Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy For The First Time

  • Публикуван на 3.12.2018 г.
  • Poppy meets the Kids React Cast
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    Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy. Watch to see their reactions!
    Reactors Featured:
    Dominick, age 10
    Lucas, age 10
    Madison, age 10
    Jacob, age 11
    Sydney, age 11
    Jaxon, age 15
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    Kids React Cast MEETS Poppy
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  • FBE
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    • Neon Catz
      Neon Catz преди 2 месеца

      O hell naw

    • Gail Dodd
      Gail Dodd преди 2 месеца

      Send it back to where it came from and keep it there.

    • Joey Pike
      Joey Pike преди 2 месеца

      FBE meet Not Poppy please stop 🛑

    • Miss Sakura
      Miss Sakura преди 2 месеца

      Why is everyone afraid of her

    • Liber Roth
      Liber Roth преди 2 месеца


  • Marlon
    Marlon преди 2 месеца +36

    Estos pendejos se asustan y yo queriendo conocerla :'v

  • 【Just a Peppermint Tea For Me】
    【Just a Peppermint Tea For Me】 преди 2 месеца +13

    Madison is such a mood

  • Abdullah Al Mahi
    Abdullah Al Mahi преди 2 месеца +24

    I think she is searching for her quality conten.
    Btw subscribe to PewDiePie.

  • Breanne Polzot
    Breanne Polzot преди 2 месеца +15

    She pretty but this creeps me out

  • Electric Hydra
    Electric Hydra преди 2 месеца +22

    I wish I got to see poppy

  • Trini Valenzuela
    Trini Valenzuela преди 2 месеца +8

    Quiero conocerla

  • WalkingArrow
    WalkingArrow преди 2 месеца +25

    she is damn adorable

  • A͓̽. L͓̽. I͓̽. C͓̽. E͓̽
    A͓̽. L͓̽. I͓̽. C͓̽. E͓̽ преди 2 месеца +18

    The FBI is coming guys don’t worry

  • Bart Gaming
    Bart Gaming преди 2 месеца +4

    Bunu yazan popy okuyana koki

  • Hasan Magsudov
    Hasan Magsudov преди 2 месеца +6


  • Anna McNally
    Anna McNally преди 2 месеца +11

    She pwetty

  • Ecem Ozkurt
    Ecem Ozkurt преди 2 месеца +7

    çocuklar korkudan öldü ben olsam üstüne atlar sarılırdım

  • midnight the marshmellow owo
    midnight the marshmellow owo преди 2 месеца +12

    Is she real?

    • xXDJ CatXx
      xXDJ CatXx преди 2 месеца +2

      midnight the marshmellow owo yes

  • Plambo
    Plambo преди 2 месеца +22

    Can i see poppy too :(

  • Voqz.
    Voqz. преди 2 месеца +9

    still scary af

  • Primez
    Primez преди 2 месеца +9

    What is poppy

    • saiko
      saiko преди 2 месеца +2

      an artist

    • xXDJ CatXx
      xXDJ CatXx преди 2 месеца +2

      Primez a human

    • Alida Bauer
      Alida Bauer преди 2 месеца +1


  • ThatGayAnimate
    ThatGayAnimate преди 2 месеца +7

    that video is gonna fuel matpat...

  • Kayla Ka
    Kayla Ka преди 2 месеца +14

    Luca is hot 😻😻😻

  • That UnemplyedUnicorn
    That UnemplyedUnicorn преди 2 месеца +25

    Isn't Jaxon a teen ?

    • Cullen Dillistone
      Cullen Dillistone преди 2 месеца +4

      yes but he was on the other poopy videos so they brought him back just for this video

  • Isabella Arriaza
    Isabella Arriaza преди 2 месеца +16

    She is actually so sweet!! OMG

  • Famous TV
    Famous TV преди 2 месеца +3

    Excellent video! Keep on making worthy content and you can expect to increase quick! Subscribe to our channel and then we are going to subscribe back!

  • saul armando rodrigez pantoja
    saul armando rodrigez pantoja преди 2 месеца +7

    Si yo estuviera en esa situacion me encantaria! 😊😊

  • _ luxxii__
    _ luxxii__ преди 2 месеца +12

    Poppy'()' '()' '()'
    She is so pretty

  • EXOR
    EXOR преди 2 месеца +5

    Yeah that tall guy likes ROBLOX #ROBLOX

  • lauren minton
    lauren minton преди 2 месеца +7

    How’d you start BGclip...... they made me do it 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Shannon Thiart
    Shannon Thiart преди 2 месеца +11

    Ok.... I really like her 😂😃 she’s cool

  • Frosty 07
    Frosty 07 преди 2 месеца +5

    Madison and poppy have many things in common

  • Maria Kiessling
    Maria Kiessling преди 2 месеца +2

    Jaxson i like u a lot😂

  • Gacha Nebula Janexx
    Gacha Nebula Janexx преди 2 месеца +18

    If i met poppy i will say
    Me: Poppy!! I wanna hug! Your so cute! I want to com in da box!
    If not Com out of the box!
    She looks so nice

