Release your Creativity: Easy Painting Techniques and Drawing Hacks

  • Публикуван на 4.01.2019 г.
  • Looking for creative ways to design postcards or eye catching paintings?! You came to the right place!
    Discover tons of cool and interesting painting techniques using threads, chalk and spray paints, hot glue, shaving foam, 2D effects - and many other drawing hacks!
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    00:04 Colored Thread Postcard
    01:34 Custom Spray Painting Decor
    02:18 Easter Watercolor Paintings
    03:05 Cosmic Acrylic Paint
    04:05 “Hi Beauty!” Painting
    04:38 Thread Spray Painting
    05:36 Magical Postcards
    06:42 Shaving Foam Postcards
    07:35 Rose Shaped Stamps
    08:00 Chalkboard Cards
    08:39 Scratchy Postcards
    09:25 2D Tap Water
    10:28 2D Curtain Effect
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  • Crafty Panda
    Crafty Panda  преди 2 месеца +259

    Hey, Drawing Pandas! 🖼✍🐼
    Are you looking forward to getting some paint on your hands?! 🎨🙌
    I came up with a bunch of cool drawing hacks for you to do just that!👩‍🎨💅
    Which of these painting techniques are you going to use first? 🌈✍❓
    Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🏫🚌
    Much love from Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

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  • Sabir Kachhawa
    Sabir Kachhawa преди 2 дни

    App sach mein 5 minute craft ka dekh ke hame dikhate ho

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