Destroying Makeup We Hated In 2018 feat. James Charles

  • Публикуван на 1.01.2019 г.
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! In today's video I thought it would be good to start the new year off by cleaning out my makeup room and getting rid of all the bad memories and products of 2018! I invited sister James Charles over to help me destroy makeup and also get personal about his recent issue with someone breaking HIS Morphe palette. PS. It's so therapeutic smashing things with a sledgehammer, new series? haha
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  • Isabell Dahl
    Isabell Dahl преди 18 минути

    13:18 hahha the scream😂😂

  • Hanzo Main
    Hanzo Main преди час +1

    Pls put makeup on jackseptickeye

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven преди час

    Controlled destruction is the best!

    KAITO преди час

    I freaking love this channel!

  • Trent Nowosad
    Trent Nowosad преди 2 часа

    You and James Charles are my favourite

  • Silver _wolf98
    Silver _wolf98 преди 3 часа

    12:30 Flashback Mary during my sleep paralysis

  • Aiden.A Vlogs/games
    Aiden.A Vlogs/games преди 3 часа

    a indian kid could've ate those

  • Emmalee Best
    Emmalee Best преди 3 часа

    I have barely any make up so watching them destroy all of this makeup is sad. WOULD DIE FOR ALL THOS MAKEUP 💄

  • Jswizzl E
    Jswizzl E преди 3 часа

    “I hope we don’t die!” “Haha oh my god” 😂 iconic

  • Mane Yenokyan
    Mane Yenokyan преди 4 часа

    Are you gay?

  • I am Cari
    I am Cari преди 4 часа

    we love an iconic sister

  • 박서연
    박서연 преди 5 часа

    *cause in 2019, we're vaccinating our kids*

  • It's Me, Hailey
    It's Me, Hailey преди 5 часа

    *salt has entered the chat*

  • naveed javed
    naveed javed преди 6 часа

    I think the new Pallett is called blue blood am I right

  • I'm Richelle
    I'm Richelle преди 6 часа

    Yeah its viral in tiktok

  • Fizza Ahmed
    Fizza Ahmed преди 7 часа

    You can give that money to the peaple who need it but still you guys are amazing

  • Fizza Ahmed
    Fizza Ahmed преди 7 часа

    You guys are amazing but you shouldnt waste your money even tho its your

  • Jolene Kelly
    Jolene Kelly преди 8 часа

    I’m so glad to be watching at the end of March bc like he said by the end of February stuff are coming out, it obviously already came out and also the blue blood pallet game out like 1 week ago so I ain’t waiting no more!

  • Gucci Deym
    Gucci Deym преди 8 часа


  • Jamil Esteron
    Jamil Esteron преди 8 часа

    9:12 that noise is everything

  • Gucci Deym
    Gucci Deym преди 8 часа

    *12:33** James being James*

  • Gucci Deym
    Gucci Deym преди 9 часа +1

    *i love how she said PHILIPPINES*

  • Bella Mackay
    Bella Mackay преди 9 часа

    11:55 I literally thought there were 2 NATES! I'M SHAKING

  • Andrea Gettling
    Andrea Gettling преди 9 часа

    OMG that James Charles Jeffree Star mashup intro was TO DIE FOR

  • Six Figures
    Six Figures преди 10 часа

    Hi sisters

  • mbongs r
    mbongs r преди 10 часа

    Breaking mirrors. That's bad luck

  • Jasmine J
    Jasmine J преди 11 часа

    I love the fact that they are wearing matching Adidas tracksuits😍😍

  • Lord Lady
    Lord Lady преди 11 часа


  • Rebekah Moon
    Rebekah Moon преди 12 часа

    I really want to like James Charles but I just can’t get into it. I’m sorry.

  • Izz Danial
    Izz Danial преди 12 часа

    They slav

  • strawberry girl
    strawberry girl преди 14 часа

    No hate comments coz we all know the reason of this

  • Ari Wilson
    Ari Wilson преди 15 часа

    and this is for not putting me on your pr list

    *b i t c h*

  • Jennifer Ann Mendez
    Jennifer Ann Mendez преди 15 часа

    No tea. No shade.