  • El Cuello Ortopedico De Jimin.
    El Cuello Ortopedico De Jimin. преди 2 месеца +6

    I love Poppy❤❤❤

  • 先輩ヤラ
    先輩ヤラ преди 2 месеца +16

    Am i just the only one that thinks Jaxon is hot? Omg help, what am i thinking:'

  • Vet Tuong
    Vet Tuong преди 2 месеца +10

    She's pretty

  • Arthur Milo
    Arthur Milo преди 2 месеца +10


  • اناشيد اطفال العم احمد
    اناشيد اطفال العم احمد преди 2 месеца +1


  • Heizen
    Heizen преди 2 месеца +604

    "How are you keeping that straight face?!"
    *"I'm Poppy."*

  • Reí Norá
    Reí Norá преди 2 месеца +11

    The girl who went in the box with Poppy is so cute 💜

  • James Wise Magic
    James Wise Magic преди 2 месеца +216

    Poppy is an object. Poppy is your best friend. Poppy will break your neck. Poppy will be your pet.

  • Worakorn Prutnoppadol
    Worakorn Prutnoppadol преди 2 месеца +5

    4:56 uhoh

  • Lisa Buckingham
    Lisa Buckingham преди 2 месеца +4

    Jackson waha

  • Zamjju84 Zam
    Zamjju84 Zam преди 2 месеца +2


  • Chloe Elizabeth
    Chloe Elizabeth преди 2 месеца +22

    I would go in the box

  • Mister Relaxation ASMR
    Mister Relaxation ASMR преди 2 месеца +5

    I like Poppy, but I love Mars Argo

  • ItsMally
    ItsMally преди 2 месеца +1


  • kittypenguin 57
    kittypenguin 57 преди 2 месеца +7

    0:47 me after winter break 😂. Love you the most Jaxon 🤗❤

  • Jessica_ Playz
    Jessica_ Playz преди 2 месеца +12

    Why does everyone is scared of poppy i think she's a good actor being scary and i think she is very cute i wish i meet poppy somewhere its my dream i always be her in Halloween just saying "Im Poppy" and people kinda scared of it Also I LOVE YOU POPPY #Impoppy

  • kittypenguin 57
    kittypenguin 57 преди 2 месеца +9

    Why is poppy low-key the best friend I could ever want?❤

  • Artric Castell
    Artric Castell преди 2 месеца +4


  • Gorilla noises
    Gorilla noises преди 2 месеца +1


  • Mahera Hossain
    Mahera Hossain преди 2 месеца +11

    Sheis cute but danger

  • Felix Ruys
    Felix Ruys преди 2 месеца +18

    Am i the only one that doesn't understand the situation?
    I clicked here cuz its on my recommended 😂

    • Felix Ruys
      Felix Ruys преди 2 месеца

      +James Wise Magic yea but i was doing two things at once

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic преди 2 месеца +1

      It literally says in the beginning of the video the situation lol. Did you even watch the video? Lol

    • Mohammad Ali
      Mohammad Ali преди 2 месеца

      I don't get what's goin on either😅

  • Elisa ; - ;
    Elisa ; - ; преди 2 месеца +4


  • hyune Black
    hyune Black преди 2 месеца +3

    I love her💗.

  • Pneumonoultramicroscopic Silicovolcanoconiosis
    Pneumonoultramicroscopic Silicovolcanoconiosis преди 2 месеца +14

    *Poppy seems pretty nice*

  • Kay Is to Jay
    Kay Is to Jay преди 2 месеца +5

    They are all so cute,especially their reactions😂😍❤️

  • Legendary LOSER
    Legendary LOSER преди 2 месеца +8

    Poppy seems pretty nice

  • CampingAE
    CampingAE преди 2 месеца +25

    That kid plugging gametheory lmfao

  • Alek Kon chol
    Alek Kon chol преди 2 месеца +8

    Is she human

  • Queen Shook
    Queen Shook преди 2 месеца +3326

    It’s actually really cool she agreed to do this. Nice one Poppy

  • 조현우
    조현우 преди 2 месеца +475

    She is soooo pretty tho

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose преди 2 месеца +7

      조현우 Yeet

  • Jun Gonzales
    Jun Gonzales преди 2 месеца +13

    She is a lluiminati

  • hasaki ͛
    hasaki ͛ преди 2 месеца +17

    I really really really love poppy

  • TheGreen Ducky
    TheGreen Ducky преди 2 месеца +17

    hey I wanna Meet poppy too

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose преди 2 месеца

      TheGreen Ducky Yeet!

  • Sufle Chan
    Sufle Chan преди 2 месеца +24

    Why people are so scared, I would be very excited to meet poppy

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose преди 2 месеца

      Your Mom Babe Yeet!

  • Wassim Guemouri
    Wassim Guemouri преди 2 месеца +13

    4:10 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daeyunah Forever
    Daeyunah Forever преди 2 месеца +4

    Are she robot?🧐

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose преди 2 месеца

      Daeyunah Forever Yeet!

