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    Here we are with a truckload of brand new ideas for everyone who loves comfort! In this kids tutorial video, you can find a lot of insanely cool ideas to solve tricky everyday problems! Watch and learn.
    Did you know that plain hairbands can help you to solve a lot of tasks? Do you think that braces are cute? You can take a braces selfie using a rubber band and a few earring locks. For the following life hacks, you'll need a few scrunchies. First of all, let's make a nice organizer for them. You can make it using an ordinary toilet paper roll!
    Another cool scrunchie idea will help you to save dishwashing soap - just use a rubber band for it. In case the sleeves of your sweater are too long, you can use a scrunchie to keep them up. The same applies to adjust a dress to your figure.
    Next, come beautiful flower DIYs! Spring is here, so it's high time to decorate your space with some lovely flowers. And we have a couple of tutorials for you. You can make flowers out of tissue paper, toilet paper, felt, and even ordinary paper!
    Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make amazing DIY accessories!
    0:10 - Rubber band life hacks
    01:52 - Makeup brushes hack
    05:16 - Tissue paper flowers
    10:16 - Bottle trick
    14:29 - Felt flowers
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  • 5-Minute Crafts KIDS
    5-Minute Crafts KIDS  преди 6 дни +394

    That's the power of flows! 10:05🌪
    Should it be an air or a water flow!🌀
    More mind-boggling in 15 AMAZING TRICKS TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS

  • Gacha Cotton
    Gacha Cotton преди 3 часа

    Legit the first one is not a hack it just helps you ruin your mouth

  • Yiu You
    Yiu You преди 9 часа


  • Alyssa Dyer
    Alyssa Dyer преди 10 часа +1

    11:45 are they really telling kids to put their hands in hot wax? Omg.

  • That white Doggy
    That white Doggy преди 11 часа

    Um why do you want to have Braces made out of small pices that you placed in your mouth

  • GamerGirl_789TY Channel
    GamerGirl_789TY Channel преди 11 часа

    ( ◠‿◠ )

  • GamerGirl_789TY Channel
    GamerGirl_789TY Channel преди 11 часа

    This made my sister and I laugh for sum reason lol😂😂

  • GamerGirl_789TY Channel
    GamerGirl_789TY Channel преди 11 часа


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  • Frankieandrew Lagne
    Frankieandrew Lagne преди 13 часа

    Totoo ba yan baka masira ipin ko

  • Frankieandrew Lagne
    Frankieandrew Lagne преди 13 часа

    Lol realy

  • cool dood technology information
    cool dood technology information преди 14 часа

    Not good wastage of water

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown преди 15 часа

    Dude no one wants braces but you look really cute in them!

  • Jaden Marion
    Jaden Marion преди 15 часа

    No no no no no no.

  • Gabi Dziurzyńska
    Gabi Dziurzyńska преди 17 часа


  • Ruby Geraghty
    Ruby Geraghty преди 18 часа

    Love 5 minute craft

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  • Mindy Anderson
    Mindy Anderson преди 19 часа

    you help me so much when i need it

  • Hendel Lucas
    Hendel Lucas преди 20 часа

    Sou do Brasil e gosto muito do canal

  • Jacqueline Kurdi
    Jacqueline Kurdi преди 21 час

    Kann mann machen 😀

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  • Annie Cirilo
    Annie Cirilo преди 22 часа +1

    Cool love it thanks for your ideas. 😁

  • Parks Wilkinson
    Parks Wilkinson преди 23 часа

    If you try the fake braces hack you might have to get REAL braces!

