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    You don’t need to be a graduate of art school or have the talent to start drawing. Step by step you can develop your creativity and drawing skills as you train in the gym to train muscles. We have a collection of ideas on how to boost your imagination. Our ideas will help you to create something special even if you do not draw like a pro. Moreover, you can spend time with fun and your friends will love to share your hobby with you. Let’s check drawing techniques we are ready to share with you!
    It’s a fact that one of the most difficult things to draw is men’s body. We have a perfect solution for how to draw a hand, you can use disposable gloves and a black marker. Check out the tutorial in the video that will ease your life. Moreover, have you ever noticed that it’s really hard to draw eyes without knowing basic techniques? We share an easy way to draw eyes: draw an almond shape, add shading around the eye and add eyeliner. Draw eyelashes and remember that they should have a different length. Shade inner corners of the eye and enhance the realism effect by adding shades and make it look sparkly. Watch our easy tutorial!
    The next creative idea is to make a bleach pen! Firstly, you need to pour bleach into the bowl. Next, remove the tip out of a highlighter and soak it until the original color is gone. Usually, it takes a couple of hours. After that, you can start creating! For example, you can cover the canvas with any paint you want and make a print using a bleach pen. It’s the easiest way to make any poster you like to decorate your room. Or it could be a perfect and inexpensive gift for upcoming Christmas. One more idea to make a cute gift if DIY painted mugs. This project doesn’t take much effort and also doesn’t require any drawing skill and as you can find the print on the internet and print it. Moreover, it’s a perfect personalization project for a birthday present.
    00:45 DIY Bleach marker
    02:43 DIY painted mug
    05:22 How to draw lips
    06:02 How to draw curly hair
    08:25 How to draw realistic eyes

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