    • Zouabi Balsem
      Zouabi Balsem преди 2 месеца +1

      no she's a human

  • Steve Gabsent
    Steve Gabsent преди 2 месеца +7

    Totally Over Reacting😒

    • kittypenguin 57
      kittypenguin 57 преди 2 месеца +2

      No. No one is. It's their initial reaction

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose преди 2 месеца +1

      Steve Gabsent Yeet!

  • Project Izy
    Project Izy преди 2 месеца +2

    Greatest reecshun of yeer

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose преди 2 месеца

      Project Ziy Yeet!

    WSJ MOVIES преди 2 месеца +8

    she is cute !!!

  • joe decius
    joe decius преди 2 месеца +12

    poppy is so freakin cute!

    • Bitchy & shitty
      Bitchy & shitty преди 2 месеца

      joe decius she’s scary and who are “they” she’s talking about illuminati

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose преди 2 месеца

      joe decius Yeet!

  • youngwan wan
    youngwan wan преди 2 месеца +3

    this is the best video on youtube right now!!!

  • Shadowarrior YT
    Shadowarrior YT преди 2 месеца +9

    JACKSON X POPPY,!!! 😘😍

  • JustRandom Productions
    JustRandom Productions преди 2 месеца +3

    3:52 I have watched this at least 50 times and I always have to look behind me 😑

  • Agent _03
    Agent _03 преди 2 месеца +6

    Poppy is illuminati right???

    • creepy boy
      creepy boy преди 2 месеца +1

      She's not Illuminati, if her were, she would be more famous

  • Richard Hawkins
    Richard Hawkins преди 2 месеца +4

    I love poppy

  • Reggae huahua
    Reggae huahua преди 2 месеца +6

    1:14 be gone she’s so awesome 😂

  • Reggae huahua
    Reggae huahua преди 2 месеца +3

    Wow it’s a nightmare come true 😯

  • frances ida
    frances ida преди 2 месеца +4

    and this episode was funny JSJDJDJDIFJ
    ANDD!!! i love madison so much omg

  • Sara Lisica
    Sara Lisica преди 2 месеца +7

    Poppy it's sweet ,but she's really weird sometimes lol

  • Alma Bosnjakovic
    Alma Bosnjakovic преди 2 месеца +3

    i cant believe they realy think she is a robot XD

    MADD BRIXX преди 2 месеца +3

    What is up guys poppy harlow herre with pew news

  • Khairul zhariff
    Khairul zhariff преди 2 месеца +2

    React to x by poppy

  • GGaming 360
    GGaming 360 преди 2 месеца +3

    Do more please of poppy without the glass box

  • xoxoxojxde
    xoxoxojxde преди 2 месеца +72

    Lets just ignor the fact that Jackson is actually hot

  • Xxcute princess pandaXx
    Xxcute princess pandaXx преди 2 месеца +60

    :pulls down:
    :sees poopy:
    *OH HELL NO*
    :puts back on:

    BEENHEREALLALONG преди 2 месеца +3

    I would hop in that box anydayyy!

    • Reggae huahua
      Reggae huahua преди 2 месеца

      BEENHEREALLALONG sick as foo

  • Alex Vegart
    Alex Vegart преди 2 месеца +18

    unless you wanna be Tracer.

  • Marcos Liroa
    Marcos Liroa преди 2 месеца +12

    I would love that hug so much, poppy's hug looks like a very comfortable thing, that must be great

    ICE_WALLOW_CMEN преди 2 месеца +3

    3:10 unless

  • Alayshia Wogoman
    Alayshia Wogoman преди 2 месеца +7

    She really went into the box with her 🤭

  • Joury Ashraf
    Joury Ashraf преди 2 месеца +15

    I like poppy now she looks sweet plus she roasts very well and creepy

  • Mrkittykat 136
    Mrkittykat 136 преди 2 месеца +3

    Poppy is a keter level scp that’s why she’s in the box

  • kaep jjang
    kaep jjang преди 2 месеца +2

    Awh that madison girl is rlly cute

  • KẹO Kekeke
    KẹO Kekeke преди 2 месеца +23

    Jaxon becomes so handsome now

  • Tamara Sings
    Tamara Sings преди 2 месеца +4

    I would be so happy to see her lol

  • Ness Press
    Ness Press преди 2 месеца +8

    If PewDiePie were there,he would mock her or he would be scared too

    • Ness Press
      Ness Press преди 2 месеца

      +TheGreen Ducky aja

    • TheGreen Ducky
      TheGreen Ducky преди 2 месеца

      he would make Us laugh Lol

    • Ness Press
      Ness Press преди 2 месеца

      +tom hodgetts yeah,but me and her I'm a kiss

    • tom hodgetts
      tom hodgetts преди 2 месеца +1

      PewDiePie Is So Overrated Now

  • Wal mart
    Wal mart преди 2 месеца +6

    Can somebody tell me who poppy is... All I think of is trolls because my parents force me to watch it withe my 3 year old sister

  • michael De Santa
    michael De Santa преди 2 месеца +1

    evos bambi

  • Tyrone White
    Tyrone White преди 2 месеца +104

    How are you keeping that straight face!?
    I’m Poppy-
    OH GOD!!

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo преди 2 месеца +4

    Aw that one little girl that I forgot her name is so nice