Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019


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  • Emir Dünmez
    Emir Dünmez преди 17 часа

    Good night...☺

  • toygurt1
    toygurt1 преди 17 часа

    Could be better

  • Anne Wild
    Anne Wild преди 17 часа

    Woooooow :o *speechless*

  • Канал PaShTeTa
    Канал PaShTeTa преди 17 часа

    Fabulous trailer

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned преди 18 часа

    Is sion used he's passive in this cinematic? (sorry for English)

  • Willie Gross
    Willie Gross преди 18 часа

    Accurate depiction of trying to fight a Sion.

  • Pegalus 1.0
    Pegalus 1.0 преди 18 часа

    Irelia vs Sion: Who wins?

  • Erdinç Efe
    Erdinç Efe преди 18 часа

    lets go riven :D

  • Dengo86
    Dengo86 преди 19 часа

    You'd think people in Runeterra would stop going to theaters to see shows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Filip Švarc
    Filip Švarc преди 19 часа

    3:04 - 3:09 Favourite part 😍

  • Gergő Repcsák
    Gergő Repcsák преди 19 часа

    draven vs riven draven the winner

  • bokunoanif
    bokunoanif преди 19 часа


  • Blackmamba10699
    Blackmamba10699 преди 19 часа

    Wow i didnt know someone made a remake of Aspeepen't

  • Смешные Моменты
    Смешные Моменты преди 19 часа

    Сиону уже хана, походу Джин и Дрейвен тоже присоединятся к Сиону))) Рессспект Ривен и Ирелия!

  • King Size
    King Size преди 19 часа

    report yasuo for playing solo 2:44

  • Lucas Dourado
    Lucas Dourado преди 20 часа

    so viado joga essa porra

  • Lili Fms
    Lili Fms преди 20 часа

    who comes here everyday?

  • Илья Дударев
    Илья Дударев преди 20 часа

    Bah, what a waste of money. -.-

  • Guilherme Alcântara
    Guilherme Alcântara преди 20 часа

    Eu juro que arrepio até o cabelo do cu

  • AboveAverage -
    AboveAverage - преди 20 часа

    I like how sion is just 5v1ing
    Because he truly be like that sometimes

  • Kiloran
    Kiloran преди 21 час

    imagine if they got Sia to sing this

  • TheBitterEnd
    TheBitterEnd преди 21 час


  • OriginalRed
    OriginalRed преди 22 часа +1

    *Riot Games, die größte Betrügerbande seit eh und je!*

  • maxistraifms
    maxistraifms преди 22 часа

    as we saw, it takes 4 people to take on a sion xD

  • Mike Carlson
    Mike Carlson преди 23 часа

    1:33 Irelia and Sion top lane?

  • Rocky Romero
    Rocky Romero преди 23 часа

    Diossssssss casi lloro con el nivel de epicidad de esta vainaaaaa

  • Young_jibz Hillz
    Young_jibz Hillz преди ден

    Where my bro zed at

  • AndreasGaming
    AndreasGaming преди ден

    Where is demacia???

  • Loel
    Loel преди ден

    Daily view

  • crashoverridify
    crashoverridify преди ден

    Riot females can be villains too

  • FurkaN Gülsoy
    FurkaN Gülsoy преди ден


  • MRUIZ 6907
    MRUIZ 6907 преди ден

    yasurdo broken as always

  • hugo freitas
    hugo freitas преди ден

    Could Have talon in the videos

  • David Jović
    David Jović преди ден +1

    i can stop listen it

  • 김우성
    김우성 преди ден

    이런영상보니까 롤로 스토리있게 만들어서 애니메이션 영화 만들어도 될듯 잘만들었다

  • Hiro Teo
    Hiro Teo преди ден +2

    ANYONE else here again for the 100th time ?

  • MeLlamanRivero
    MeLlamanRivero преди ден

    Like Camille

  • Littlefeng Wu
    Littlefeng Wu преди ден

    it's so amazing! I like it so so so much😁

  • Mighty Doomer
    Mighty Doomer преди ден

    Jhin is such an amazing character.

  • Ceiwyn
    Ceiwyn преди ден

    Is there a hidden reason why Riven has black dyed eyes?

  • Terry Alhazred
    Terry Alhazred преди ден

    did they really 5v1 Sion? 😂

  • Anime Crew
    Anime Crew преди ден

    Omg i felt sorry for that minion being left behind at 2:01 :'(

  • iyaya rmt
    iyaya rmt преди ден +1

    china want to china look is global. thats why china bought lol.

