Sibling Struggles! Growing Up With Siblings | Funny Videos and Facts by Blossom

  • Публикуван на 25.11.2018 г.
  • Siblings are the best friends that we can't get rid of! They teach us compassion, cooperation and kindness- quite often the hard way!
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    Love Love Love 😍😍❤❤❤👀👀

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    Ela é Uma morta de fome

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  • Калдыгул Налибаева


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    I like the girl

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    charina rivera преди 2 дни

    Son novios o hermanos

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    11:06 when your parents say they have food in the house

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    Amina Smajlovic преди 2 дни

    Bas glup video

  • Aleksandar Samardzic
    Aleksandar Samardzic преди 2 дни

    Haha. Lucky me I don’t have brothers or sisters. I am an only child

  • GeoBoyPlayzz
    GeoBoyPlayzz преди 3 дни +5

    2:26 you are same me and my sister

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    Me con cho da den

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    1:25 two word


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    Me zemee te hapur

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    Love joy

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    that's Why i always lock my pc

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    DIY Crafts преди 4 дни +5

    You told the truth avout siblings, thanks

  • Archelis Pyngrope
    Archelis Pyngrope преди 4 дни +3

    It's so hard to love my brother when he hates me SOOOOOO MUUUUCH 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

    • Minniemoo
      Minniemoo преди 2 дни +1

      I have a good relationship with my brothers now, even though we used to hate each others when we were younger. I think living apart actually work. Also try having activities together like go to the movies, play video games, bake him a cake. Don't expect anything in return and don't enter his games if he tries to come a you.

  • Ashleigh Okk
    Ashleigh Okk преди 4 дни +5

    I'm selling re-play buttons
    They are free! :)

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      Ashleigh Okk преди 3 дни

      F B I ikr my fav part too!

    • F B I
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    I love blossom! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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    6:34 LIKE if you see ROBLOX

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    You are USA??

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    11:36 that was funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Rosangela martina comoestasDiaz Cruz

    Estyngau mayu teub hemana

  • Las locuras de Renata lol
    Las locuras de Renata lol преди 5 дни

    Porque uno de ustedes no meten en la pieza si para eso está la pieza con tele no se puede ser nunca maestro levantó el dedo del medio

  • Ella Bella Cinderella
    Ella Bella Cinderella преди 5 дни

    I have a brother that is two years older than me and I am eight

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    Aldrin Santos преди 6 дни

    10:59 hahaha

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    That black girl is the type of friend we want. 💕

  • Fighting Rooster
    Fighting Rooster преди 6 дни

    One time my brother freaking licked each one of the Cheetos and put it back in the bag....when i asked him if i could ask some, he gave me willingly....🙄 he told me after i ate it

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    Jajaja que gracia

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    The girl doing to much

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    Que floja no puede pararse para.tomarel agua su novio estas lejos y tu 1 cilometro tu nobio como 10

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    This is so me and my sister🤣🤣

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    Por favor. cochina

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    0:51 always happen to me and my brother istg 🤦

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    Me: 6:11

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    Good ♥️😍👍🔔

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    hello what your name

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    1:35 he looks like Daniel Racliffe

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    Ja se taky bojím tmi a co vi?

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    Iki obio iooo o e no. O

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    Мне не понравился этот видео

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    If period was a person, I would just take my knife and kill that freaking person...

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    8:58 I do that all the time.

  • Mineformer Gaming
    Mineformer Gaming преди 8 дни +3

    I have five brothers and five sisters. This is extremely relatable.

    • Fighting Rooster
      Fighting Rooster преди 6 дни

      That's a lot...are you the middle child?😆

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  • ชลิตา มหาสุภาพ

    ผมยิกๆ. ตอแหลว่ะ

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    No what if a child is watching

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    I understand like if you have a sibling cause I have a younger brother

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    1:25 always doing that to my brother

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    Wintersy tis yuo

  • Ana Mririaria Muñoz Arias
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    As mi yuo li

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    I have a sister named mia and she’s 13

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    I have tow siblings

  • Claudia Diaz
    Claudia Diaz преди 9 дни

    Is he mr bean

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    The clumsy ones are so relatable

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    10:00-10:08 is soo funny lol

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    0:46 is the best part for the shower pic😂😂😂😂😂

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    I always do the second thing in things you do if your home alone

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    Blossom is 😍😘😘😘😍😍😄😄😄😙😙😝😁

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    4:23 все руки в паста для шоколада)))

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    مخنزة تعيف القلب

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    6:01 that’s my face when my mom dose not give me mcdonalds🙂

    • Loli Bobi
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    • Loli Bobi
      Loli Bobi преди 9 дни

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