Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy For The First Time

  • Публикуван на 3.12.2018 г.
  • Poppy meets the Kids React Cast
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    Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy. Watch to see their reactions!
    Reactors Featured:
    Dominick, age 10
    Lucas, age 10
    Madison, age 10
    Jacob, age 11
    Sydney, age 11
    Jaxon, age 15
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    Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy
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  • FBE
    FBE  преди 6 дни +5985

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  • sara matti kievman
    sara matti kievman преди 21 час +2

    She totally reminds me of eleven from stranger things

  • Yinting Chen
    Yinting Chen преди 21 час +5

    I'm fine about poppy she is so pretty stob overeacting

  • Kawaii_gamer Gamer
    Kawaii_gamer Gamer преди 21 час +5

    Lolollololol if i was a kid an if i met her i would be so Happy cause i love her videos and music 😁😊♥︎💖💗💞🌸💓💝💕💘♡

  • xmissdoblas
    xmissdoblas преди 21 час +3

    Jaxon was overeacting

  • lysasandra h.
    lysasandra h. преди 21 час +5

    8:07 mood 😂

  • Wilda Go
    Wilda Go преди 21 час +4

    Im just curios why everyone is scared to Poppy

  • Fiona Tran
    Fiona Tran преди 21 час +1

    Just tell me who is poppy

  • dusty dust76
    dusty dust76 преди 21 час +5


  • Haylee Eyler
    Haylee Eyler преди 21 час +2

    why is this so planned

  • Gerard Tierney
    Gerard Tierney преди 21 час +1

    Vannamelon 😰

    • TvIs
      TvIs преди 21 час +1


  • Ellieooo
    Ellieooo преди 21 час +2


    iM aLrEaDy TrAcEr¡

  • Ellieooo
    Ellieooo преди 21 час +2

    She looks like a man in makeup and a wig

  • Ellieooo
    Ellieooo преди 21 час +5

    If it was me pulling the comer I would said


  • Jessica Alliance
    Jessica Alliance преди 21 час +10

    "Oh if I see you again I’m leaving"😂

  • Lila's Unicorn World
    Lila's Unicorn World преди 21 час +4


  • Alivia Brown
    Alivia Brown преди 21 час +3

    Are their like 8 poppys

    • Logan Ceasar
      Logan Ceasar преди 21 час

      No it's same poppy but just they have it diffrntntimes

  • Katonic
    Katonic преди 22 часа +6

    6:12 Lucas is a m o o d

  • Maron Pha
    Maron Pha преди 22 часа +5

    i legit want to meet her oml

  • Probable Possibilities
    Probable Possibilities преди 22 часа +11

    All the kids when they first see Poppy: Nooo!
    Poppy: just stands there, smiling.
    Poppy on the inside: i cri

  • Dribal 4life
    Dribal 4life преди 22 часа +1

    Iove poppy

  • Peter Spirk
    Peter Spirk преди 22 часа +4

    Poppy: “I think we could be friends”
    Me: “yanno, i think we could be more than friends babygirl”

  • Javier Zamora
    Javier Zamora преди 22 часа +2

    Everyone was so scared

  • Eay-Than #Gamer
    Eay-Than #Gamer преди 22 часа +9


  • Marcat 27
    Marcat 27 преди 22 часа +24

    *Kid mid mental breakdown*
    Poppy: "Who would you rather meet?"
    Kid: (weeping) "I'm not sure..."
    Poppy: "Pewdiepie?"
    Kid: (calmly) "Yeah, Pewdiepie would be pretty cool."

  • Space Dogz
    Space Dogz преди 22 часа +1

    U should show them her music vids so they know she normal

  • Larray Thick
    Larray Thick преди 22 часа +11

    uNLeSs YoU wAnNa Be TrAcEr

  • 704.lightskinn
    704.lightskinn преди 22 часа

    Omg 😂 2:44 oh hell no

  • Alia Mikyla
    Alia Mikyla преди 22 часа +4

    Poppy is cute tho 💕💕

  • RazzBazz
    RazzBazz преди 22 часа +4

    She is weirdly beautiful

  • Addisyn's Life- im strange get used to it

    Me: *pulls down curtain and sees poppy~ HEY GIRL HEY!!!!!!
    Like dude i would break the glass and hug her

  • Chenosaurio
    Chenosaurio преди 22 часа +6

    "I-I'm having like a mental breakdown. How's your day been"

