songs on Spotify! they deserve earning those coins

  • Dheepika Ganesan
    Dheepika Ganesan преди ден

    3:04 , 3:05 PRODUCE 48 FOREIGN MEMBER

  • Suga suga
    Suga suga преди ден +1

    All the moomoo are sleeping or what happened
    Why no one is liking my comment

  • Suga suga
    Suga suga преди ден


  • Suga suga
    Suga suga преди ден


  • Suga suga
    Suga suga преди ден


  • Suga suga
    Suga suga преди ден