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    Welcome to my channel. My name is Vitaly, and I love science!
    My task is to inspire children to explore the interesting science. Here you will find lots of unexpected experiments; crafts improvised with minimal costs; interesting observations, the secrets of unusual phenomena, as well as long-term projects!
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  • Hugo Bombelaaguilar
    Hugo Bombelaaguilar преди 18 часа

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  • Kaleya Mosley
    Kaleya Mosley преди 18 часа

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  • Sabila Zuhri
    Sabila Zuhri преди 19 часа

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    el negro marihuano sticman преди 19 часа

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  • jazmin gonzalez campos
    jazmin gonzalez campos преди 20 часа

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    jazmin gonzalez campos преди 20 часа

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    Toy review. Com преди 21 час +1

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  • Danell Johle
    Danell Johle преди 21 час

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  • Jose Castilho
    Jose Castilho преди 21 час

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    ameer berber преди 22 часа


  • محمد الورد
    محمد الورد преди 23 часа

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  • Egor Dash
    Egor Dash преди ден

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  • amna mohammed
    amna mohammed преди ден

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  • Wilmis L
    Wilmis L преди ден


  • Wilmis L
    Wilmis L преди ден


  • Валерия Слёзкина

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  • مجتبى النصراوي
    مجتبى النصراوي преди ден


  • مجتبى النصراوي
    مجتبى النصراوي преди ден

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    رضا ضيا преди ден

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    رضا ضيا преди ден

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    Nadya Abubakar преди ден

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    Nadya Abubakar преди ден

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    Dana Concordia преди ден

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  • Daniela Salazar
    Daniela Salazar преди ден

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  • Индира кудавайева


  • Индира кудавайева


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  • غمازاتي سر حلاتي
    غمازاتي سر حلاتي преди ден

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  • Akash agrawal
    Akash agrawal преди ден

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  • nmalack
    nmalack преди ден

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    GUY NAMED CHRIS преди ден

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  • Ammu Achu
    Ammu Achu преди ден

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  • Daksh Sharma
    Daksh Sharma преди ден

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  • Jose javier Rodriguez
    Jose javier Rodriguez преди ден

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  • Muhamad Sandi
    Muhamad Sandi преди ден


  • Zack Leija
    Zack Leija преди ден

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  • Esleiter Martinez
    Esleiter Martinez преди ден

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  • Katherine Breslin
    Katherine Breslin преди ден

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  • rafael tejada
    rafael tejada преди ден +2

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  • Ahmed Apolnga
    Ahmed Apolnga преди ден

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    Douaa Hazih преди ден

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  • فاطمة الحسين
    فاطمة الحسين преди 2 дни +1

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  • Thawani Rayra
    Thawani Rayra преди 2 дни +1

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  • Clarita Vega
    Clarita Vega преди 2 дни


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    diego cabrera преди 2 дни


  • canal da Lalá
    canal da Lalá преди 2 дни

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    Angelina Juncker преди 2 дни

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    kamdev goswami преди 2 дни


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    Vignesh Vignesh преди 2 дни

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    Gg Hh преди 2 дни

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    Abbas Qureshi преди 2 дни

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  • Nazish Khan
    Nazish Khan преди 2 дни

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    Raghib Waseem преди 2 дни


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    Yasir Kareem преди 2 дни

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    Frits Besselink преди 2 дни

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    Davidkenneth Mercado преди 2 дни

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    Faten Samer преди 2 дни

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    Faten Samer преди 2 дни

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  • Meilin Anastasya
    Meilin Anastasya преди 2 дни


  • Meilin Anastasya
    Meilin Anastasya преди 2 дни


  • Jennifer Mills
    Jennifer Mills преди 2 дни

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  • Văn Tài Official
    Văn Tài Official преди 2 дни +1

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    Hariram Ubnare преди 2 дни

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    juju siqueira преди 2 дни

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  • Natanael Carvalho
    Natanael Carvalho преди 2 дни

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  • Natanael Carvalho
    Natanael Carvalho преди 2 дни

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  • Holland Family
    Holland Family преди 2 дни +1

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    • Holland Family
      Holland Family преди 2 дни +1

      Cool thanks for sending this over and I hope you have a great day and I will see you tomorrow at the latest and I'll let you know when I get back to work on the next steps and I'll let you know if I can get a hold of you and I will be there for tt and I will be there for you and I will be there for you and I will be there

  • Vignesh Kadali
    Vignesh Kadali преди 2 дни

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  • Cesar Villarroel
    Cesar Villarroel преди 2 дни +1

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    Ahmet Balar преди 2 дни

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    Samanta 11 PRO преди 3 дни

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    Auliete Rolim преди 3 дни

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    فتوشه البصراويه преди 3 дни

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    Marinho Siqueira преди 3 дни

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    Abril Khan преди 3 дни

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