  • Too Poor For YouTube
    Too Poor For YouTube преди 22 часа +4

    I wanna be tracer

  • you foul loathsome evil little cockroach
    you foul loathsome evil little cockroach преди 22 часа +12

    u n l e s s y o u w a n t t o b e t r a c e r

  • Alec_ Red
    Alec_ Red преди 22 часа +11

    *her voice is so soft*

  • ConcreteAngelx3
    ConcreteAngelx3 преди 22 часа +1

    They all look so incredibly uncomfortable

  • Aiden Love
    Aiden Love преди 22 часа +3

    3:50 Poppy is correct you should ALWAYS check your surroundings

  • Kassandra Aceves
    Kassandra Aceves преди 22 часа +8

    I W A N T T O G O I N T H E B O X

  • Alec_ Red
    Alec_ Red преди 22 часа +11

    *this is the day I found out poppy was a sweetheart!!*

  • Ash PATD MCR
    Ash PATD MCR преди 22 часа +6


  • Dhey Santana
    Dhey Santana преди 22 часа +2

    I'm Poppy

  • DIGEL _64
    DIGEL _64 преди 22 часа +3

    3:09 The best part

  • regret ;;.;
    regret ;;.; преди 22 часа +9

    U N L E S S Y O U W A N N A B E T R A C E R

    • regret ;;.;
      regret ;;.; преди 22 часа

      But the thing is, she’s already tracer

  • Blanca Velasquez
    Blanca Velasquez преди 22 часа +4


  • Apple_ Senpai
    Apple_ Senpai преди 22 часа +13

    Lucas is such a mood

  • Blanca Velasquez
    Blanca Velasquez преди 22 часа +11

    3:24 I stand this boy 😂😂😂😂

  • reyajoy from stc grade 5
    reyajoy from stc grade 5 преди 22 часа +6

    Thats so unfair 😢i wanna meet poppy and get a hug and a autograhf

  • yuliana morales
    yuliana morales преди 22 часа +3

    yo igual amo the triangulos i love triangles

  • yuliana morales
    yuliana morales преди 22 часа +3

    quiero conocer a poppy

  • Sleepy_Kain11 11
    Sleepy_Kain11 11 преди 22 часа +6

    I WaNnA bE TrAcEr

  • Zulema Pedroza
    Zulema Pedroza преди 22 часа +7

    I wanna meet the box

  • yuliana morales
    yuliana morales преди 22 часа +2

    i don,t conoced poppy y love dream with whatched in real life

  • Bri Jane
    Bri Jane преди 22 часа +8

    She went in the box

  • DarkDarlingGameplays
    DarkDarlingGameplays преди 22 часа +14

    “UnLeSs yoU wANT tO bE TraCeR”

  • Trainosaurous Rex
    Trainosaurous Rex преди 22 часа +2

    Hi I’m trainosaurous

  • SonicFan20 6
    SonicFan20 6 преди 22 часа +3


  • Lil' Li
    Lil' Li преди 22 часа +4


  • mia schneider
    mia schneider преди 22 часа +11

    3:24 I STAN HIM

  • tokyo subliminals
    tokyo subliminals преди 22 часа +6


  • Catalina Rosales
    Catalina Rosales преди 22 часа +2

    P o p p y I’m poppy

  • Velexi
    Velexi преди 22 часа +4

    teens react to poppy???

  • Angie Rosado
    Angie Rosado преди 22 часа +1

    Who is poppy

  • michael hoback
    michael hoback преди 23 часа +15

    Why is she in a box and why are they scared of her.

    • Andrew Lloyd
      Andrew Lloyd преди 22 часа

      It's for the kids' safety, of course.

    • TheAwkwardPillow
      TheAwkwardPillow преди 22 часа

      michael hoback look at the previous react videos that features Poppy and look at her own videos 😭😭

  • Ariana Degen
    Ariana Degen преди 23 часа +8

    I would open the box and be weird with her and stuff like bro she’s famous pahah

  • Melissa Hidalgo
    Melissa Hidalgo преди 23 часа +14

    Everyone talking about Poppy and the reactions but no one have talked about

  • Bella UwU
    Bella UwU преди 23 часа +19

    Lucas is such a mood oh my goD

  • Kaylie Agustin
    Kaylie Agustin преди 23 часа +10


  • Uniquley Bree
    Uniquley Bree преди 23 часа +9

    Bro I love poppy, why are they going crazy😂she is so cute!!

  • Stendoz™
    Stendoz™ преди 23 часа +5

    Is she real orrrrr?

    • imhelena
      imhelena преди 22 часа

      Stendoz™ yes, yes she is

    • Pinkee
      Pinkee преди 23 часа

      Who is she??

  • Regiønal At Trench
    Regiønal At Trench преди 23 часа +10

    Poppy is just weirdly adorable.

  • Skull boi
    Skull boi преди 23 часа +20

    I never understand why they're so scared of Poppy! Like im not scared! She's just...weird!

    • Prince javier
      Prince javier преди 22 часа

      Weirdness can be scary too..

    • Horse lover 56
      Horse lover 56 преди 23 часа +1

      Skull boi this was one minute ago

  • shreyas poudyal
    shreyas poudyal преди 23 часа +5

    I'm not Poppy.