  • Zlain5exe
    Zlain5exe преди ден

    please more animations as is riot xD

  • Frost Mist1597
    Frost Mist1597 преди ден +4

    Most of the threads here are about how hot Riven is or how spectacularly cool Camille and Jhin(mad respect for you Jhin baby

  • anonomyss
    anonomyss преди ден +1

    That detail on Draven almost made him look real

  • DodgeThisBam
    DodgeThisBam преди ден

    That 1v5 Sion though. What a beast!

    BLODKLEIN KUN X2 преди ден

    └📁 League of Legends
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠️ This folder is empty

  • 科學家42號kevin kuo
    科學家42號kevin kuo преди ден

    This is the most beautiful trailer I have ever seen

  • Unicorn
    Unicorn преди ден

    yasuo op....

  • Everything's Alright
    Everything's Alright преди ден +2

    *The fridge*
    *beckons you while you dream*
    *Your stomach*
    *never lives in peace*
    *As you lay upon your bed*
    *Trying not to think of bread*
    *And hunger may fall down upon you*
    *While the munchies are knocking*
    *Right at your door*
    *So all you hungry*
    *Each night you hear your stomach roar*
    *It's snack time, It's snack time*
    *The voice begins to call you while you hunger*
    *A taste of yummy food you're searching for*
    *It's snack time, it's snack time*
    *The food is at your door, just eat it now*
    *As you open up the fridge*
    *Giving into the urge*
    *And hunger may fall down upon you*
    *While the munchies are knocking*

    *So all you hungry*
    *Each night you hear your stomach roar*
    *It's snack time, It's snack time*
    *The voice begins to call you while you hunger*
    *A taste of yummy food you're searching for*
    *It's snack time, it's snack time*
    *It's snack time*

  • gamobigz
    gamobigz преди ден

    Really liked how it explains how Riven gets her blade of the exile.

  • Ivan Stayner
    Ivan Stayner преди ден +1

    Any one else realize draven had rivens sword on the wall behind him at 0:23

  • Himari Imaya Gunasinghe
    Himari Imaya Gunasinghe преди ден

    kennen is adorable omg :3

  • André Luiz
    André Luiz преди ден

    Tem personagem mais estiloso que o Jhin?

  • Gamer Black7
    Gamer Black7 преди ден

    Jhin Mision Passed !! :v

  • Samuel Santos
    Samuel Santos преди ден

    Mdssss n cansigo parar de ouvir essa obra prima

  • Reaper76 BR
    Reaper76 BR преди ден

    Quem mais voltou o vídeo VÁRIAS vezes só pra ver esse vídeo espetacular e perfeitamente bom e só pra ouvir essa música super inspiradora??!!!!!!!!!! Caramba todas vez que ouço essa música tenho uma vontade IMENSA de jogar League of Legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amei esse vídeo muito bem feito, PARABÉNS RIOT, sempre impressionando cada vez mais os jogadores!!!!!!!

  • Crying Clownfish
    Crying Clownfish преди ден

    Does anyone else still get goosebumps from the Jhin & Camille scene?

  • Kryo Genesis
    Kryo Genesis преди ден

    This kind of videos by Riot makes me think that people have to care more about the LoL's lore and less about being toxic while playing it.
    League of Legends deserves a film or an RPG game, in my opinion. These characters deserve it!

  • Dalton Rodrigo
    Dalton Rodrigo преди ден


  • Kaneki-Ken
    Kaneki-Ken преди ден

    Melhor, smncd

  • Marcos Bertone
    Marcos Bertone преди ден

    Yasuo's gonna Feeding 2:44

  • Vitas
    Vitas преди ден

    Brilliant video

  • Kill Monger
    Kill Monger преди ден

    Where is zed ?

  • DeFe11
    DeFe11 преди ден

    respect yasuo

  • Jairson dos games
    Jairson dos games преди ден

    BRASIL 2019

  • Rom Koppel
    Rom Koppel преди ден

    a promise unfulfilled

  • Soroush Iranmanesh
    Soroush Iranmanesh преди ден

    If ur good at 1 thing rito, Is that u make every old and real league player cry at every cinematic

  • jemerson12345
    jemerson12345 преди ден

    Ctrl 4 :))

  • TORgameseTutoriais
    TORgameseTutoriais преди ден

    só eu achei a irelia linda?

  • Yuzu Namikage
    Yuzu Namikage преди ден

    Honestly That Draven Looks Sick lol:D

  • Jan Medeus
    Jan Medeus преди ден

    LoL's 10th anniversary is soon.
    They will announce a movie I'm telling you guys.