  • روان الحربي
    روان الحربي преди ден

    والله حركه جميله

    PEDRO MALDONADO преди ден

    The power

    PEDRO MALDONADO преди ден

    Dhidekisjr hellodwhrfs

    PEDRO MALDONADO преди ден

    5 minute me encanta

  • Abida Kosar
    Abida Kosar преди ден

    9:39 looking very beautiful

  • Eustolia Cruz Mota
    Eustolia Cruz Mota преди ден

    Diy braces are dangerous do not try it 😬

  • Didi Ket
    Didi Ket преди ден


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    fsrhgfh Hdfhhfh преди ден

    I like

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  • whemily Martins whemily Martins

    Amei 😍😍

  • Llama Fam
    Llama Fam преди ден

    #elasticbandhacksforlife 😂LOL

  • True Banna
    True Banna преди ден


  • Nugget ham ham
    Nugget ham ham преди ден

    You can choke from the first hack and it will damage your teeth

  • Abbeville 44377
    Abbeville 44377 преди ден

    If this is for kids, then why are adults doing it

  • lets go kids . go kids
    lets go kids . go kids преди ден


  • earthworm sally
    earthworm sally преди ден +1

    You know once my mom asked me why there's a dislike button..
    Showed her this video
    _she now knows why_

  • Даша Крестина
    Даша Крестина преди ден +1

    Короче я пошла в магазин за резинками!!😂😂

  • Maren Guizzo
    Maren Guizzo преди ден

    Hmmmm k so your telling me three first hack works haha I’m sitting here with my braces that costed me 7,000 like hunyyyyyyyy those won’t do anythingggg

  • Dannaximena Galicia
    Dannaximena Galicia преди ден

    Alguien español??

  • Vinaya Kumar
    Vinaya Kumar преди ден

    She is using hairbands for most of her hacks.... How many bands does she has???

  • Vinaya Kumar
    Vinaya Kumar преди ден

    3:42 she is wasting water

  • Sweet GachaLife
    Sweet GachaLife преди ден


  • Sahra VADROT
    Sahra VADROT преди ден

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    Ram Dintluangi преди ден

    what is your name

  • Neda Süeda Şahin
    Neda Süeda Şahin преди ден

    03:46 dont forget to close the tap

  • Victoria Rozamski
    Victoria Rozamski преди ден

    Oorrr you could put earing backs on beafing wire bend the ends so it's not sharp and put dental wax on tje back

  • sadiebugg_
    sadiebugg_ преди ден

    just one problem.......I don't have any hair ties......

  • Melanny Nuñez
    Melanny Nuñez преди ден

    Me gusta4on los braquets

  • Ko Bear
    Ko Bear преди ден +1

    I don't want braces

  • 2confusediam
    2confusediam преди ден

    Who else just reads the comments and never does the hacks?!😂

  • Sis
    Sis преди ден

    wait so... since when is having braces something you want?

  • Goose Bre
    Goose Bre преди ден +1

    The first one is sooo dumb

  • Bianca Carvalho
    Bianca Carvalho преди ден

    Ķkkkkkkkkķkkk 😚😚😚😚😚😚😱

  • Madison Donahue
    Madison Donahue преди ден

    Nobody WANTS braces.

  • Sabrina Porta
    Sabrina Porta преди ден


  • Tyti• Animations
    Tyti• Animations преди ден

    Nah fam I only came for the thumbnails and music I ain’t funna do these life hacks for real

  • melissa llanas
    melissa llanas преди ден

    hola si me funciono lo de la liga

  • Shiro Na
    Shiro Na преди ден

    Didn’t know everyone wanted braces..

  • The Dinkster
    The Dinkster преди ден

    No kid has this many rubber bands

  • UnitedPlays
    UnitedPlays преди ден

    But honestly with the braces hack I would do it but the only thing is... people put there earrings in the ear and say you haven’t cleaned your ear in a while.. uhmmm

  • Blue Flowers
    Blue Flowers преди ден

    at 15 seconds don’t do that it’s bad for your teeth it could leave problems if you don’t believe me search up diy braces problem

  • Kassandra Saucedo
    Kassandra Saucedo преди ден

    Los brackets no funcionan

  • Okxy Odx
    Okxy Odx преди ден

    who tf wants braces? it freaking hurts so BAD. and gurl, why ya stickin' out ur tounge? that ain't even cute

  • Angelus Gia
    Angelus Gia преди ден +2

    Don't do DIY braces, save money for legit braces that a dentist will put on you.

    Why do people want braces? I had mine for 5 months and it hurts my teeth because of how it gets tightened every month. It took me 1 week to get used to it...