    That's good.

  • Jazmin Gordon
    Jazmin Gordon преди 23 часа +17

    Jaxon had a mental breakdown

  • Olivia's world and slimey videos
    Olivia's world and slimey videos преди 23 часа +7

    Since he's 15

    • Melissa Hidalgo
      Melissa Hidalgo преди 23 часа +3

      He is on teens react actually 😂 but they brought him back only for this episode because he was part of the whole poppy saga and he is really scared of poppy 😂😂😂😂😂😂 and also admit that is really funny to see him react and interact with her 😂😂

  • Olivia's world and slimey videos
    Olivia's world and slimey videos преди 23 часа +12

    Jaxon should be on teens react

    • René X
      René X преди 22 часа +2

      He is on teen reacts

  • Sonya Griffitts
    Sonya Griffitts преди 23 часа +7

    I’d meet Poppy. Seems pretty cool to me.

  • zole CroZz
    zole CroZz преди 23 часа +14

    Damn that kid is tall asf bro!

    • zole CroZz
      zole CroZz преди 21 час

      Jackson guys... I was talking about jaxson 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Ishan Nair
      Ishan Nair преди 22 часа

      SuperDuperSk Mikhail I was that height when I was 12

    • SuperDuperSk Mikhail
      SuperDuperSk Mikhail преди 23 часа

      zole CroZz im 14 and im 165 cm thats considered short ok¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • ethan sargison
      ethan sargison преди 23 часа

      zole CroZz witch one

  • Austin Grover
    Austin Grover преди 23 часа +8

    i woukd kick the glass box and knock her over xd

  • Mr.Tasty
    Mr.Tasty преди 23 часа +10

    She would be in a lot of trouble if she farted

  • Brandy Arzu Mella
    Brandy Arzu Mella преди 23 часа +16

    0:36 When you see poppy, all you gotta do is, walk away yay yay

  • Ilene Benitez
    Ilene Benitez преди 23 часа +2

    I can't believe the girl in the box with POPPY !!😮😧😬😲 Even though she creeps me out , I definitely would want to go in the box with Poppy !!😁😊😁

  • Veronica Mullen
    Veronica Mullen преди 23 часа +6

    Don’t you think jaxon and poppy would make a good coupl

  • Thanatos
    Thanatos преди 23 часа +6

    I am Groot.

  • Gacha Lunar
    Gacha Lunar преди 23 часа +1

    I wanna be there and be with poppy

  • Killing Cupcake
    Killing Cupcake преди 23 часа +8

    I'd love to meet Poppy ugh she's so ominous I love her I bet stare contests with her would be so fun

    • Depression Yo
      Depression Yo преди 23 часа

      Killing Cupcake omg, same, I wanna meet her, it be such a surprise 🤗

  • Muhamad Yusup
    Muhamad Yusup преди 23 часа +15

    poopy:do you want come on the box
    me:yeah of course😅

  • Adia Graham
    Adia Graham преди 23 часа +10

    Lucas is a whole mood bro

  • Maria Chase
    Maria Chase преди 23 часа +16

    Tbh I don’t find her “scary”

    • julie
      julie преди 23 часа

      me too..just an act

  • Rida khan
    Rida khan преди 23 часа +10

    Lucas is a total *MOOD* 😂

  • Sprinq Day
    Sprinq Day преди 23 часа +1

    Poppy iS HuMaN

  • Abigail :P
    Abigail :P преди 23 часа +6

    I'm starting to like Poppy

  • _Mia_ playz_
    _Mia_ playz_ преди 23 часа +3

    Who's Poppy?

  • QueenMim!yta
    QueenMim!yta преди 23 часа +9

    Madison was so sweet! She was scared but still was kind and treated her like a person.

  • sweeping blade
    sweeping blade преди 23 часа +2

    I thought she was a robot

  • Nicaya Walker
    Nicaya Walker преди 23 часа +7

    Jaxon was doing too much.

    • Maria Chase
      Maria Chase преди 23 часа +1

      Nicaya Walker he tried to hard to be funny

  • Drigbby
    Drigbby преди 23 часа +18

    She's so good at doing this. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face and talking with a quiet voice like that

  • Eclipesie !
    Eclipesie ! преди 23 часа +10

    lucas issa mood 💀

    • Rida khan
      Rida khan преди 23 часа

      Total mood 😂😂😂

  • Kimiko Chippewa
    Kimiko Chippewa преди 23 часа


  • Addison Pettyjohn
    Addison Pettyjohn преди 23 часа +12

    3:20 the kid in the checkered shirt has me!!! Lmao!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rida khan
      Rida khan преди 23 часа

      His name is Lucas

  • Limario's Forgotten EEHEE
    Limario's Forgotten EEHEE преди 23 часа +15

    6:09 *lmao poppy vs lucas' sassyness I can't*