  • Sofia. L
    Sofia. L преди 15 часа +1

    Jeffree: that was so dope
    Me: dope dope dope!!!!!!
    Jeffree:not today sweetie
    Me: no not today no no no not today!! (Korean words) TODAY WE WILL SURVIVE!!

  • G and C sisters logo in my leg I PLAY ROBLOX

    Good morning Jeffreestar 😂

  • TheTruePug
    TheTruePug преди 18 часа

    The alpha Karen

  • wdadawdwd dawdawdwd
    wdadawdwd dawdawdwd преди 19 часа

    Homeless girls could have used that

  • Daniel Delgado
    Daniel Delgado преди 19 часа

    it is blue blood

  • Sunniva Skjønhaug Eriksen
    Sunniva Skjønhaug Eriksen преди 19 часа

    Omg! Cant belive your shoes stayed white!

  • Kelly Kells
    Kelly Kells преди 20 часа

    I cried when the you broke your own mirror and the the blood pallet 😢 my heart hurts... but love this looks fun❤️❤️ love you Jeffrey you made my depression and ptsd Better, I appreciate you 😘😘

  • Deetheking GSG
    Deetheking GSG преди 20 часа

    Who else came for the flamethrower

  • Shelley Shaner
    Shelley Shaner преди 21 час

    Your babies are adorbs!

  • Francesca Velardi
    Francesca Velardi преди 21 час

    12:30 me when i see chocolate

  • Francesca Velardi
    Francesca Velardi преди 21 час

    7:41 we all know who he is talking about 😂

  • Emma Taylor
    Emma Taylor преди 21 час

    LaUrAn GodWiN hAs LeFt ThE cHaT

  • Oppositeblue
    Oppositeblue преди 22 часа

    We're vaccinating our kids in 2019 lmaOOO

  • Zen Dissonance
    Zen Dissonance преди 22 часа +3

    What is this place called where you can destroy things? It's so satisfying lol

  • Hulkavegur !
    Hulkavegur ! преди 22 часа +5

    Don't let this video distract you from the fact that Mr. Krabs sold Spongebob's soul for 62 cents

  • Izzy Plays
    Izzy Plays преди 22 часа +1

    They look soo on point in the thumbnail💋

  • Izzy Plays
    Izzy Plays преди 22 часа +1

    "Hey how are ya"

  • LilMissCosplay62
    LilMissCosplay62 преди 22 часа

    Try not to get satisfied challenge?
    I failed when they started flaming that shit 🤤🤤🤤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Nyomi Morman
    Nyomi Morman преди 22 часа


    On fleek

  • Marshmallow Lover
    Marshmallow Lover преди 22 часа

    Why James Charles...? Don’t @ me people.

  • Crystal Canales
    Crystal Canales преди 22 часа +2

    omg Jeffrey star is ready for war

  • Okemia Smith
    Okemia Smith преди 22 часа +1

    *Don't come for Jeffree Star,Cus he will end your CAREER*

  • Curious Conrad
    Curious Conrad преди 23 часа

    You remind me of Sharon Needles because your a winner

  • Nightfall Productions
    Nightfall Productions преди ден

    He ain’t dramatic
    He never waits
    But most importantly
    He can’t relate

  • Talented Taliyah
    Talented Taliyah преди ден

    Waste of make up 😕

  • Sophia Clifton
    Sophia Clifton преди ден +27

    Isn’t it so crazy how James is only 19 and Jeffree is 33 😂

  • Aakriti Sehgal
    Aakriti Sehgal преди ден +1

    Now this the ASMR I like :))

  • FaZe lightning
    FaZe lightning преди ден +1

    My sister loves you jefreestar

  • Destiny Bruno 2019
    Destiny Bruno 2019 преди ден

    I have two Pomeranians they're brother and sister Max and Maya and they both have different color eyes Max has white blue and brown eyes and Maya has blue and white eyes

  • ASMR SLIME yuki
    ASMR SLIME yuki преди ден

    Replay buttons of laughter

    *0:00* *0:00*

  • taylor stewart
    taylor stewart преди ден

    I for reals want to know where james got his long earing i see it in alot of his videos and im obsessed with it ❤ and i love you jeffree and james you guys are amazing

  • Jodi Unicorns
    Jodi Unicorns преди ден

    I love you so much Jeffre star you have made me feel happy and u inspire me everyday I love 💕 you

  • Pisshead Patches
    Pisshead Patches преди ден

    although i would still rather james charles..... he is the sexy king

  • Pisshead Patches
    Pisshead Patches преди ден

    i will steal nate from you

  • ivana dimitrova
    ivana dimitrova преди ден

    It's just a waste of money. Some people do not have the money to eat and you spend your money that way. It's like burning money.