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby преди ден +1

    My favorite part 3:07

  • Leks FoX
    Leks FoX преди ден +11

    Riot Games, stop "torturing" people with short videos and clips and make a full-length film with the same graphics
    Like, if you also want a full-length film

    • Leks FoX
      Leks FoX преди ден

      +Draukagrissah I still think that the Riot Games videos better с:
      And I understand that it's all very expensive. But such projects for a large audience did not exist before. It would be a strong PR company!
      And who now, if not Riot Games can decide on this?

    • Draukagrissah
      Draukagrissah преди ден

      It would cost them many millions of dollars and all of their studio's time to make a full blown movie.
      Blizzard is the best in the industry (talking Cinematic animation and nothing else) and people have been begging them to do a movie for Starcraft/Warcraff/Diablo for years.
      It was literally cheaper to get Universal to do a half-assed live action version than do a fully animated one.

  • Lars Bjørstad
    Lars Bjørstad преди ден

    I searched awaken on yt and to my dissapointment this video came before jojo

  • Kevin Something Random
    Kevin Something Random преди ден

    I feel like we needed some Shen and Zed action

  • 안인규
    안인규 преди ден

    I hope this is not the last best movie..

  • Nathaniel Lo
    Nathaniel Lo преди ден

    To all those saying Jhin won
    It’s not possible seeing that obviously jhin has maxed his E because with tier 1 E you can’t even place like 3 traps without 1 of them running out
    Also jhin missed his autos with idk how that possible.
    Jhin 4th shot cant kill Camille a bruiser/tank she has her Passive Adaptive Defence Where if she autos an enemy champion who deals ap/ad she’ll gain a shield for Ad/Ap she absorbs jhin 4th shot rendering him useless.
    Her E W combo will stun and slow Jhin Her now prepared Second Precision Protocol is now ready to strike and kill jhin it’s over
    Jhin can never win no matter how much ad

  • Spiros Rostobaya
    Spiros Rostobaya преди ден

    Typical 1v 5 sion easily 1500 armor lol tupical yasuo 1 v9

  • Dosirius - Bubble
    Dosirius - Bubble преди ден

    puse el video en 4k y casi explota mi pc

  • ew
    ew преди ден

    2:36 Sie sind das Essen und Wir sind die Jaeger!

  • Tia Debix
    Tia Debix преди ден


  • 山海城
    山海城 преди ден


  • Daniyal Munawar
    Daniyal Munawar преди ден

    Server euw laggy these days for me!!

  • Lol is shayet
    Lol is shayet преди ден

    plz riot buff jhin

  • kaz!
    kaz! преди ден

    where is master yi ???

  • i. Tabakow
    i. Tabakow преди ден

    Best cinematics, Best music, Best game

  • Hubert Stokowiec
    Hubert Stokowiec преди ден

    This kennen ruin evrything xd

  • Nadia B.
    Nadia B. преди ден

    I care from the bad version in instagram...

  • Batuch
    Batuch преди ден

    A Jhin who thinks 1v1 with Camille a sion who can one shoot a irelia and can do 1v5 with cancer heros and a draven who can 1v1 with riven do not try this at ranked boi

  • jubbles23
    jubbles23 преди ден

    Something I just realized: This video is primarily about Ionia's fight against invading forces. Though, on a smaller scale with Jhin, it's him putting on a show of death to any who would come to his show.

  • fostter
    fostter преди ден

    behind the scenes pleaseeee!

  • Adrián Guevara
    Adrián Guevara преди ден

    There's a comment below with 1.9k likes. I don't think it deserves that. Allow me to tell you, that "Doukak0s" may be a Jhin's main, but he clearly doesn't love or gets to really understand this genius. He starts his comment by saying that Jhin is "a killer obsessed with art", and i'm sorry to tell you, that's a very poor perspective, and Jhin would punish him for such an insult. Jhin is an artist obsessed with killing.That changes everything . "Art must exist beyond reason"

  • Enis Çevik
    Enis Çevik преди ден


  • Enis Çevik
    Enis Çevik преди ден


    OÖ - OYUN ÖĞRETİCİSİ преди ден

    Yasuo kill the farm

  • ginnundso
    ginnundso преди ден

    If you watch it in 4K you can even see Irelias pores and little hairs.
    Props to the animators.
    This is a masterpiece.

  • Imo-sama
    Imo-sama преди ден

    0/10 not the dethklok song

  • Brave Romans
    Brave Romans преди ден

    League of Legends like For Honor gameplay
    Jhin`s show simulator