  • • M I R A H L O V E P U P •

    Why would these things even be on the 5 min crafty kids or whatever..... it should be called “don’t try this... we do it to make money kids.....”

  • Denise _38
    Denise _38 преди ден

    You don’t want braces. Trust me I’m currently in pain rn because of braces

  • CologneBoi GD
    CologneBoi GD преди ден

    Why you want braces?

  • Alina Martinez
    Alina Martinez преди ден

    Guys I have actual braces and I have always wanted them but before I couldn't really afford them. I once tried the first hack and almost choked and it could have really damaged my teeth. And yeah I know having straight teeth or the look of braces is cool but having bad health is NOT! This could honestly hurt a lot if people or even worse I just really want everyone one to know that the first hack is dangerous👏 so yeah please listen 😬

  • Ikia Goodman
    Ikia Goodman преди ден


  • Liliana Linares
    Liliana Linares преди ден +1

    Yo no hablo en inglés o lo que sea ese idioma

  • Alejandra Sanchezprimo
    Alejandra Sanchezprimo преди ден

    You can permanently damage your teeth by doing the DIY braces

  • Mollie Stickney
    Mollie Stickney преди ден

    Why does this channel have like 52m subs when the backs are horrible

  • Dávid Szabó
    Dávid Szabó преди ден

    Anyone does not know what the name of this girl?

  • KC Girls
    KC Girls преди ден +1

    There nice hacks but i never try

  • Tianna Dryden
    Tianna Dryden преди ден

    I have to try the braces one ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Noemi Cabrera Valencia
    Noemi Cabrera Valencia преди ден

    Like yes i love you😍

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    bárbara navarrete преди ден

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  • Just IIY
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  • Jamarel Waters
    Jamarel Waters преди ден

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  • GachaCorns
    GachaCorns преди ден +1

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  • J H
    J H преди 2 дни

    1:04 but if you have two hairbands why do you need to put them together?.

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    jula games преди 2 дни

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    Kelly Barefoot преди 2 дни +1

    Work it girl!!! This is at 2:50

  • Аnna E
    Аnna E преди 2 дни

    Такая логика:
    -ой, порвалась резинками!
    Нужно найти любую резинку! И находишь 2
    - Вообще круто, а не сделать мне из двух резинок 1 резинку, в то время когда можно было использовать одну


  • Arimnda Oliveira Dos Reis
    Arimnda Oliveira Dos Reis преди 2 дни

    soper quem gostou da um like

  • Aleena Kolachi - Churchville PS (1436)

    Thumbnail at 0:10
    Edit: I already have braces so I don’t need this life hack lol 😂🤦‍♀️
    Edit: thanks for the likes!

  • Sutty Kaka
    Sutty Kaka преди 2 дни +1

    jo braces vala hack hae vo hota hini hae tatti yr

  • ViralShock
    ViralShock преди 2 дни


  • cønfusëd goldië
    cønfusëd goldië преди 2 дни

    omg the first hack what if the earing end falls of and you accidentally swallowed it?
    that “life hack” isnt even an actual life hack its basically just how to pretend you have braces

  • xuixxdxti s c
    xuixxdxti s c преди 2 дни

    Why. Would. You. Want. Braces.

    J&J FILMS преди 2 дни

    I think it should be renamed hair tie hacks like if you agree

  • Stanislava Velcheva-Dunican
    Stanislava Velcheva-Dunican преди 2 дни

    3:43 Why do they leave the water flow?

  • Mateus Obrigon
    Mateus Obrigon преди 2 дни

    Barry good

  • Lizz 2608
    Lizz 2608 преди 2 дни +1

    Why would they really want to have braces! They hurt, they make loads of cuts and sores in ur mouth, u look like a nerd with them, every single time u eat, u get half of the food stuck in them, u r 24/7 worried abt if u have smth stuck in them and the minimal damage u get on them, all ur teeth will be gone... (i have had braces for almost a year and a half and i still have half a year going😩)

  • Ան Քալոյան
    Ան Քալոյան преди 2 дни

    Very nice