  • Xxits ellie the gacha gurlxX :3
    Xxits ellie the gacha gurlxX :3 преди ден +1

    let's make the comment section more interesting and I will say
    *This guy's lucky cuz he will never get period*

  • Joanna Bernaciak
    Joanna Bernaciak преди ден could've gave that Channel bag to me... I-

  • Nova Palgh
    Nova Palgh преди ден

    Jeffree screaming is a mood

  • Michi Kun
    Michi Kun преди ден

    Jeffreystar u r one of my favourite drag queen your music is the best

  • Peggy's great adventure s
    Peggy's great adventure s преди ден

    9:14 you're welcome

  • IBI
    IBI преди ден

    Why is this so entertaining

  • Natalie ET
    Natalie ET преди ден

    Hopefully you can expand your makeup to Canada. Michigan is close. Plus! Legalization. ..

  • Jessica Hope
    Jessica Hope преди ден +4

    Jeffree ☆: We are everywhere!!!

    Me: Everywhere EXCEPT Australia!

  • Baby Yumnam
    Baby Yumnam преди ден

    I liked you before I watched this...this is so inappropriate!

  • Austin A
    Austin A преди ден +1

    Someone please make a montage of james screaming

  • Leahplays Roblox
    Leahplays Roblox преди ден

    Imagine if Jeffree put James makeup palette in

  • Leonor Olivarez
    Leonor Olivarez преди ден

    Part 2

  • Jamie Sewer
    Jamie Sewer преди ден

    Love the matching outfits

  • Rebecca Tyner
    Rebecca Tyner преди ден

    The hottest tea of 2k19 and it had just started

  • Lisa Miller
    Lisa Miller преди ден

    I wish I could support your products.. But I sure do support you!

  • K Dud
    K Dud преди ден

    21:35 most savage moment of the year.

  • Fleur shorts
    Fleur shorts преди ден +1

    I love when they cooperate cause they're two drama queens 🤩❤🖤

  • Mike Soman
    Mike Soman преди ден

    Call me 8322314468

  • Pfeemela & Ameelia
    Pfeemela & Ameelia преди ден

    are you two sibling.Sorry just NEW

  • mkp08706
    mkp08706 преди ден

    I have a weird question about the kush mascara...i have an allergy to thc, i get uncontrollably itchy until I take a shower. Like straight crack head itchy...would that also happen with this mascara?!

  • it's Angelli Recto
    it's Angelli Recto преди ден

    Yey Philippines

    AKATEENAGER преди ден

    Hi! Welcome back to my destruction 😈

  • Angie Fuentes
    Angie Fuentes преди ден

    You have no fucking eyebrows 😂🖕🏻

    • Dat_Weird _Weirdo
      Dat_Weird _Weirdo преди ден

      Angie Fuentes Is this the first video you watched of him ?

  • Yen Yours
    Yen Yours преди ден

    Even the Chanel bag? 😮😮😮

  • Solomon Maxwell
    Solomon Maxwell преди ден

    when i said screw you i meant FUCK YOU victoria secret

  • Tori Bernice
    Tori Bernice преди ден


  • Solomon Maxwell
    Solomon Maxwell преди ден

    i have to say screw you crayola makeup and victoria secret

  • X-xKat x-X
    X-xKat x-X преди ден

    The flamethrower looks like a white suppressed scar which is thicc.... Anyone feel me?

  • Emerymac 5
    Emerymac 5 преди ден +1

    Your gay brother

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    Krystal Perez преди ден

    Who’s here a month later

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    madeline8088 Wang преди ден

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    Taylor’s Show преди ден

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